List of wind power consulting companies

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Wind Energy Associations Members Directory[edit]

Some wind industry associations, such as the Global Wind Energy Council, the World Wind Energy Association, and WindEurope, provide publicly available membership directories on their websites. Other wind industry associations, such as the Canadian Wind Energy Association and the American Wind Energy Association, have membership directories only available to members.

Wind Energy Site Assessment Consultants[edit]

Wind Measurements, Site Assessments, Anemometer Calibration, Remote Wind Sensing, Wind Measurement System Sales

Wind Turbines: Power Performance Testing Consultants[edit]

Power Curve Measurements, Vibration Analysis, Measurement of Rotor Blade Angles, Rotor Imbalance Testing

Wind Turbines: Design and Certification[edit]

Industry Analysts[edit]

Consultants Acting as Owner's Engineer for Wind Farm Projects[edit]