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The following is an incomplete list of Francisco Goya's works. Besides the blue-linked articles, many images can be found at Wikipedia Commons.


Triple generacion.jpg The Holy Family with Saint Joachim and Saint Anne Before the Eternal Glory 1769
Aníbal vencedor contempla por primera vez Italia desde los Alpes.jpg Hannibal the Conqueror 1770
Martin Zapater 1770
El nombre de Dios adorado por los angeles.jpg The Adoration of the Name of God 1772 Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar, Zaragoza
Nacimiento de la Virgen (Cartuja Aula Dei).jpg Frescoes in the Cartuja de Aula Dei 1774 Charterhouse of Aula Dei
El baile de San Antonio de la Florida.jpg Tapestry Cartoons 1775–92
El Quitasol (Goya).jpg The Parasol 1777 Museo del Prado, Madrid
Blind Guitarist 1778
La nevada 1780
Winter (The Snowstorm) 1780
Crucified Christ 1780 Prado, Madrid
The Queen of Martyrs 1780–81 Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar
St. Bernardino of Siena 1782–83 San Francisco el Grande, Madrid
Family of Infante Don Luis 1783
Condesa de chinchon.jpg Maria Teresa de Borbon y Vallabriga 1783 Museo del Prado Madrid
The Count of Floridablanca and Goya 1783 Banco Urquijo, Madrid
Sermon of Saint Bernardino of Siena 1784
The Annunciation 1785 private collection, Spain
The Marquesa de Pontejos c. 1786 National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
Spring (or The Flower Girls) 1786–87
The Forge 1786–1787
The Swing 1787
Don Manuel Osorio Manrique de Zunica.jpg Manuel Osorio Manrique de Zuñiga 1787–88 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
St Francis Borgia at the Deathbed of an Impenitent 1788
Family of the Duke of Osuna 1788 Prado
Self-portrait c. 1790–95
Josefa Bayeu Francisco De Goya y Lucientes.jpg Josefa Bayeu 1790–1815
Little Giants 1791–92
Portrait of Mariana Waldstein c. 1792
Strolling Players 1793
Fire 1793–1794
Courtyard with Lunatics by Goya 1794.jpg Yard with Lunatics 1793–94 Meadows Museum, Dallas, Texas
Francisco Goya - Casa de locos.jpg The Madhouse 1794 Virginia Meadows Museum and Elizabeth Meadows Sculpture Court, Dallas, Texas
The Marquesa de la Solana c. 1794–95 Louvre, Paris
Duchess of Alba 1795
Duchess of Alba & Her Duenna 1795
"White" Portrait 1795
Portrait of the Matador Pedro Romero c. 1795–98 Kimbell Art Museum
Self-Portrait on Linen 1795–1797
"Black" Portrait 1797
Duchess of Alba 1797
Duchess of Alba 1797 Hispanic Society of America, New York City
Que se la llevaron! 1797–98
What a sacrifice! 1797–98
The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters 1797–98
Witches' Flight 1797–98
The Spell 1797–98
The Witches' Kitchen 1797–98
The Devil's Lamp 1797–98
The Stone Guest 1797–98
They say yes and give their hand to the first comer 1797–98
You who cannot 1797–98
Self-Portrait with Spectacles 1797–1800
Miracle of St. Antony 1798
The Taking of Christ 1798 Cathedral, Toledo
Ferdinand Guillemardet 1798 Louvre
A Miracle of St. Anthony of Padua” and other scenes 1798 San Antonio de la Florida, Madrid
Witches Sabbath (1798) 1798
Queen Maria Luisa, on Horseback 1799 Prado
La Tirana (Goya) 1799 Academy of San Fernando, Madrid
Countess of Chinchon 1800
La maja desnuda
Charles IV of Spain and His Family 1800–1801 Prado
La maja vestida c. 1800–05 Prado
Bartolome Sureda y Miserol c. 1803–04 National Gallery, Washington D.C
Isabel de Porcel 1804–05
Francisca Sabasa y Garcia 1804–1808 National Gallery, Washington D.C
Doña Teresa Sureda c. 1805
Young Woman with a Fan 1805–1810
Portrait of Doña Isabel de Porcel c. 1806 National Gallery, London
The Colossus c. 1808–12 Prado
Majas on a Balcony c. 1808–12
Time and the Old Women c. 1810–12 Musée des Beaux-Arts, Lille, Fr.
General Manuel Romero c. 1810 private collection, Chicago
Time (Goya) 1810
Contra el bien general c. 1810
Allegory of the City of Madrid 1810 Casa del Ayuntamiento, Madrid
Time c. 1810–12
Majas on a Balcony 1810–1812 Metropolitan Museum version
Francisco Goya - Portrait of the Duke of Wellington.jpg Portrait of the Duke of Wellington 1812–14 National Gallery, London
Prison Interior c. 1810–14 Bowes Museum
Actress Antonia Zarate c. 1811 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Dead Turkey 1812
The Burial of the Sardine 1812–1819 Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid
The Majas on the Balcony c. 1812 Metropolitan Museum of Art
This is worse c. 1812–13
Mariano Goya c. 1812–14 private collection, Madrid
Portrait of Rita Moon Luna 1814
Ferdinand VII in an Encampment c. 1814 Prado
The Second of May 1808 1814 Prado
The Third of May 1808 1814 Prado
Young Women with a Letter c. 1814–18 Musée des Beaux-Arts, Lille
May the rope break! c. 1815
Self-Portrait 1815 Academy of San Fernando
Unfortunate events in the front seats of the ring of Madrid, and the death of the Mayor of Torrejon 1815–16
La Tauromaquia 1815–1816
Burial of the Sardine (sketch) c. 1816
Inquisition Scene c. 1816
The Procession c. 1816
SS. Justa and Rufina 1817 Cathedral, Seville
The Forge (Goya) c. 1817 Frick Collection, New York City
The Giant 1818
The Forge c. 1819 Frick Collection, New York City
Portrait of Don Juan Antonio Cuervo 1819 Cleveland Museum of Art
The Last Communion of St. Joseph of Calasanz 1819 Escuelas Pías de San Antón, Madrid
Agony in the Garden (Goya) 1819 Escuelas Pías de San Antón .
Self-portrait with Dr Arrieta 1820 Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minnesota
Men Reading c. 1819–23
Carnival Scene 1820–1824
Atropos (The Fates) 1820–1823
Goat (Goya) 1820–1823
Fight with Cudgels 1820–1823
Two Women 1820–1823
Men Reading 1820–1823
Deaf Man 1820–1823
Asmodea 1820–1823
Old Men Eating 1820–1823
The Dog 1820–23
Fight with Cudgels 1820–23
The Great He-Goat or Witches Sabbath c. 1821–23
Leocadia c. 1821–23
Saturn Devouring His Son c. 1821–23
Two Old Men c. 1821–23
Two Old Women Eating from a Bowl c. 1821–23
Two Young People Laughing at a Man c. 1821–23
Francisco de Goya - Don Ramon Satué 001.JPG Portrait of Don Ramon Satué 1823 Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
D. Jose Duaso y Latre.jpg Portrait of José Duaso y Latre 1824 Museum of Fine Arts of Seville
Francisco de Goya - Portrait of the Poet Moratín - Google Art Project.jpg Leandro Fernández de Moratín 1824 Museo de Bellas Artes, Bilbao, Spain
Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes - Monk Talking to an Old Woman - Google Art Project.jpg Monk Talking to an Old Woman 1824-25 Princeton University Art Museum
Jacques (Santiago) Galos Goya 1826.jpg Portrait of Jacques Galos 1826 Barnes Foundation
Goya MilkMaid.jpg The Milkmaid of Bordeaux 1825–27 Prado
Juan Bautista de Muguiro.jpg Don Juan Bautista de Muguiro 1827 Prado
Portrait of Jose Pio de Molina Goya.JPG Don José Pío de Molina 1827–28 Reinhart Collection, Winterthur
Josefa Bayeu unknown dating
Striker Family Goya unknown dating


