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List of websites blocked in mainland China

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Many domain names are blocked in mainland China under the country's Internet censorship policy, which prevents users from accessing certain websites from within the country.[1]

A majority of apps and websites blocked are the result of the companies not willing to follow the Chinese government's internet regulations on data collection and privacy, user-safety, guidelines and the type of content being shared, posted or hosted.

This is a list of the most notable such blocked websites in the country (except Autonomous area). This page does not apply to Chinese territories that adhere to the policy of one country, two systems (Hong Kong and Macau).[2]

Table of high-ranking websites blocked in mainland China[edit]

Website Domain URL Category Primary language Duration of blockage Current status
Google google.com www.google.com
Search Multilingual 2010–present[2] Blocked[3]
YouTube youtube.com www.youtube.com Video Multilingual 2009–present[4] Blocked[3]
Facebook facebook.com www.facebook.com Social Multilingual July (or earlier) 2009–present[5][6] Blocked[7]
Yahoo yahoo.com yahoo.com Search Multilingual 28 February 2021 – present Blocked[8]
Wikipedia wikipedia.org wikipedia.org Encyclopedia Multilingual 23 April 2019 – present[9][10] Blocked
Marxists Internet Archive marxists.org marxists.org Encyclopedia Multilingual About 2005–no later than 2007[11] Unblocked
Reddit reddit.com www.reddit.com Social Multilingual 2018–present[12] Blocked
Fandom fandom.com community.fandom.com Wikia Multilingual 2022–present Partially blocked, sometimes can be accessed normally, sometimes inaccessible
Netflix netflix.com www.netflix.com Entertainment Multilingual 2012–present Unblocked (Service Not Available)[13]
Zoom zoom.us zoom.us Videotelephony English 9 September to November 2019[14] Unblocked
Blogspot blogspot.com blogspot.com Blog English May 2009–present[15][16][17] Blocked
Bing bing.com bing.com Search Multilingual 23 to 24 January 2019[18] Unblocked (Service Not Available, redirects to Chinese version)[19]
Instagram Instagram.com www.Instagram.com Image Sharing Multilingual September 2014–present[20] Blocked
WhatsApp whatsapp.com whatsapp.com Messaging Multilingual September 2017–present[21] Blocked
Twitch twitch.tv twitch.tv Streaming English 17 September 2018–present Blocked[22]
Roblox roblox.com roblox.com Gaming Multilingual December 2021-present Blocked
Steam Store store.steampowered.com store.steampowered.com Entertainment Multilingual 25 December 2021[23][24]–present Partially blocked, sometimes could be accessed normally, sometimes inaccessible; separate Chinese version exists
Steam Community steamcommunity.com steamcommunity.com Social Multilingual 15 December 2017[25][26]–present Blocked
Spotify spotify.com spotify.com Music streaming Multilingual 7 October 2008–present Unblocked (Service Not Available)[27]
Messenger messenger.com messenger.com Messaging Multilingual August 2011–present[5][6] Partially blocked (available for tourists in Hainan)[3][needs update]
X x.com x.com Social English June 2009–present[15][28][6] Partially blocked (available for tourists in Hainan)[3][needs update]
LinkedIn linkedin.com linkedin.com Social Multilingual October 2021–present[1][9][10] Blocked (Separate Chinese version exists)
Skype skype.com skype.com Social Multilingual November 2017–unknown[29] Unblocked
Tumblr tumblr.com tumblr.com Social English 25 May 2016–present[30] Blocked
Pinterest pinterest.com pinterest.com Image sharing Multilingual March 2017–present[31] Blocked
SoundCloud SoundCloud.com SoundCloud.com Music streaming Multilingual September 2013–present[32] Blocked
Signal Private Messenger signal.org signal.org Instant messaging Multilingual March 16, 2021 – present[33] Blocked
Dropbox dropbox.com dropbox.com File sharing Multilingual May 2010 – February 2014; June 2014 – present[34] Blocked
Pornhub pornhub.com www.pornhub.com Pornography English 2012, May to 2016, April, to present Blocked[35]
XVideos xvideos.com xvideos.com Pornography videos English ??? – present Blocked
Medium medium.com medium.com News English 2016, 15 April to present[36] Blocked
Dailymotion dailymotion.com dailymotion.com Sharing English 2007, 11 April to present[37] Blocked
BBC bbc.co.uk (or bbc.com) bbc.co.uk (or bbc.com) News and broadcasting English 2014, 15 October to present[38] Blocked
The New York Times nytimes.com nytimes.com Publication English 2012 to present Blocked[39]
