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There have been many notable web host service outages that affected large numbers of customers.

  • In December 2004, Omnis Network experienced two successive outages on the same day when a MySQL server crash caused by a hard drive failure was followed by a power failure caused by a local weather storm.[1]
  • In 2007, RackSpace's power was cut when a truck hit an electrical transformer. RackSpace wrote, "When we transferred power to our secondary utility power system, the data centre's chilling units were cycled back up. At this time, however, the utility provider shut down power in order to allow emergency rescue teams safe access to the accident victim. This repeated cycling of the chillers resulted in increasing temperatures within the data centre. As a precautionary measure we decided to take some customers' servers offline."[2] This cost $3.5 million in refunds.[3]
  • A power outage caused the ServerBeach datacenter to go into generator mode, and ServerBeach had problems getting their air conditioning units online. The entire supply of servers had to be shut down due to rising temperatures.[4]
  • In 2008, Media Temple experienced repeated downtime on their servers during the months of April and May, forcing their engineers to make significant changes to their server structure.[5]
  • In 2011, Go Daddy experienced a prolonged outage after one of their own software updates went wrong. The company reported that no customer account information was compromised. Go Daddy was able to redirect their customers to the mobile version of their site that had remained operational.[6]


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