Los Caprichos (1792–1799)
  • Plate 43 – The sleep of reason
  • Plate 2 – They Say Yes
  • Plate 33 – To the Count Palantine
  • Plate 55 – Until Death
  • Plate 77 – First One, Then Another
The Disasters of War (1810–1820)
  • Plate 7 – What Valor!
  • Plate 9 – They do not want to
  • Plate 31 – This is too much!
  • Plate 32 – Why?
  • Plate 39 – Great Deeds – Against the Dead
  • Plate 47 – This is how it happened
  • Plate 69 – Nada – We shall see
Los disparates (1815–1824)
  • Plate 1 – Feminine Folly
  • Plate 2 – Folly of Fear
  • Plate 3 – Strange Folly
  • Plate 4 – Big Booby
  • Plate 5 – Folly on the Wing
  • Plate 6 – Foolish Fury
  • Plate 7 – Matrimonial Extravagance
  • Plate 8 – People in Sacks
  • Plate 9 – Universal Folly
  • Plate 10 – Young Woman on a Bucking Horse
  • Plate 11 – Folly of Poverty
  • Plate 12 – Three Gentlemen and Three Dancing Ladies
  • Plate 13 – One Way to Fly
  • Plate 14 – Foolishness at the Carnival
  • Plate 15 – Pure Folly
  • Plate 16 – Exhortation
  • Plate 17 – Loyalty
  • Plate 18 – Old Man Wandering Among Phantoms
  • Plate 19 – A Familiar Folly
  • Plate 20 – Foolish Precision
  • Plate 21 – Animal Foolishness
  • Plate 22 – Foolish Extravagance


  • Woman with Scythe and Serpent

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