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Gerhard von Kügelgen, Portrait of Caspar David Friedrich (c. 1810–20)

This is an incomplete list of works by the German Romantic artist Caspar David Friedrich (1774–1840) by completion date where known. Friedrich was a prolific artist who produced over 500 attributed works; however, he is generally known for only a small number of works seen as emblems of Romanticism.[1]

In line with Romantic ideals of the time, Friedrich intended that his paintings would function visually only, and thus he was cautious that the titles given to his work were not overly descriptive or evocative. It is likely that some of today's relatively literal titles, such as The Stages of Life, were not given by the artist himself, but were instead adopted during one of the revivals of interest in the artist during the late 19th or early 20th century.[2]

Complications arise when dating Friedrich's work, mainly because he often did not directly name or date his canvases. However, he kept a carefully detailed notebook on his output, which has been used by scholars to tie paintings to their completion dates.[1]


Mountain Landscape with Rainbow Gebirgslandschaft mit Regenbogen (1809-1810)

Drawings, watercolours, and prints[edit]

Artwork Name
German name Year Technique Dimensions City Gallery Notes
Schriftblatt: Gott hat selbst in unsere Schmerzen December 1, 1788 Pen, ink and watercolour 207 x 329 mm Greifswald Museum der Stadt Greifswald
Weiblicher Akt nach Preissler.jpg
Female Nude in the Style of Johann Daniel Preißler Weiblicher Akt nach Preißler 1790-94 Pencil 321 x 201 mm Greifswald Museum der Stadt Greifswald
Die Luisen-Quelle in Frederiksdahl 1797 Pen, ink and watercolour 289 x 244 mm Hamburg Hamburger Kunsthalle
Die Frederiksberger Quelle bei Kopenhagen I July 9, 1797 Brown ink and watercolour 217 x 168 mm Dresden Kupferstich-Kabinett
Landscape with pavilion.jpg
Landscape with Pavilion Landschaft mit Pavillon c. 1797 Pen, ink and watercolour 167 x 217 mm Hamburg Kunsthalle Hamburg [3]
Fishing Boat Fischerboot 1798 Pencil 103 x 168 mm Greifswald Museum der Stadt Greifswald
Tree, Ship, and Nets Baum, Boot, Netze c. 1798 Pencil 150 x 165 mm Greifswald Museum der Stadt Greifswald
Studie eines sitzendes Jünglings May 7, 1798 Pen, ink and watercolour 289 x 244 mm Prague National Gallery in Prague
Portrait of the Pastor and Poet Ernst Theodor Johann Brûckner Bildnis des Pastors und Dichters Ernst Theodor Johann Brûckner c. 1798 Black chalk 251 x 199 mm Berlin Staatliche Museen, Berlin
Caspardavidfriedrich self1.jpg
Self-Portrait Selbstportrait 1800 Black chalk 420 x 276 mm Copenhagen Statens Museum for Kunst [4]
Mother Heiden by Caspar David Friedrich.jpg Mother Heiden Mutter Heiden 1798–1802 Black chalk 420 x 276 mm Greifswald Pommersches Landesmuseum [5]
Bildnis des Adolf Gottlieb Friedrich.jpg Portrait of Adolph Gottlieb Friedrich Bildnis des Vaters Adolph Gottlieb Friedrich c. 1798-1802 Black chalk 250 x 205 mm Greifswald Museum der Stadt Greifswald
Scene from Schiller.jpg Scene from Schiller's "The Robbers" Szene aus Schillers

"Die Räuber"

1800–1801 Pen and sepia 203 x 263 mm Greifswald Pommersches Landesmuseum
Self-Portrait with Cap and Sighting Eye-Shield.jpg
Self-Portrait with Cap and Sighting Eye-Shield Selbstportrait mit Mütze und Augenklappe 1802 Pencil, brush and ink 175 x 105 mm Hamburg Kunsthalle Hamburg [6]
Hiker at the Milestone by Friedrich.jpg
Hiker at the Milestone Wanderer am Grenzstein 1802 Sepia
Adolf Gottlieb Friedrich, Reading.jpg
Adolf Gottlieb Friedrich, Reading Adolf Gottlieb Friedrich,


