List of windmills in Australia

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A list of traditional windmills in Australia.


Location Name of mill
and coordinates
Type Built Notes Photograph
Borden The Lily Tower 1997 Windmill World Stirling range np 42 gnangarra.jpg
Baxter Westerfield Smock 1925 Generated electricity.
Windmill World
Brisbane The Old Windmill Tower 1824 Windmill World
Cattai Arndell's Mill Tower Windmill World
Darlinghurst Hyndes Mill
Hill's Mill
Tower Windmill World
Darlinghurst Clarkson's Mill Tower Windmill World
Darlinghurst Hope Mill Tower Windmill World
Darlinghurst Girard's Mill Tower Windmill World
Gilead, New South Wales Mount Gilead Mill Tower Windmill World
Kyneton, Victoria Greenhill Windmill Tower 1856 National Trust Register
Launceston Penny Royal Mill Tower Windmill World
Miller's Point Underwood's Mill Smock Windmill World
Mount Barker (Hahndorf) Nixon's Mill Tower 1842 Windmill World
Nimmitabel Geldmacher's Mill Tower 1872 Windmill World
Oatlands Callington Mill Tower 1837[1] Callington Mill.jpg
Paddington Gordon's Mill Post Windmill World
Parramatta Howell's Mill Smock Combined windmill and tide mill.
Windmill World
Perth Old Mill Tower 1835[2] Oldmill sthperth 1 gnangarra.jpg
Port Lincoln Port Lincoln Mill Tower Windmill World
Port Macquarie Smock Windmill World
Rosemount Post Windmill World
Somersby Old Sydney Town Mill Tower Windmill World
Sydney Post 1805 Brought from Norfolk Island
Windmill World
Sydney Palmer's Mill
Palmer's Large Mill
Tower Windmill World
Sydney Boston's Mill
Palmer's Small Mill
Smock Windmill World
Urana Coonong Horizontal Mill Vertical axis mill Windmill World
Victor Harbor Old Mill Tower 1851 Windmill World
Waverley Hough's Mill Post Windmill World
Wonnerup Chapman's Mill Tower Windmill World


Known building dates are in bold text. Non-bold text denotes first known date. Unless otherwise stated, the reference for all entries is the linked Windmill World webpage.


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