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The following is a list of concert band works commissioned by or dedicated to Kappa Kappa Psi or Tau Beta Sigma.

In 1947, Kappa Kappa Psi created its first National Intercollegiate Band, a band composed of musicians from universities across the United States. Since 1953, the national chapters of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma have commissioned a new work for wind band to be premiered at the National Intercollegiate Band concert. This program was begun under the direction of Grand President Hugh McMillen to add to the wind repertoire. A number of the commissions have garnered national acclaim, including Robert Russell Bennett's Symphonic Songs for Band, commissioned for the 1957 National Intercollegiate Band, and Karel Husa's Concerto for Trumpet and Wind Orchestra, commissioned for the 1973 band.[1][2]

In the years following the start of the national commissioning program, local chapters have begun to commission new band works themselves. Some of these have also received acclaim, including David Maslanka's Traveler, commissioned by the University of Texas at Arlington chapters of the fraternity and sorority in honor of the retirement of Director of Bands Ray Lichtenwalter.[2][3]

Between the national Commissioning Program and commissions from individual chapters, many notable band composers have been commissioned, including Jack Stamp, David Gillingham, Julie Giroux, Claude T. Smith, Frank Ticheli and W. Francis McBeth.

List of works[edit]

Year Title of Work Composer Commissioning Party and Institution
1931 Kappa Kappa Psi March J. DeForest Cline ΚΚΨ National Chapter[4]
1933 The March of Kappa Kappa Psi Joseph O. DeLuca ΚΚΨ–Omega (University of Arizona)[5]
1934 Kappa Kappa Psi March Bohumil Makovsky ΚΚΨ National Chapter[4]
1953 Ballet for Band Don Gillis ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4][6]
1957 Symphonic Songs for Band Robert Russell Bennett ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4][7]
1959 Prelude and Dance Paul Creston ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
1961 National Intercollegiate Band March Richard Franko Goldman ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
1963 Symphonic Essays Clifton Williams ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
1965 Symphonic Requiem Václav Nelhýbel ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
1967 Study in Textures Gunther Schuller ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
1969 Songs of Abelard Norman Dello Joio ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
Divergents W. Francis McBeth ΚΚΨ–Lambda (University of Arkansas)[8]
1970 Propagula Robert Linn ΚΚΨ–Alpha Psi (West Texas A&M University)[9][10]
Neologue Jared Spears ΚΚΨ–Lambda (University of Arkansas)[11]
1971 The Seventh Seal W. Francis McBeth ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
Tau Beta Sigma March Donald I. Moore Ladine Bennett Housholder (ΤΒΣ)[4]
1973 Concerto for Trumpet and Wind Orchestra Karel Husa ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4][12]
Overture: Memory of a Friend Robert Jager ΚΚΨ–Lambda (University of Arkansas)[13]
Chronolog Jared Spears ΚΚΨ–Epsilon Theta (University of Louisiana at Monroe)[11]
Dilemmae William Latham ΚΚΨ–Alpha Psi (West Texas A&M University)[14]
1975 Let Us Now Praise Famous Men Martin Mailman ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
1976 Reflections On An Old Hymn Tune Richard Willis ΚΚΨ–Epsilon Theta (University of Louisiana at Monroe)[15]
ΤΒΣ–Delta Sigma
Dance Variations John Zdechlik ΚΚΨ–Gamma Pi (Purdue University)[16]
1977 Symphony No. 1 for Band Claude T. Smith ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
1978 Affirmation and Credo Claude T. Smith ΤΒΣ–Delta Rho (Missouri State University)[17]
1979 Prelude and Double Fugue Fisher Tull ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
Rondo Cappricio John Zdechlik ΚΚΨ–Beta Gamma (Louisiana State University)[16]
ΤΒΣ–Alpha Lambda
Dance Scene Michael Hennagin ΚΚΨ–Epsilon Theta (University of Louisiana at Monroe)[18]
ΤΒΣ–Delta Sigma
1980 Caccia for Band W. Francis McBeth ΚΚΨ–Gamma Phi (Stephen F. Austin State University)[8]
King Ubu Michael Schelle ΚΚΨ–Alpha Beta (Butler University)[19]
1981 Chamarita! Roger Nixon University of Florida[20][nb 1]
National Endowment for the Arts
