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The list presented here is derived from a checklist of world bumblebees[1] (discussing status of species) and used in the most recent Bombus phylogeny.[2] Species are grouped by subgenus following the most recent revision.[3] For some common names see BugGuide.[4]

Subgenus Alpigenobombus[edit]

Subgenus Alpinobombus[edit]

Subgenus Bombias[edit]

Subgenus Bombus (sensu stricto)[edit]

Bombus cryptarum
Bombus lucorum
Bombus terrestris

Subgenus Cullumanobombus[edit]

Subgenus Kallobombus[edit]

Bombus soroeensis subsp. proteus

Subgenus Fervidobombus[7][edit]

Subgenus Megabombus[edit]

Subgenus Melanobombus[edit]

Bombus lapidarius

Subgenus Mendacibombus[edit]

Subgenus Orientalibombus[edit]

Subgenus Psithyrus[edit]

Bombus barbutellus
Bombus campestris
Bombus rupestris

Subgenus Pyrobombus[edit]

Bombus pratorum (male)
Bombus jonellus

Subgenus Sibiricobombus[edit]

Bombus schrencki

Subgenus Subterraneobombus[edit]

Bombus pascuorum

Subgenus Thoracobombus[edit]

Bombus sylvarum

Subgenus incertae sedis[edit]


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