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The following is a list of works by P.D.Q. Bach, a fictitious Bach family member, the alter ego of composer Peter Schickele. The first section lists, in alphabetical order, those works which have been recorded, are listed in the annotated catalogue of P. D. Q. Bach music in The Definitive Biography of P.D.Q. Bach, and/or are listed on the Theodore Presser website. "Schickele numbers", or "S." numbers, associated with some of the compositions, have either been assigned arbitrarily (with humorous intent) or are missing, and are not intended to provide the same service as Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis (BWV) numbers, also known, especially in early compilations, as "Schmieder numbers" or "S. numbers" after compiler Wolfgang Schmieder. The second section lists "undiscovered works" that are mentioned in The Definitive Biography. The third section lists works by Schickele that have appeared on P.D.Q. Bach recordings. The fourth section lists a few selections, not by P.D Q. Bach/Schickele, that have appeared on P.D.Q. Bach recordings.

The Works of P.D.Q. Bach[edit]

  • 1712 Overture, S. 1712
  • The Abduction of Figaro, a simply grand opera, S. 384,492
  • The Art of the Ground Round, S. 1.19/lb
  • Birthday Ode to "Big Daddy" Bach, for soloists, chorus and orchestra, S. 100
  • Breakfast Antiphonies, S. 8:30 †
  • Canine cantata: Wachet, Arf! ("Sleeping Dogs Awake!"), S. K9 ‡
  • Cantata: Blaues Gras ("Bluegrass Cantata"), S. 6 string
  • Cantata: Iphigenia in Brooklyn, S. 53,162
  • Cantata Singalonga Meloir Cave Canem
  • Canzon Per Sonar a Sei – Count Them – Sei
  • Canzonette La Hooplina ("The Girl from Hoople") S. 16 going on 30
  • Capriccio La Pucelle de New Orleans ("The Maid of New Orleans"), S. under 18
  • Choral prelude: "Should", S. 365 ‡
  • Classical Rap, S. 1–2–3
  • Concerto for Bassoon vs. Orchestra, S. 8′ ‡
  • Concerto for Horn and Hardart, S. 27
  • Concerto for Piano vs. Orchestra, S. 88 ‡
  • Concerto for Two Pianos vs. Orchestra, 2 are better than one
  • A Consort of Choral Christmas Carols, S. 359
  • Diverse Ayres on Sundrie Notions, S. 99 44/100
  • "Dutch" Suite, S. −16
  • Echo Sonata for Two Unfriendly Groups of Instruments, S. 99999999
  • "Erotica" Variations" for banned instruments and piano, S. 36EE
  • Fanfare for Fred, S. F4F
  • Fanfare for the Common Cold, S. 98.7 ‡
  • Fantasieshtick, S. 1001 †
  • Four Curmudgeonly Canons
  • Four Folk Song Upsettings, S. 4
  • Fugue for orchestra †
  • Goldbrick Variations
  • Grand Serenade for an Awful Lot of Winds and Percussion, S. 1000
  • Gross Concerto for Divers Flutes, Two Trumpets, and Strings, S. −2 ‡
  • Gross Concerto No. 2 for flutoid instruments and orchestra, S. −1 †
  • The Grossest Fugue from The Musical Sacrifice, S. 50% off
  • Hansel and Gretel and Ted and Alice, an opera in one unnatural act, S. 2n−1
  • Hindenburg Concerto, S. Lz 129 †
  • "Howdy" Symphony in D major, S. 6⅞
  • Journeys into Space
  • Knock, Knock, choral cantata, S. 4/1
  • Konzertschtick for Two Violins Mit Orchestra, S. 2+ †
  • Liebeslieder Polkas for mixed chorus and piano five hands, S. 2/4
  • Lip My Reeds, S. 32'
  • A Little Nightmare Music, an opera in one irrevocable act, S. 35