Cantique and Festival Jared Spears ΚΚΨ–Delta Rho (Arkansas State University)[11]
LUX: Legend of Sankta Lucia Mary Jeanne van Appledorn ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
1982 Ferris Fantasy Harry Dempsey ΚΚΨ–Delta Omega (Ferris State University)[21]
ΤΒΣ–Gamma Pi
1983 Stars and Stripes Variations Robert Jager ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
Century Tower James Barnes ΚΚΨ–Alpha Eta (University of Florida)[22]
ΤΒΣ–Beta Xi
1984 Seven Deadly Sins Robert Xavier Rodriguez ΚΚΨ–Zeta Kappa (Texas A&M University–Commerce)[23]
ΤΒΣ–Epsilon Beta
1985 Chorale Prelude on a German Folk Tune James Barnes ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
Sinfonia Drammatica Arnold Franchetti ΚΚΨ–Alpha Beta (Butler University)
Sinfonia for Winds and Percussion John Boda ΚΚΨ–Gamma Nu (Florida State University)[24]
ΤΒΣ–Alpha Omega
1987 Overture Alfresco Jerry Bilik ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
Variants on an Ancient Air James Curnow ΚΚΨ–Gamma Phi (Stephen F. Austin State University)[25]
ΤΒΣ–Beta Zeta
Sinfonia XV "Ursa Major" Timothy Broege ΚΚΨ–Gamma Phi (Stephen F. Austin State University)[26]
Pagan Dances James Barnes ΚΚΨ–Epsilon Beta (University of Central Arkansas)[27]
1988 In The Spring, at the Time When Kings Go Off to War David Holsinger ΚΚΨ–Gamma Phi (Stephen F. Austin State University)[28]
ΤΒΣ–Beta Zeta
Catcher of Shadows Philip Wilby ΚΚΨ–Iota Alpha (California State University, Fresno)[29]
ΤΒΣ–Eta Omega
1989 Symphonic Canticle David Holsinger ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
Riverwalk Carl Johnson ΚΚΨ–Eta Phi (Syracuse University)[30]
ΤΒΣ–Eta Alpha
In Memoriam David Maslanka ΚΚΨ–Delta Sigma (University of Texas at Arlington)[31]
ΤΒΣ–Gamma Nu
Athenian Festival Anne McGinty ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
Danse Celestiale Robert Sheldon ΚΚΨ–Alpha Eta (University of Florida)[32]
ΤΒΣ–Beta Xi
1991 Infinite Horizons John Cheetham ΚΚΨ–Alpha Omicron (Texas Tech University)[33]
Hymn Variants (based on Lasst uns erfreuen [1623]) Alfred Reed ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
Gaian Visions Frank Ticheli ΚΚΨ–Gamma Phi (Stephen F. Austin State University)[34]
Space Symphony Julie Giroux ΚΚΨ–Theta Nu (Northwestern State University)[35]
1992 Crest of Allegiance Robert Foster Elizabeth Ludwig Fennell (ΤΒΣ)[4]
But God's Own Descent John White ΚΚΨ–Alpha Eta (University of Florida)[36]
ΤΒΣ–Beta Xi
1993 Daystar: Symphonic Variations for Wind and Percussion James Curnow ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
1995 A Tuning Piece: Songs of Fall and Winter David Maslanka ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
Cycles of Moons and Tides Mary Jeanne van Appledorn ΤΒΣ–Gamma Tau (University of Central Arkansas)[37]
1996 A Gathering of Angels Jared Spears ΚΚΨ–Epsilon Kappa (Angelo State University)[38]
1997 Desert Winds Cynthia Folio ΚΚΨ–Alpha Epsilon (Temple University)[39]
Revenge of the Darkseekers! Stephen Melillo ΚΚΨ–Theta Alpha (Southwest Texas State University)[40]
ΤΒΣ–Eta Epsilon
Capitan Majesty Timothy Rhea ΚΚΨ–Alpha Omicron (Texas Tech University)[41]
Rondo Jubiloso John Zdechlik ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
A Fraternal Prelude Gary Powell Nash ΚΚΨ–Eta Gamma (Morgan State University)[42]
1998 Dark Dreams of a Circus Bandstand David Williams ΚΚΨ–Omicron (West Virginia University)[43]
1999 From This Wilderness... Roland Barrett Alan Bonner (ΚΚΨ)[4]
Unusual Behavior in Ceremonies Involving Drums Daniel Bukvich ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
Culloden Julie Giroux Alan Bonner (ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ)[4]
2000 Hajj Stephen Melillo
Four Maryland Songs Jack Stamp ΚΚΨ–Gamma Xi (University of Maryland)[45]
ΤΒΣ–Beta Eta
An American Elegy Frank Ticheli ΚΚΨ–Alpha Iota (University of Colorado Boulder)[46]
2001 Hands of Mercy Julie Giroux Donna Beth McCormick (ΤΒΣ)[4]
Mourning Dances Timothy Mahr ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
The Imperceptible Voices Cloaked in Wind Jerome P. Miskell ΚΚΨ North Central District Chapter[47]
To the Summit! (Strive for the Highest) Robert W. Smith ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ Southeast District Chapters[48]
From the Mountains Jay Chattaway ΚΚΨ–Omicron (West Virginia University)[49]
