List of war cemeteries and memorials on the Gallipoli Peninsula

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This is a list of all cemeteries and memorials erected following the Battle of Gallipoli in 1915 during World War I. There is one French cemetery, 31 Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemeteries containing mainly dead from Britain, Australia, New Zealand, India and Newfoundland, and over 50 memorials, grave sites and cemeteries dedicated to the Turkish casualties.



V Beach and its cemetery

There is only one solitary marked Allied grave outside of a cemetery on the peninsula resulting from the campaign, that of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Doughty-Wylie. He was buried close to where he was killed during the capture of Seddülbahir on the morning of April 26, 1915.

There are several isolated Turkish graves, those of Soldier Halil Ibrahim, Lt-Colonel Hasan and 2nd Lieutenant Mustafa.[1]


Çanakkale Martyrs' Memorial
  • Allied
  • Turkish
    • Çanakkale Martyrs' Memorial
    • 18 March 1915 Memorial
    • Alçıtepe Garrison War Memorial
    • First Martyrs Memorial
    • Gully Ravine Nuri Yamut Memorial
    • Gully Ravine Field Dressing Post Memorial & Cemetery
    • Gully Ravine Turkish Soldiers Memorial
    • Last Arrow Memorial
    • Marshal Fevzi Çakmak's War Memorial
    • Sergeant Yahya Memorial



The New Zealand memorial and cemetery at Lone Pine

There are also isolated Turkish graves belonging to Lt-Colonel Hussein Manastir, Captain Mehmet and First Lt Nazif Çakmak.


Ari Burnu Memorial
  • Allied
  • Turkish
    • Sergeant Mehmet's Memorial
    • Chunuk Bair Soldiers’ Memorial
    • Chunuk Bair Atatürk Memorial
    • Scrubby Knoll Turkish War Memorial
  • Turkish War Memorial at The Nek
    • Kabatepe (Gaba Tepe) Info Centre & Memorials
    • 27th Regiments' Queensland Point Memorial
    • Ari Burnu Memorial
    • Damakçilik Bair Memorial
    • Lone Pine Memorial (Turkish)
    • Respect to Turkish Soldiers Memorial
    • Respect to Enemy Soldier's Memorial
    • Chunuk Bair Unknown Soldiers' Memorial & Grave



Azmak Cemetery near Suvla Bay

There is also a single isolated marked Turkish grave, belonging to a German nurse, Erica Ragip, the wife of a medical officer, who was killed by a howitzer shell.[2]


European bank of the Dardanelles[edit]

  • Turkish
    • Kilitbahir Castle (Fort)
    • Akbas Cemetery and Memorial
    • National Park Main Information Centre Memorials
    • A Captain's Grave
    • Çamburnu Martyr's Memorial
    • An Artillery Captain's Grave
    • Captain Tahir's Memorial
    • "Stop Traveller" Memorial
    • Corporal Seyit’s Statue
    • Mecidiye Cemetery and Memorial
    • Havuzlar Cemetery and Memorial

Asian bank of the Dardanelles[edit]

These are included for completeness, although they are located just across the Dardanelles from the peninsula. They also commemorate aspects of the Gallipoli Campaign.

  • Turkish
    • Hasan-Mevsuf Battery Cemetery
    • Kumkale Plain Intepe Battery Cemetery
    • Replica of the minelayer Nusret


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