List of wars involving Myanmar

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This is a list of modern wars that Myanmar (Burma) has been involved in since 1948.

  Burmese victory
  Burmese defeat
  Ongoing conflict
Conflict Combatants Result
Campaign at the China–Burma Border
Myanmar Union of Burma
 People's Republic of China
 Republic of China Victory
  • ROC withdrawal from Burma
Internal conflict in Myanmar
Union of Burma (1948–1962)

Military governments (1962–2011)

DKBA (1994–2010)
Republic of the Union of Myanmar (since 2011)

Arakan Army (since 2009)

ARSA (since 2016)
DKBA-5 (since 2010)
KIO (since 1961)

KNU (since 1949)

MNDAA (since 1989)
SSAS (since 1996)
TNLA (since 1992)
UWSP (since 1989)

CPB (1948–1988)
Mujahideen (1948–1961)
SSA (1964–1976)
MTA (1985–1996)
God's Army (1997–2006)
...and others