List of windmills in South Yorkshire

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This is a list of windmills in the English county of South Yorkshire.


Location Name of mill and
grid reference
Type Maps First mention
or built
Last mention
or demise
Cantley Sandpit Hill Mill
SE 633 018
Tower Windmill World
Fishlake Millfield Mill
SE 648 140
Tower Windmill World
Fishlake West Nab Mill
SE 652 131
Tower Windmill World West Nab Mill, Fishlake.jpg
Dunscroft Ling's Mill
SE 660 883
Tower Windmill World Lings Windmill - - 146524.jpg
Hatfield Woodhouse Hatfield Mill
SE 671 087
Tower Windmill World
Moss Wrancarr Mill
SE 593 128
Tower Windmill World Wrancarr Mill, Moss.jpg
Norton Norton Mill
SE 538 148
Tower Windmill World The Old Windmill , Windmill Cottages, Campsall - - 249363.jpg
Sykehouse Sykehouse Mill
SE 625 174
Tower Windmill World Sykehouse Windmill - - 978782.jpg
Thorne Oates Mill
SE 686 137
Tower Early 19th century[1] Windmill World Thorne Mill.jpg
Thorne Post Standing in 1911 F.W.Jackson windmill Thorne 1911.jpg
Wentworth Wentworth Mill
SK 392 892
Tower Windmill World Round House, Wentworth - - 391656.jpg
Wentworth Barrow Mill
SK 379 987
Tower Windmill World The Roundhouse on Mill Lane - - 1431535.jpg


Unless otherwise indicated, the source for all entries is:- Gregory, Roy (1985). East Yorkshire Windmills. Cheddar: Charles Skilton Ltd. ISBN 0-284-98721-2. or the linked Windmill World page.


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