List of wards in Plymouth

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Wards in Plymouth, as of the May 2010 local election

The city and unitary authority of Plymouth, Devon, England has 20 electoral wards. Of which seven are Labour, nine are Conservative and the remaining four are mixed. Each ward has three member representatives except Drake, Plympton Chaddlewood and Plympton Erle, which have two. 27 members represent the Labour Party and 30 represent the Conservative Party making a combined total of 57 member representatives. The wards fall into one of three constituencies that make up Plymouth: Devonport, Sutton and South West Devon. The constituency of South West Devon extends beyond Plymouth with wards in Ivybridge outside of Plymouth unitary authority's boundaries. As of the 2010 General Election, there will be changes to the constituencies of which the wards fall under. The constituencies of Devonport and Sutton will merge to become Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, whilst a new constituency, Plymouth Moor View, will be formed to the north of the city. The wards of Budshead, Eggbuckland, Ham, Honicknowle, Moor View, St Budeaux and Southway will change from being in Devonport to the newly created Plymouth Moor View.[1]


Name Labour Conservative Political party Electorate Constituency
Budshead 1 2 No overall 9,697 Moorview
Compton 0 3 Conservative 9,270 Sutton
Devonport 3 0 Labour 9,880 Devonport
Drake 0 2 Conservative 6,362 Sutton
Efford and Lipson 3 0 Labour 9,716 Sutton
Eggbuckland 0 3 Conservative 10,050 Devonport
Ham 3 0 Labour 9,870 Devonport
Honicknowle 3 0 Labour 10,306 Devonport
Moor View 3 0 Labour 9,592 Devonport
Peverell 0 3 Conservative 9,853 Sutton
Plympton Chaddlewood 0 2 Conservative 6,156 South West Devon
Plympton Erle 0 2 Conservative 6,989 South West Devon
Plympton St Mary 0 3 Conservative 9,740 South West Devon
Plymstock Dunstone 0 3 Conservative 9,973 South West Devon
Plymstock Radford 0 3 Conservative 9,335 South West Devon
St Budeaux 3 0 Labour 9,673 Devonport
St Peter and the Waterfront 3 0 Labour 9,715 Sutton
Southway 0 3 Conservative 9,493 Devonport
Stoke 3 0 No overall 9,691 Sutton
Sutton and Mount Gould 3 0 Labour 9,595 Sutton