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This a list of projects, both realised and unrealised, by British Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid.


Image Title Year Location Status Description
Malevich's Tektonik 1976-77 London Not realised. Fourth-year student design project for a hotel on the Hungerford Bridge over the Thames.[1]
Museum of the Nineteenth Century 1977–78 London Not realised. Fifth-year student design thesis; "one of my first ideological and conjectural projects".[2]
Dutch Parliament Extension 1978–79 The Hague Not realised. Extension of the Binnenhof complex for parliamentary accommodation. With Rem Koolhaas and Elia Zenghelis.[2]
Irish Prime Minister's Residence 1979–80 Dublin, Phoenix Park Not realised. Residence and state function room for the Taoiseach. "The objective was to create a weightlessness, freedom from the stress of public life."[3]
59 Eaton Place 1981–82 London Not realised. Renovation of a turn-of-the-century town house.[4] Hadid received the Gold Medal for Architectural Design, British Architecture for this design.[5]
Parc de la Villette 1982–83 Paris Not realised. Design of a park housing public facilities devoted to science and music and located outside central Paris.[4] Bernard Tschumi's project eventually won the competition.
The Peak[6] 1982–83 Hong Kong, Victoria Peak Not realised. Proposal to re-design the Peak with a cliff-top resort characterised by a "Suprematist geology".[7] The project won the international competition's first prize, in part because of Hadid's spectacular drawings and paintings, and catapulted Hadid to international fame.[8] It was never executed on account of complications associated with Hong Kong's return to China.[9]
Grand Buildings 1985 London, Trafalgar Square Not realised. Re-design of Trafalgar Square and the buildings surrounding it with towers that "appear to mutate from shards that penetrate the square's surface into a single solid mass".[10]
Melbury Court 1985 London Not realised. Re-design of a small flat aiming to "explode the rigid box rooms" and featuring furniture on tracks or pivots for flexibility.[11]
Hamburg Docklands 1986 Hamburg Not realised. Masterplan for the redevelopment of the harbour area, particularly the Speicherstadt.[12]
Kurfürstendamm 70[13] 1986 Berlin Not realised. Office building on a very narrow site (2.7 × 16 metres).[14]
IBA housing 1986–93 Berlin, Stresemannstraße 109. 52°30′23″N 13°22′47″E / 52.5063°N 13.3797°E / 52.5063; 13.3797 Built. 3-floor housing development with a wedge-shaped, metal-clad 8-floor tower for the Internationale Bauausstellung.[14] This, together with the Vitra Fire Station, was Hadid's first realised project. Hadid was one of three women commissioned to design social housing complexes, following the efforts of the Feministische Organisation von Planerinnen und Architektinnen to increase female contributions to the IBA program.[15]
Azabu-Jyuban[16] 1986 Tokyo, Azabu Juban Not realised. Commercial development on a "narrow site in a canyon of random buildings near the Roppongi district."[17]
Tomigaya[18] 1986 Tokyo, Azabu Juban Not realised. Small mixed-use project related to the Azabu-Jyuban project, featuring an elevated angular glass pavilion as its centerpiece.[19]
West Hollywood Civic Centre 1987 Los Angeles, Azabu Juban Not realised. Design for a civic centre in a "relatively context-free environment", allowing "objects [to] float and interact in a way that is only possible in wide-open spaces".[20]
Al Wahda Sports Centre[21] 1988 Abu Dhabi Not realised.
Berlin 2000 1988 Berlin Not realised. Urban masterplan for a Berlin without the Berlin Wall, commissioned a year before the Wall's actual fall.[22]
Victoria City Areal[23] 1988 Berlin Not realised. Design for a re-development of a cruciform site on Kurfürstendamm, envisioning a "bent slab" of a hotel hovering above the street.[24]
A New Barcelona 1989 Barcelona Not realised. Project of a "new urban geometry" for Barcelona based on the diagonal axes of Cerdà's 19th century plan, which are twisted into "skewed, interlocking fragments".[25]
Tokyo Forum[26] 1989 Tokyo Not realised. Design for a municipal Cultural Centre, based on a "void - a glass container - out of which smaller voids are dramatically hollowed and which house the building's cultural and conference areas.[27]
Hafenstrasse development[28] 1990 Hamburg, Hafenstraße Not realised. Project of a mixed-use development in two gaps in a row of houses on the Elbe embankment, featuring angular, semi-transparent slabs on pillars.[29]
Moonsoon[30] 1989–90 Sapporo Built.[31] Interior design of a restaurant with tables like "sharp fragments of ice" and a "plasma of biomorphic sofas".[32]
Folly 3[33] 1990 Osaka Built. Folly in the grounds of the Expo '90 fair, a "series of compressed and fused elements to expand in the landscape and refract pedestrian movement." Hadid describes the sculpture as a "half scale experiment for the Vitra Fire Station".[34]
Vitra fire station, full view, Zaha Hadid.jpg Vitra fire station 1994 Weil am Rhein Built.
