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This list of winged horses is a list of fictional horses who have wings.



  • 1940: Fantasia features winged horses in the Pastoral Symphony segment.


  • 1983: On the 24 of March in Tokimeki Tonight episode 24, a winged horse is whistled for by the demon prince.
  • 19843: My Little Pony introduces their first "Pegasus ponies"
  • 1985: She-ra's horse, Swiftwing appears in She-ra: Princess of Power.
  • 1986: My Little Pony introduces Flutter Ponies.
  • 1989: in April issue 123 of Titans featured a pegasus on the cover



  • 2003: On the 21st of June, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is released, containing stories about Thestrals, skeletal winged horses.
  • 2005: Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus introduces Brietta.
  • 2006: My Little Pony introduces Breezies.
  • 2008: Page 28 of chapter 2 of the remake of Princess Knight the winged horse Opal is given as a birthday present to Sapphire.


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