List of weapons of military aircraft of Germany during World War II

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In World War II, the Luftwaffe (German air force), used a variety of weapons to keep their aircraft equipped with the most modern weaponry available at that time, until later in the war when resources got thin. Here is a list of some of these weapons:

Machine guns[edit]


Cannons (Maschinenkanone and related types)[edit]

[1] The official designation for MG FF and MG 151 was Maschinengewehr but they are cannons.

Bordkanone heavy aircraft cannon[edit]

Rockets and Missiles[edit]


High explosive[edit]

"Sprengcylindrisch"' (high-explosive)


"Splitterbomben-Dickwandig"' (Shrapnel)


"Panzersprengbombe-Cylindrisch" (Armor-piercing bombs)

  • PC 500* 'Pauline'
  • PC 1000* 'Pol'
  • PC 1400 'Fritz' (starting point for the Fritz X gravity precision-guided munition)
  • PC 1600
  • PC 1800 RS 'Panther'

Prototype only[edit]

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