2002 High Adventure Randol Bass ΤΒΣ–Theta (University of Cincinnati)[50]
Dances of Nahawand Scott Meister ΚΚΨ–Iota Omicron (Appalachian State University)[51]
Dakota MJ Cotton ΚΚΨ–Kappa Mu (University of Georgia)[52]
Cloudless Day, Bitter Sky Donald Grantham ΚΚΨ–Epsilon Kappa (Angelo State University)[53]
ΤΒΣ–Delta Tau
Jacob's Ladder Paul Richards
Come, memory ... Donald Grantham ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
Into the Solitude Katherine Murdock ΤΒΣ–Alpha Mu (Wichita State University)[55]
2003 Caccia Reber Clark ΚΚΨ–Delta Delta (Arkansas Tech University)[56]
ΤΒΣ–Beta Nu
Vigor Sean O'Loughlin ΚΚΨ–Gamma Kappa (Northern Arizona University)[57]
Colors Aloft Daniel Godfrey ΚΚΨ–Gamma Nu (Florida State University)[58]
Ebullience Stephen Lias ΚΚΨ–Gamma Phi (Stephen F. Austin State University)[59]
Morning Song Philip Sparke ΚΚΨ–Beta Kappa (Bowling Green State University)[60]
ΤΒΣ–Alpha Xi
Traveler David Maslanka ΚΚΨ–Delta Sigma (University of Texas at Arlington)[3]
ΤΒΣ–Gamma Nu
University of Texas at Arlington Band Alumni Association
Bandancing Jack Stamp ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
2005 Fanatic Fanfare Paul Richards ΚΚΨ–Alpha Eta (University of Florida)[61]
Fantasia for Band Nolan Schmit ΚΚΨ–Epsilon Omega (University of Nebraska–Lincoln)[62]
The Seasons Philip Sparke ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
2006 Home Again Brian Biddle ΚΚΨ–Alpha Beta (Butler University)[63]
Husaria Cavalry Overture Julie Giroux ΚΚΨ–Omicron (West Virginia University)[64]
Ancient Irish Hymn Sean O'Loughlin ΚΚΨ–Eta Phi (Syracuse University)[65]
ΤΒΣ–Eta Alpha
2007 Variations and Fugue on How Firm a Foundation Stephen Emmons ΚΚΨ–Epsilon Kappa (Angelo State University)[66]
ΤΒΣ–Delta Tau
Dream Adam F. Brennan ΤΒΣ–Gamma Chi (Mansfield University)[67]
Celestial Dancers Eric Ewazen ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
Mansions of Glory David Gillingham ΚΚΨ–Lambda Epsilon (Ouachita Baptist University)[68]
ΤΒΣ–Theta Beta
Purple Heart David Shaffer ΚΚΨ–Epsilon Xi (Miami University)[69]
ΤΒΣ–Delta Epsilon
Variations on a Maine Theme Craig Skeffington ΚΚΨ–Epsilon Upsilon (University of Maine)[70]
2008 Concerto for Piano and Wind Ensemble James Woodward ΚΚΨ–Alpha Beta (Butler University)[71]
Fugue with Drums Joe Nelson ΚΚΨ–Alpha Psi (West Texas A&M University)[72]
Loud Sunsets George Lam ΚΚΨ–Theta Beta (Boston University)[73]
Fuse Rob Smith ΚΚΨ–Theta Nu (Northwestern State University)[74]
2009 Two American Canvases Mark Camphouse ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
A Century of Opportunity Celebration Lester Pack ΚΚΨ–Zeta Zeta (University of Arkansas at Monticello)[75]
The Gates of the Wonder-World Open Joseph C. Phillips ΚΚΨ–Gamma Xi (University of Maryland)[76]
Concerto for Piano and Wind Orchestra: Solar Traveller Judith Lang Zaimont
A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing Eric Honour ΚΚΨ–Lambda Omega (Northwestern Oklahoma State University)[78]
2010 HardDrive Julie Giroux ΚΚΨ–Iota (Georgia Institute of Technology)[79]
Always We Begin Again Patrick Burns ΚΚΨ–Sigma (Ohio Northern University)[80]
Back to Old Fairview Michael Leckrone ΚΚΨ–Alpha Beta (Butler University)[81]
Glass Menagerie Brant Karrick ΚΚΨ–Beta Rho (University of Toledo)[82]
Carolina Fantasy Gordon "Dick" Goodwin
2011 Movements for Wind Ensemble Jack Hughes ΚΚΨ–Gamma Delta (Wayne State College)[84]
Someday Zachary J. Friedland ΚΚΨ–Theta Upsilon (University of Rhode Island)[85][nb 2]
Repercussions Adam Gorb ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[4]
2012 Blue and White Dance Andrew Boysen Jr. ΚΚΨ Northeast District Chapter[86]
2013 Idyll and Whirlwind Steven Bryant
(Redacted) John Mackey ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[88]
2013 The Two Rivers Richard D. Hall ΚΚΨ -Theta Alpha Chapter[89]
2015 Of Blood and Stone Julie Giroux ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ National Chapters[90]


  1. ^ Chamarita! was commissioned by the University of Florida and the National Endowment for the Arts in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Alpha Eta chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi at the university.
  2. ^ Zachary Friedland is a member of the Theta Upsilon chapter; the chapter did not specifically commission this work.


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