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Weight of evidence is a measure of evidence on one side of an issue as compared with the evidence on the other side of the issue, or to measure the evidence on multiple issues.

Weight of evidence or WofE may be used in:

Mathematics, statistics, and information theory[edit]

  • Bayes factor, a statistical method that uses Bayes factors as an alternative to classical hypothesis testing
  • Ban (unit), a logarithmic unit of information
  • Quasi-empirical method, scientific methods that "are almost" or "socially approximate" an ideal of truly empirical methods
  • Kullback–Leibler divergence, in probability theory and information theory, a non-symmetric measure of the difference between two probability distributions
  • History of information theory, a published paper that established the discipline of information theory


Law and courts[edit]


  • Credit scorecards, mathematical models which attempt to provide a quantitive measurement of the likelihood that a customer will display a defined behavior

Other uses[edit]