[ Cardiff Bay Opera House 1995 Cardiff, Wales, UK Not realised.
Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2000 London, UK Built. Temporary.
Serpentine Sackler Gallery 2013 London, UK Built.
Hoenheim-North Terminus & Car Park 2001 Hoenheim, France Built.
One-North Masterplan 2001 Singapore Ongoing.
Bergisel 2004-11-04.jpg Bergisel Ski Jump 2002 Innsbruck, Austria Built.
Contemp Art Center.JPG Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art 2003 Cincinnati, Ohio Built.
Ordupgaard Copenhagen Zaha Hadid 1.jpg Ordrupgaard Museum extension 2001-05 Copenhagen, Denmark Built.
BMW Leipzig.JPG BMW Central Building 2005 Leipzig, Germany Built.
Phæno Wolfsburg.jpg Phaeno Science Center 2005 Wolfsburg, Germany Built.
Szervita Square Tower 2006 Budapest, Hungary Not realised.
IFI Building.jpg Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs 2006-14 Beirut, Lebanon Built.
Kartal-Pendik Waterfront Regeneration Masterplan 2006 Istanbul, Turkey Not realised.
MaggiesCentreKirkcaldy.JPG Maggie's Centres at the Victoria Hospital 2006 Kirkcaldy, Scotland Built.
Zaha Hadid Tondonia Winery Pavillion.jpg Tondonia Winery Pavilion[35] 2001-06 Haro, Spain Built.
Eleftheria Square redesign 2007 Nicosia, Cyprus On hold.
Hungerburgbahn-Station-Löwenhaus.jpg Hungerburgbahn stations 2007 Innsbruck, Austria Built.
Vilnius Guggenheim Hermitage Museum 2008 Vilnius, Lithuania Not realised.
Pabellón-Puente Zaragoza.jpg Bridge Pavilion 2008 Zaragoza, Spain Built.
JS Bach Chamber Music Hall 2009 Manchester, UK Built. For the Manchester International Festival
CMA CGM Tower 2005-10 Marseille, France Built.
MAXXI ingresso 04.jpg MAXXI - National Museum of the 21st Century Arts 1998-2010 Rome, Italy Built. Winner of the 2010 Stirling Prize
Guangzhou Opera House(Near).JPG Guangzhou Opera House 2005-10 Guangzhou, China Built.
Evelyn Grace Academy, Shakespeare Road.jpg Evelyn Grace Academy 2006-10 Brixton, London, UK Built. Winner of the 2011 Stirling Prize
Sheikh Zayed Bridge 2007-10 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Built.
London Aquatics Centre, 16 April 2012.jpg London Aquatics Centre 2008-11 London, UK Built.
Riverside museum from front.jpeg Riverside Museum 2007-11 Glasgow, Scotland, UK Built.
Capital Hill Residence 2011 Barvikha Forest, Moscow Built. This private residence was built for Russian real estate developer Vladislav Doronin and is the only private residence Hadid designed in her lifetime.[36][37]
Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center.jpg Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center 2007-12 Baku, Azerbaijan Built.
Pierres Vives Building 2002-12 Montpelier, France Built.
Napoli Afragola railway station 2003-12 Napoli, Italy Ongoing.
Salerno Maritime Terminal 1999-12 Salerno, Italy Ongoing.
Jockey Club Innovation Tower, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, August 2013.jpg Innovation Tower 2009-13 Hong Kong SAR, China Built.
Campus WU LC D1 TC DSC 1440w.jpg
Learning Center, Vienna University of Economics and Business 2010-2013 Vienna, Austria Built
Dongdaemun Design Plaza.jpg Dongdaemun Design Plaza & Park 2007-14 Dongdaemun, Seoul, South Korea Built.
Wangjing Soho by Zaha Hadid.jpg Wangjing SOHO 2009-14 Beijing, China Built.
Investcorp Building, St Antony's College 2013-15 Oxford, England Built.
Grace on Coronation 2014 Brisbane, Australia Proposed. 3 residential skyscrapers with civic space within a new riverside park.
Messner Mountain Museum am Kronplatz.JPG Messner Mountain Museum Corones 2015 Kronplatz mountain, Italy Built. Sixth addition to the Messner Mountain Museum
Antwerp port house (34504832790).jpg Port Authority 2016 Antwerp, Belgium Built.
King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC)[38] 2009-17 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Built. A 70,000 square meter research center


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