List of windmills in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

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List of windmills in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight is located in Hampshire
Extant windmills in Hampshire.
1 Bursledon, 2 Chalton, 3 Crux Easton, 4 Langstone.
List of windmills in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight is located in Isle of Wight
Extant windmills in the Isle of Wight.
5 Bembridge.

A list of all windmills and windmill sites which lie in the current ceremonial counties of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.


Location Name of mill and
grid reference
Type Maps First mention
or built
Last mention
or demise
Basingstoke Pitt Hall Farm, Upper Wooton[1] Titt iron wind engine 1898[1]
Bentworth Bentworth and Lasham railway station Titt Iron wind engine 1901[2] 1928[2]
Bitterne Thornhill Park[1] Titt iron wind engine 1894[1]
Bucklers Hard Tower
Bursledon Bursledon Windmill
SU 482 108
Post mill[3] 1766[3] Demolished c. 1813[3]
Bursledon Bursledon Windmill
SU 482 108
Tower 1813[3] Bursledon Windmill is Hampshire's only working windmill and is still open to the public today. BursledonWindmill.jpg
Chalton Chalton Mill
SU 716 162
1289[4] 1289[4]
Chalton Chalton Mill
SU 716 162
Sunk post 1607
1607 1675
Chalton Chalton Mill
SU 716 162
Tower Early 19th century[5] Windmill World Chalton
Cliddesden Cliddesden railway station Titt Iron wind engine 1901[2] Demolished 1940s[2]
Cosham Widley Mill
Crux Easton Crux Easton wind engine
SU 427 564
Titt Iron wind engine c. 1891[6] Windmill World Crux Easton wind engine.jpg
Denmead Denmead Mill[7] 1600[7] Demolished 19th century[7]
Denmead New Denmead Mill
Denmead Barn Green Mill
Gale's Mill
SU 672 142
Tower[7] 1819[8] Burnt 1900
Demolished 1922[8]
Dummer 1828
Enham Alamein Post under construction
Windmill World
Fareham Post 1759 1759 1759
Fareham Burrant Mill Post 1759 1759 1759
Fawley Tower
Froxfield Tower 1828
Gosport Haslar mill Demolished 1746
Gosport Crofton
Gosport Peel Common Mill Tower
Gosport Ann's Hill Mill Tower 1853 1854
Grateley Tower 1849 1889
Haslar Blown down 29 October 1795.[9]
Hayling post 1325 1325
Hayling Tower Burnt down 1890
Hayling North Hayling Mill
SU 719 028
Tower Burnt down October 1886
Hythe Langdown Mill
Langstone Langstone Mill
SU 721 051
Tower c. 1730 Windmill World Langstone Windmill 1869.jpg
Marchwood Titt iron wind engine 1893[1]
Micheldever Stratton Estate Titt iron wind engine 1898[1]
Middle Wallop Tower Demolished late 18th or early 19th century, machinery to Idmiston Mill, West Gomeldon, Wiltshire[10]
Owslebury Tower Demolished during World War One
Owlsebury Bridle's mill Tower
Petersfield Weston Mill Smock Demolished 1911
Portchester Tower Standing 1908[11]
Portchester Tower Demolished c. 1920
Portchester Wicor Mill Tower 1821
Portsmouth Dock Mill
Shipwright's Mill
Tower 1796[12] Demolished 1923[12]
Portsmouth Portsmouth Harbour 14th century
Portsmouth Guildhall Gone by 1800
Portsmouth Ballard's Mill Tower Demolished 1843
Portsmouth Rudmore Mill
Byerly Mill
Portsmouth Dwarf Mill
Lime Mill
Portsmouth Dennison's Mill
Portsmouth Mile End Mill
Southampton 1530 1612
Southampton 1600
Southampton Castle Mill
Southampton On road to Itchen Ferry 1600
Southsea Lump's Mill
White Mill
tower 1850 1870
Stockbridge Marsh Court[1] Titt iron wind engine 1900[1]
Titchfield Peel Common Mill Tower 18th century[13] Demolished 1920s.[13] Peel Common Mill, Fareham.jpg
Titchfield Titchfield Common Mill 18th century[13] Demolished 19th century[13]
Waterlooville Hall's Mill Smock Burnt down 25 June 1906
West Meon Marland's Mill[14]
SU 646 256
Tower c. 1860[15] Windmill World

Isle of Wight[edit]

Location Name of mill and
grid reference
Type Maps First mention
or built
Last mention
or demise
Bembridge Knowle Mill
SZ 639 875
Tower c. 1700 Windmill World Bembridge Windmill - Isle of Wight.jpg
Calbourne Calbourne Mill
SZ 414 868
1980s[14] Windmill World Windmill at Calbourne Mill - - 775332.jpg
Chale 1374 1374
East Cowes 1759 Gone by 1846
Freshwater 1292 1769[16]
Freshwater 1769[16] Burnt down 15 December 1824[17]
Freshwater Tower[14] 1863 1869[18]
Newchurch Kington Post Early 17th century
Ryde Mill Fields Tower
Ryde Aldemoor
Upton Mill
Tower Demolished 1915
Sandown Cheverton Down Post Early 17th century
Shalcombe Post Early 17th century
Shanklin Post Early 17th century
Cowes Mill Hill Mill Tower 1771[19] Demolished 1923[12]
Cowes Kelleway Mill[14] Tower 1804[19] 1853, demolished by 1862[19]


Unless stated otherwise, the source for all entries is:-

  • Ellis, Monica (editor) (1978). Water and Wind Mills in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Southampton: Southampton University Industrial Archaeology Group. ISBN 0-905280-01-6.  or
  • Triggs, Anthony (1982). The Windmills of Hampshire. Horndean: Milestone Publications. ISBN 0-903852-36-5. 



Mills in bold are still standing, known building dates are indicated in bold. Text in italics denotes indicates that the information is not confirmed, but is likely to be the case stated.


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