Vimeo vimeo.com www.vimeo.com Sharing English 2009, October[40] to present[41] Blocked
The Guardian theguardian.com theguardian.com News English June 2019 to present[42] Blocked
SlideShare slideshare.net slideshare.net English June 2012 to present Blocked[43]
Discord discord.com discord.com Messaging Multilingual 2018, 13 July to present[44] Blocked
DeviantArt deviantart.com www.deviantart.com Art display English 2008, 15 December to present[45] Blocked
The Washington Post washingtonpost.com washingtonpost.com News English June 2019 to present[42] Blocked
Nico Video nicovideo.jp nicovideo.jp Sharing Japanese Unknown to present[46] Blocked
Archive.org (Internet Archive) archive.org www.archive.org Web archiving English 2011, April (or earlier) to Present[47] Blocked[48][49]
Bloomberg bloomberg.com bloomberg.com Publication English 2012, July to present[50] Blocked
Flickr flickr.com flickr.com Sharing English 2007, 7 June to present[51][52] Blocked
Wretch wretch.cc www.wretch.cc Blog Chinese 2007, August to 2012[53] Blocked (discontinued)
HuffPost huffpost.com huffpost.com News English June 2019 to present[42] Blocked
The Wall Street Journal wsj.com wsj.com News English No later than 22 September 2015 to present[54][55] Blocked
DuckDuckGo duckduckgo.com duckduckgo.com Search English 2014, September to present[56] Blocked
Scratch scratch.mit.edu scratch.mit.edu Programming, Sharing Multilingual 2020, 14 August to present Blocked[57][citation needed][58]
Reuters reuters.com reuters.com News English 2015, 25 March, to present[59] Blocked
NBC News nbcnews.com www.nbcnews.com News English June 2019 to present[42] Blocked
TIME time.com time.com News English 2016. 9 April to present[60] Blocked
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) cbc.ca www.cbc.ca News and broadcasting English 2014 to present[61] Blocked
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) www.abc.net.au www.abc.net.au News and broadcasting English 2018, 22 August to present[62] Blocked
Bandcamp bandcamp.com www.bandcamp.com Music English 2021, February to present[63] Blocked
Technorati technorati.com www.technorati.com Search English 2008, July to Present[64] Blocked
Archive of Our Own archiveofourown.org archiveofourown.org Fanfiction Multilingual 2020, March, to present[65] Blocked
Viber viber.com viber.com Messaging Multilingual 2014, October to present[66] Blocked
South China Morning Post scmp.com scmp.com News Chinese 2016 to present[67] Blocked
Plurk plurk.com www.plurk.com Social Multilingual 2009, April to Present[68] Blocked
The Economist economist.com economist.com News English April 2016 – present[69][70] Blocked
ABC abc.es www.abc.es News Spanish 29 November 2021 – present[71] Blocked
Voice of America voanews.com www.voanews.com News English Unknown – present[72] Blocked
Radio Free Asia rfa.org rfa.org News, broadcasting Multilingual Unknown – present[73][74] Blocked
NBC nbc.com nbc.com Broadcasting English June 2019 – present[42] Blocked
PBworks pbworks.com pbworks.com Sharing English January 2011 – present[75] Blocked
The Epoch Times theepochtimes.com www.theepochtimes.com News English 2003–present[76] Blocked
The Epoch Times (Chinese edition) epochtimes.com www.epochtimes.com News Chinese 1999–present[76] Blocked
HBO hbo.com www.hbo.com Entertainment English June 2018 – present[77] Blocked
WION wionews.com www.wionews.com News English July 2020 – present[78] Blocked[79]
Hong Kong Free Press hongkongfp.com hongkongfp.com News English November 2015 – present[80] Blocked
Apple Daily hk.appledaily.com hk.appledaily.com News Traditional Chinese (Cantonese) Unknown – 2021 (closed) Blocked,[81] closed in 2021
TikTok tiktok.com www.tiktok.com Social Multilingual June 2020 – present Blocked[82]
ChatGPT openai.com chatgpt.com


Artificial Intelligence Multilingual 2023–present Blocked[83]
Rockstar Games rockstargames.com www.rockstargames.com Gaming Multilingual Unknown–present Blocked
GitHub github.com www.github.com Web tools Multilingual June 2020 – present Partially blocked, sometimes could be accessed normally, sometimes inaccessible
Hugging Face huggingface.co huggingface.co Artificial Intelligence Multilingual 2023–present Blocked[84]
Flipkart flipkart.com www.flipkart.com Online Shopping Multilingual Unknown–present Blocked
Zomato zomato.com www.zomato.com Food Service English Unknown–present Blocked
Clubhouse clubhouse.com www.clubhouse.com Social English February 2021 - present Blocked[85]
Swiggy swiggy.com www.swiggy.com Food Service English Unknown–present Blocked

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