List of windmills in New York

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This is a list of traditional windmills in the American state of New York.

Location Name of mill
and coordinates
Type Built Notes Photograph
Amagansett Amagansett Mill Smock 1815[1] Moved within Amagansett 1829.[2]
Amagansett Amagansett Mill Smock 1829[3] Burnt down 1924.[4]
Amagansett Amagansett Mill Smock
Babylon Bulk's Mill Smock 1929[5]
Bay Shore Conover Mill Smock 1880[6]
Bridgehampton Beebe Mill Smock 1830s Moved within Bridgehampton 1889
Bridgehampton Beebe Mill Smock 1889 Moved within Bridgehampton 1915
Bridgehampton Beebe Mill
40°56′03″N 72°18′05″W / 40.93417°N 72.30139°W / 40.93417; -72.30139
Smock 1915 BeebeWindmill.jpg
East Hampton Gardiners Island Mill Smock 1771[7] Moved within East Hampton 23 May 1795.[8]
East Hampton Gardiners Island Mill
41°05′28″N 72°06′40″W / 41.09111°N 72.11111°W / 41.09111; -72.11111
Smock 1795 Gardiners Island Windmill.jpg
East Hampton Hayground Mill 1801 Moved within East Hampton 1950.[9]
East Hampton Hayground Mill 1950[10] Hayground-windmill.jpg
East Hampton Hook Mill
40°57′56″N 72°11′02″W / 40.96556°N 72.18389°W / 40.96556; -72.18389
Smock 1806 Hook Windmill in East Hampton.jpg
East Hampton Wainscott Mill
40°56′01″N 72°14′16″W / 40.93361°N 72.23778°W / 40.93361; -72.23778
Smock 1940[11] Wainscott-windmill.jpg
East Hampton Schellinger Mill Smock 1804[12] Moved within East Hampton 1850.[13]
East Hampton Hunting Miller's Mill Smock 1850[14] Moved within East Hampton, 1917.[15]
East Hampton Pantigo Mill Smock 1917[16]
East Hampton Mulford Farm Mill[17] Smock
Glen Island Orient Mill Smock 1910[18]
Hampton Bays Good Ground Mill Smock 1860[19] Moved to Southampton 1890.[20]
Hempstead Hofstra Mill Smock 1903[21]
Hewlett Hewlett Mill Smock 1791[22]
Huntington Sammis Mill Vertical axle mill 1825[23]
Morris Island (two mills)[1]
Morristown McConnell's Mill
Stone Mill

44°35′22″N 75°38′42″W / 44.58944°N 75.64500°W / 44.58944; -75.64500
Napoli Gladden Mill
42°14′07″N 78°53′44″W / 42.23528°N 78.89556°W / 42.23528; -78.89556
Oakdale Bourne's Mill Tower 1911[24]
Orient Orient Mill Smock 1810[25] Moved to Glen Island 1910.[26]
Sag Harbor Beebe Mill Smock 1820 Moved to Bridgehampton 1830s
Sag Harbor Corwith Mill Smock 1800[27] Moved to Water Mill 1814.[28]
Shelter Island Shelter Island Mill
41°04′33″N 72°20′08″W / 41.07583°N 72.33556°W / 41.07583; -72.33556
Shelter Island Good Ground Mill Smock 1807[29] Moved to Hampton Bays 1860[30]
Shelter Island Sylvester's Mill Smock 1839[31]
Southampton Burnt down prior to 1813[32]
Southampton Smock 1813[33] Moved to Wainscott 1840.[34]
Southampton Good Ground Mill Smock 1890[35]
Southampton Windmill Lane Mill Smock 1712[36] Moved to Mill Hill, Southampton 1890.[37]
Southampton Mill Hill Mill, Southampton College Smock 1890[38] Southampton-college-windmill.jpg
Southampton Shinnecock Hills Mill Smock 1916[39]
Southold Mill Hill Mill Smock 1810[40] Moved to Shelter Island 1839.[41]
Wainscott Wainscott Mill Smock 1840[42] Moved to East Hampton 1940[43]
Water Mill Water Mill Windmill
40°54′34″N 72°21′15″W / 40.90944°N 72.35417°W / 40.90944; -72.35417
1800 Watermill-convent.jpg
Water Mill Corwith Mill Smock 1814[44]


Known building dates are in bold text. Non-bold text denotes first known date. Iron windpumps are outside the scope of this list unless listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


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  1. ^ Mock Mill, never a working windmill