  • Little Pickle Book ("Pockelbuchlein"), for theater organ and dill piccolos, S. 6
  • March of the Cute Little Wood Sprites, S. Onesy Twosy
  • Minuet Militaire, S. 1A
  • Missa Hilarious, S. N20
  • The Musical Sacrifice, S. 50% off
  • No-no Nonette, for assorted winds and toys, S. 86
  • Notebook for Betty-Sue Bach, S. 13 going on 14 ‡
  • Octoot, for wind instruments, S. 8
  • Oedipus Tex, dramatic oratorio for soloists, chorus and orchestra, S. 150
  • Only Piece Ever Written for...
  • Oratorio: The Seasonings, S. 1½ tsp.
  • Overture to La clemenza di Genghis Khan, S. 1227 †
  • Perückenstück ("Hair Piece") from The Civilian Barber, S. 4F
  • Pervertimento for Bagpipes, Bicycle and Balloons, S. 66
  • The Preachers of Crimetheus, a ballet in one selfless act, S. 988
  • Prelude in C Major
  • Prelude to Einstein on the Fritz, S. e=mt2
  • Royal Firewater Musick, for bottles and orchestra, S. 1/5
  • "Safe" Sextet, S. R33–L45–R(pass it once)78
  • "Sam and Janet"
  • The "Sanka" Cantata
  • Sarah Banned (no S. number given, part of the Little Notebook for "Piggy" Bach)[1]
  • Schleptet in Eb major, S. 0
  • Serenude, for devious instruments, S. 36–24–36 ‡
  • Shepherd on the Rocks with a Twist
  • Short
  • The Short-Tempered Clavier, Preludes and Fugues in all the Major and Minor Keys Except for the Really Hard Ones, S. easy as 3.14159265
  • Sinfonia Concertante, S. 98.6
  • Six Contrary Dances, S. 39
  • Sonata Abassoonata
  • Sonata Da Circo ("Circus Sonata") for steam calliope, S. 3 ring
  • Sonata for Viola Four Hands and Harpsichord, S. 440 ‡
  • Sonata Innamorata
  • Sonata Piccola
  • The Stoned Guest, a half-act opera, S. 86 proof
  • Suite from The Civilian Barber, S. 4F
  • Suite No. 1 for Cello all by its lonesome †
  • Suite No. 2 for Cello All By Its Lonesome, S. 1b †
  • Three Chorale-Based Piecelets for organ, S. III
  • Three Teeny Preludes
  • Toot Suite for calliope four hands, S. 212°
  • Traumarei for unaccompanied piano, S. 13
  • Trio (sic) Sonata, S. 3(4)
  • The "Trite" Quintet, S. 6 of 1, Half a Dozen of the Other†
  • Twelve Quite Heavenly Songs ("Aire Proprio Zodicale"), S. 16°
  • Two Hearts, Four Lips, Three Little Words
  • Two Madrigals from The Triumphs of Thusnelda, S. 1601
  • Variations on an Unusually Simple-Minded Theme for piano and orchestra, S. 1 †

The "Undiscovered" Works of P.D.Q. Bach[edit]

  • Coffee Cantata
  • The Dairy Queen (pastoral masque)
  • Neo-Trio Sonata


  • The Barren Gypsy
  • The Civilian Barber
  • Madame Butterbrickle
  • The Magic Fruit
  • Rosenkavalier and Guildenstern

Religious Music[edit]

  • Famous Last Words of Christ
  • Half-Nelson Mass
  • The Mass in the Allah Mode
  • The Passion According to Hoyle
  • Missa Hilarious[2]

Works by Prof. Peter Schickele appearing on P.D.Q. Bach recordings[edit]

  • Bach Portrait
  • Chaconne à son Goût
  • Eine Kleine Nichtmusik
  • Last Tango in Bayreuth
  • New Horizons in Music Appreciation: Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 Commentary (with Robert Dennis)
  • Quodlibet
  • "Unbegun" Symphony

Other works featured on P.D.Q. Bach recordings[edit]

  • What's My Melodic Line? (featuring works by Archangelo Spumoni, fictitious composer)

by Leiber & Stoller[edit]



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