1802 Black chalk 346 x 320 mm Mannheim Kunsthalle Mannheim
The Woman with the Cobweb by Caspar David Friedrich.jpg
The Woman with the spider's web between bare trunks Die Frau mit dem Spinnennetz zwischen unbelaubten Baumstümpfen 1803 Woodcut; block cut by Friedrich's brother Christian 171 x 119 mm Various (block in Hamburg Kunsthalle) [7]
Pilgrimage at Sunset (Sunrise).jpg
Pilgrimage at Sunset (Sunrise) Pilgerreise im Sonnenuntergang (Sonnenaufgang) 1805 Sepia 405 x 620 mm Weimar Kunstsammlungen
Caspar David Friedrich - Blick aus dem Atelier des Künstlers.jpg
View from the Painter's Studio Blick aus dem Maleratelier 1805-6 Sepia Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum
Ruins of Eldena Klosterruine Eldena 1806 Watercolor and ink
Cross in the Mountains Kreuz in den Bergen 1805-06 Pencil and sepia 640 x 931 mm Berlin Kupferstichkabinett (Print room) at Kulturforum, Staatliche Museen
Giant grave by the sea.jpg
Giant Grave by the Sea Riesengruft am Meer 1806-07 Pen, brush and sepia over graphite 645 x 950 mm Weimar Staatliche Kunstsammlungen
Caspar David Friedrich self portrait.jpeg
Self-Portrait Selbstprotrait 1810 Black chalk 228 x 182 mm Berlin Kupferstichkabinett (Print room) at Kulturforum, Staatliche Museen [8]
Window Looking over the Park Fenster mit Blick über den Park c.1810-11 Sepia and pencil 39.8x30.5 cm St. Petersburg The Hermitage
The Marketplace in Greifswald by Caspar Davis Friedrich.jpg
The Marketplace in Greifswald Der Marktplatz in Greifswald 1818 Pencil, ink and watercolour
View of Greifswald from the East Blick auf Greifswald vom Osten 1818 Watercolour
Caspar David Friedrich - Die Ruine des Klosters Eldena (ca.1824).jpg
The Ruins of Eldena Die Ruinen von Eldena c. 1825 Pencil, ink and watercolour 178 x 229 mm Private collection [9]
Kreidefelsen 1010.jpg
Chalk Cliffs on Rügen


Kreidefelsen auf Rügen (Wasserfarben) 1824-6 Watercolour 25 x 32 cm
Caspar David Friedrich - Das Neurathener Felsentor.jpg
The Rock Gates in Neurathen Die Felsentore in Neurathen c.1826-28 Watercolor over pencil 27.9x24.5 cm. St. Petersburg The Hermitage
Ruins of Teplitz Castle Ruinen der Teplitz-Burg 1828 Pencil, ink and watercolour
Mountainous River Landscape (Night Version).jpg
Mountainous River Landscape (Night Version) Von Bergen umgebene Flusslandschaft (Nachtversion) 1830-35 Mixed media on transparent paper 77 x 127 cm Kassel Staatliche Museen
Mountainous River Landscape (Day Version).jpg
Mountainous River Landscape (Day Version) Von Bergen umgebene Flusslandschaft


1830-35 Mixed media on transparent paper 77 x 127 cm Kassel Staatliche Museen [10]
Two Young Men on the Sea Shore by the Rising Moon Zwei junge Männer am Strand bei aufgehendem Mond 1835 Sepia
Vulture on a Spade Geier auf Spaten 1835 Sepia
Caspar David Friedrich - Mondaufgang (ca.1835-37).jpg
Moonrise Mondaufgang c.1835-7 Sepia and pencil 24.5x34.5 cm St. Petersburg The Hermitage
Owl in a Gothic Window by Caspar David Friedrich.jpg
Owl in a Gothic Window Eule im Gotischen Fenster c.1836 Sepia and pencil 37.8x25.6 cm St. Petersburg The Hermitage
Landscape with Owl, Grave, and Coffin.jpg
Landscape with Grave, Coffin and Owl Landschaft mit Grab, Sarg und Eule 1836-37 Sepia over pencil 385 x 383 mm Hamburg Kunsthalle Hamburg [11]
Caspar David Friedrich - Eule auf einem Grabkreuz.jpg
Owl upon the Grave Marker Eule auf Grabkreuz 1836-37 Sepia over pencil Moscow Pushkin Museum
Owl Flying against a Moonlit Sky Eule, die gen mondbeschienenen Himmel fliegt 1836-37 Sepia over pencil 27.9x24.4 cm St. Petersburg The Hermitage
Caspar David Friedrich - Boot auf dem Strand, Mondaufgang.jpg
Boat on the Shore, Moonrise Boot am Ufer, Mondaufgang 1837-39 Sepia over pencil 24.4x41.6 cm St. Petersburg The Hermitage
Landscape in the Giant Mountains Landschaft im Riesengebirge Unknown Watercolor over pencil Winterthur Oskar Reinhart Foundation


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