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List of most popular websites

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The following is a list of the 100 most popular websites worldwide according to Alexa Internet as of August 11, 2015, and those sites' corresponding rankings on SimilarWeb as of August 11, 2015.

Ranking measures

Alexa traffic rank

Alexa ranks websites based on a combined measure of page views and unique site users. Alexa creates a list of "top websites" based on this data time-averaged over three-month periods.[1] Only the site's highest-level domain is recorded, aggregating any subdomains.[1]


SimilarWeb ranks websites based on:[2]

  • Panel of millions of Internet users
  • International Internet service providers and domestic Internet service providers
  • Direct measurement of web traffic from data from thousands of websites
  • Web crawlers scanning public websites

List of websites

Site Domain Alexa Traffic Rank
(As of Oct 2015)[3]
SimilarWeb Top Websites
(As of Aug 2015)[4]
Principal country
Google 1 2 Search engine United States U.S.
Facebook 2 1 Social network United States U.S.
YouTube 3 3 Video sharing United States U.S.
Baidu 4 20 Search engine China China
Yahoo! 5 4 Portal United States U.S.
Amazon 6 14 Retail United States U.S.
Wikipedia 7 10 Encyclopedia United States U.S.
Tencent QQ 8 45 Portal China China
Twitter 9 12 Social network United States U.S.
Google India 10 18 Search engine India India
Taobao 11 48 Retail China China
Windows Live 12 6 Email, web services and software suite United States U.S.
Sina Corp 13 Portal China China
LinkedIn 14 43 Social network United States U.S.
Yahoo! Japan 15 51 Portal Japan Japan
Sina Weibo 16 59 Social network China China
eBay 17 32 Online auctions and retail sales United States U.S.
Google Japan 18 33 Search engine Japan Japan
Yandex 19 8 Search engine Russia Russia
Hao123 20 Search engine China China
VK 21 5 Social network Russia Russia
Bing 22 19 Search engine United States U.S.
Google Germany 23 16 Search engine Germany Germany 24 76 URL shortening for links posted to Twitter United States U.S.
MSN 25 15 Portal United States U.S.
Instagram 26 9 Photo sharing and social media United States U.S.
AliExpress 27 22 Retail China China
Amazon Japan 28 Retail Japan Japan
Google UK 29 21 Search engine United Kingdom U.K.
Apple Inc. 30 60 Technology and software United States U.S.
Blogspot 31 Blogging United States U.S. 32 24 Search engine United States U.S.
Pinterest 33 49 Social media United States U.S. 34 56 Blogging and social media United States U.S.
Google France 35 17 Search engine France France
Tmall 36 92 Retail China China
Google Brazil 37 11 Search engine Brazil Brazil
Reddit 38 39 Entertainment and social networking United States U.S.
Mail.Ru 39 13 Email Russia Russia
Onclickads 40 42 Online advertising network United States U.S.
PayPal 41 61 Payment system United States U.S.
Google Russia 42 29 Search engine Russia Russia
Sohu 43 Portal China China
tumblr 44 38 Social media United States U.S.
Imgur 45 68 Image sharing United States U.S.
Microsoft 46 44 Software and technology United States U.S.
XVideos 47 23 Pornography United States U.S.
Guangming Daily 48 News China China
Google Italy 49 30 Search engine Italy Italy
Google Spain 50 25 Search engine Spain Spain
Internet Movie Database 51 57 Database of films, television programs, and video games United States U.S.
FC2, Inc. 52 Portal Japan Japan
Netflix 53 36 Streaming TV and movies United States U.S.
Amazon Germany 54 Retail Germany Germany
360 Safeguard 55 Software and technology China China
Google Ads 57 Online advertising network United States U.S. 57 Portal United States U.S.
Stack Overflow 58 Question and answer site United States U.S.
Alibaba Group 59 50 Wholesale China China
Google Mexico 60 35 Search Engine Mexico Mexico
Google Canada 61 28 Search engine Canada Canada
Odnoklassniki 62 7 Social Networking Russia Russia
Craigslist 63 40 Classified advertising United States U.S.
Google Hong Kong 64 Search engine Hong Kong Hong Kong
Tianya Club 65 Internet forum China China
Rakuten 66 Retail Japan Japan
Pornhub 67 34 Pornography United States U.S.
Amazon UK 68 Retail United Kingdom U.K.
Blogger 69 Blogging United States U.S.
Naver 70 Portal South Korea Korea
ESPN 71 Sports news United States U.S.
Google Turkey 72 Search engine Turkey Turkey
xHamster 73 Pornography United States U.S.
CNN 74 News United States U.S.
Outbrain 75 Content recommendation United States U.S. 76 Search engine China China
KickassTorrents 77 66 Directory for torrents United States U.S.
Nicovideo 78 Video sharing Japan Japan
Google Indonesia 79 54 Search engine Indonesia Indonesia
Xinhua News Agency 80 News China China
BBC Online 81 News and broadcasting United Kingdom U.K.
Flipkart 82 Retail India India
Diply 83 Entertainment United States U.S.
Dropbox 84 69 File hosting service United States U.S.
GitHub 85 89 Source code hosting service United States U.S.
Google User Content 86 File hosting service United States U.S.
Adcash 87 Online advertising network Estonia Estonia
Amazon India 88 Online Shopping India India
Google Australia 89 62 Search engine Australia Australia
eBay Germany 90 99 Online auction, customer to customer, and retail sales Germany Germany
Google Korea 91 Search engine South Korea Korea
Google Poland 92 27 Search engine Poland Poland
Popads 93 Online advertising network United States U.S.
Dailymotion 94 88 Video sharing United States U.S.
Pixnet 95 Blogging China China
New York Times 96 News United States U.S.
eBay UK 97 Online auction, customer to customer, and retail sales United Kingdom U.K.
Jingdong 98 Retail China China
Sogou 99 Search engine China China 100 65 Accommodation booking Netherlands Netherlands