List of windmills in Rhode Island

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This is a list of traditional windmills in the American state of Rhode Island.

Location Name of mill
and coordinates
Type Built Notes Photograph
Block Island Harbor Mill Smock c. 1810[1] Blown down 1938
Block Island Littlefield Mill 1877[2] Standing 1900
Bristol Smock 1797[3] Moved to Fairhaven, Massachusetts 1821.[4]
Bristol Smock Mid-18th century[5] Moved to Fall River, Massachusetts[6]
Bristol William Boyd's Mill Blown down 1815.[7]
East Greenwich East Street Smock c. 1790 Moved within East Greenwich 1874
East Greenwich East Greenwich Mill
41°39′49″N 71°27′23″W / 41.66361°N 71.45639°W / 41.66361; -71.45639 (East Greenwich Mill)
Smock 1874 Windmill Cottage Longfellow East Greenwich RI.jpg
Jamestown Jamestown Mill
41°30′59″N 71°22′28″W / 41.51639°N 71.37444°W / 41.51639; -71.37444 (Jamestown Mill)
Smock 1787 Jamestown Windmill.JPG
Little Compton (1st mill)[8]
Little Compton (2nd mill)[9]
Middletown Boyd's Mill[1]
41°30′03″N 71°16′09″W / 41.50083°N 71.26917°W / 41.50083; -71.26917 (Boyd's Mill)
Smock 1810/2001[10] Boyds Windmill Rhode Island.JPG
Middletown Prescott Farm Mill Smock 1970[11] Prescott Farm Middletown.JPG
Middletown Chase Mill Smock 1797[12] Moved within Middletown c. 1855.[13]
Middletown Chase Mill Smock c. 1855[14] Moved to South Dartmouth, Massachusetts 1924.[15]
Middletown Harkness Mill Smock 1845[16] Burnt down November 1905.[17]
Middletown Boothden Mill[2] Smock 1883 Burnt down early 20th century
Newport Newport Tower
41°29′08″N 71°18′35″W / 41.48556°N 71.30972°W / 41.48556; -71.30972 (Newport Tower)
Tower c. 1677[18] DSCN3887 newporttower e.jpg
Newport Smock Moved to Middletown (Chase Mill) at unknown date.[19]
Newport 1663[20] Blown down 1675[21]
Portsmouth Quaker Hill Mill Smock Moved within Portsmouth c. 1876[22]
Portsmouth Lehigh Hill Mill Smock c. 1876[23] Moved to Middletown 1970[24]
Portsmouth John Peterson's Mill Smock 1810[25] Dismantled 1995, rebuilt at Middletown 2001.[26]
Tiverton Smock Moved to Newport at unknown date.[27]
Warren Smock 1812 Moved to Fall River, Massachusetts at unknown date[28]
unknown location Smock 1770s[29] Moved to Block Island c. 1810.[30]

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known building dates are in bold text. Non-bold text denotes first known date. Iron windpumps are outside the scope of this list unless listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


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  1. ^ Eight sails
  2. ^ Mock mill, never a working windmill