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This article is an incomplete list of wars and conflicts involving Belgium and its colonial empire since its secession and independence from the United Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1830.

Start Finish Name of Conflict Belligerents (excluding Belgium) Outcome
Allies Enemies
1830 1831 The Belgian Revolution France France  United Kingdom of the Netherlands Treaty of London:
  • Recognition by the European powers of the independence and neutrality of Belgium
1832 1834 Liberal Wars Portugal Portugal

 United Kingdom
France France
Spain Spain

Portugal Miguelites
Liberal victory, Constitutional monarchy is restored
1861 1867 The French intervention in Mexico Mexico Mexican Empire

France France
and others

Mexico United Mexican States

US flag 36 stars.svg United States of America (entered in 1865)

French withdrawal, Republican victory
1881 1899 Mahdist War  British Empire
 Kingdom of Italy
Congo Free State Congo Free State
Ethiopian Pennants.svg Ethiopian Empire
Sudan Mahdist Sudanese Anglo-Egyptian victory
1892 1894 Belgo-Arab War Congo Free State Congo Free State Zanzibari slave traders Congo Free State victory
1895 1908 Batetela Rebellions Congo Free State Congo Free State
Batetela people
Congo Free State victory
1914 1918 World War I Allies:

France France
 British Empire
 Russian Empire (1914–17)
 United States (1917–18)
and others

Central Powers

 German Empire
 Ottoman Empire
 Kingdom of Bulgaria (1915–18)

Allied victory
10 May 1940 28 May 1940 The Battle of Belgium

part of

France France

 British Empire

 Nazi Germany Belgian surrender and German occupation of Belgium
1940 1945 World War II Allies Axis powers Allied victory
1950 1953 The Korean War  United Nations (UN Resolution 84)  North Korea

 Soviet Union

1959 1962 Rwandan Revolution Independence of Rwanda
1960 1966 Congo Crisis  Katanga

 South Kasai

Republic of the Congo (Léopoldville)

 United Nations (United Nations Operation in the Congo)

Withdrawal of Belgian Armed Forces
May 1978 June 1978 Shaba II  Zaire

 United States

Front for the National Liberation of the Congo Franco-Belgian victory
1990 1991 The Gulf War Coalition forces  Iraq Coalition victory
1991 2003 Iraqi no-fly zones  United States
 United Kingdom
 France (1991–1998)
 Saudi Arabia
Iraq Coalition victory
1992 1995 Somali Civil War  United States
 United Kingdom
 Saudi Arabia
Somalia Somalia Victory
  • UN humanitarian mandate fulfilled.
  • About 100,000 lives were saved by outside resistance.
  • Civil war is ongoing.
1998 1999 The Kosovo War UCK KLA.svg Kosovo Liberation Army


 Federal Republic of Yugoslavia NATO victory
2001 ongoing War in Afghanistan  Afghanistan

 United States
ISAF-Logo.svg ISAF

Afghanistan Taliban Fall of Taliban régime

Ongoing Taliban insurgency

2011 2011 military intervention in Libya Libya National Transitional Council

 NATO forces

Libya Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Fall of Gaddafi régime
2014 ongoing 2014 military intervention against ISIS  Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant Ongoing

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