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This page gives a list of world championships in mind sports which usually represent the most prestigious competition for a specific board game, card game or mind sport. World championships can only be held for most games or mind sports with the ratification of an official body. Some Eastern games only have amateur world championships and separate professional competitions as can be seen for Go (list of professional Go tournaments).

All-round game competitions[edit]

World championships that consist of competitions across multiple events to find the strongest games all-rounders.

Sport Competition name Competing
Current holder Last Held Next Held every
Abstract strategy games Abstract Games World Championship[1] Individuals 2008 Estonia Andres Kuusk 2013 2014 One year
Decamentathlon Decamentathlon World Championship[2] Individuals 1997 England Chris Bryant 2015 2016 One year
Mind Sports The Pentamind[2] Individuals 1997 Estonia Andres Kuusk 2016 2017 One year

Classic/traditional strategy games[edit]

Major world championships for classic strategy board games, such as chess or go.

Sport Competition name Competing
Current holder Last held Next Held every
Backgammon Backgammon World Championship[3] Individuals 1967 Sweden Jörgen Granstedt 2016 2017 One year
Chess World Chess Championship[4] Individuals 1886 Norway Magnus Carlsen 2014 2016 Two years
International draughts Draughts World Championship[5] Individuals 1885 Russia Alexander Georgiev 2016 2017 One year
English draughts World Checkers Championship Individuals 1847 Italy Michele Borghetti (3-Move)
Italy Michele Borghetti (GAYP)
Two years
Go Ing Cup Individuals 1988 China Fan Tingyu 2012/13 2016/17 Four years
Renju Renju World Championship Individuals 1989 China Qi Guan 2015 2017 Two years
Shogi Meijin (shogi) Individuals 1937 Japan Habu Yoshiharu 2015 2016 One year
Xiangqi World Xiangqi Championship[6] Individuals 1990 China Zheng Weitong 2015 2017 Two years

Card games[edit]

World championships in card games.

Sport Competition name Competing
Current holder Last held Next Held every
Contract bridge Bermuda Bowl Teams 1950 Poland Poland 2017 Two years
Mahjong World Mahjong Championship Individuals 2002 China Zhou Yong 2015 2016
Poker World Series of Poker Main Event Individuals 1971 United States Joe McKeehen 2015 2016 One year
Magic: The Gathering Magic: The Gathering World Championship Individuals 1994 United States Brian Braun-Duin 2016 2017 One year
World Magic Cup Teams 1995

Italy Marco Cammilluzzi
Italy Andrea Mengucci
Italy Franceso Bifero
Italy William Pizzi

2015 2016 One year
Pokémon Trading Card Game Pokémon World Championships[7] Individuals 2004

Japan Haruto Kobayashi (Junior)
United States Trent Orndorff (Senior)
Canada Andrew Estrada (Master)

2015 One year
Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships[8] Individuals 2004 Japan Shunsuke Hiyama

Peru Mijail Stephano Flores Barboza (Junior)

2016 One year


Official world championships in both individual and team based eSports.

Sport Competition name Competing
Current holder Next Held every
Call of Duty Call of Duty Championship Teams 2013 United States Denial eSports (2015) 2016 One year
Dota 2 The International Teams 2011 China Wings Gaming (2016) 2017 One year
League of Legends League of Legends World Championship Teams 2011 South Korea SK Telecom T1 (2015) 2016 One year
Pokémon Pokémon World Championships Individuals 2009

Japan Shoma Honami (2015: Master)
United Kingdom Mark McQuillan (2015: Senior)
Japan Kotone Yasue (2015: Junior)

2016 One year
Smite Smite World Championship Teams 2015 European Union Epsilon eSports (2016) 2017 One year
StarCraft II StarCraft II World Championship Series Individuals 2012 South Korea Kim "sOs" Yoo-jin (2015) 2016 One year
Street Fighter Capcom Cup Individuals 2013 Japan Ryota "Kazunoko" Inoue (2015) 2016 One year

Mental disciplines[edit]

Competitions using mental tests.

Sport Competition name Competing
Current holder Next Held every
Memory World Memory Championships[9] Individuals 1991 United StatesAlex Mullen 2016 One year
Mental calculation Mental Calculation World Cup Individuals 2004 India Granth Thakkar 2016 Two years
Mind Sports Olympiad Individuals 1997 Germany Gert Mittring 2016 One year
Junior Mental Calculation World Championship Individuals 2013

Canada Mohammad El Mir (Juniors 1)
Germany Wenzel Grüß (Juniors 2)
Germany Izdar Abulizi (Seniors)

2016 One year

Modern abstract strategy games[edit]

Competitions in abstract strategy games.

Sport Competition name Competing
Current holder Next Held every
Arimaa Arimaa World Championship[10] Individuals 2004 United States Mathew Brown 2016 One year
Bōku Bōku World Championship[11] Individuals 2000 South Africa Alain Dekker 2017 One year
Entropy/Hyle Entropy World Championship[11] Individuals 1997 Wales David Jameson 2017 One year
GIPF Project Gipf World Championship Individuals 2008 Netherlands Mathijs Booden (2008)
Kamisado Kamisado World Championship[11] Individuals 2011 Estonia Andres Kuusk 2017 One Year
Lines of Action LoA World Championship[11] Individuals 1997 England James Heppell 2017 One year
Morabaraba Morabaraba World Championship Individuals 1997 South Africa Rannyadi Moses (2008)
Othello/Reversi World Othello Championship[11] Individuals 1977 Japan Yusuke Takanashi 2016 One year
Stratego Stratego World Championship[11] Individuals 1997 Netherlands Pim Neimejer 2016 One year
Twixt TwixT World Championship[11] Individuals 1997 France Florian Jamian 2017 One Year

Multiplayer board games[edit]

Sport Competition name Competing
Current holder Next Held every
Diplomacy World Diplomacy Convention[12] Individuals 1988 Canada United Kingdom Chris Brand 2017 One year
Hare and Tortoise Hare and Tortoise World Championships[13] Individuals 1997 England James Heppell 2016 One year
Monopoly Monopoly World Championships[14] Individuals 1973 Italy Nicolò Falcone TBD No regular schedule
Settlers of Catan Catan World Championships[15] Individuals 2002 Estonia Sander Stroom 2016 Two years

Professional services competitions[edit]

World championships for professionals and students in professional services industries and disciplines.

Sport Competition name Competing
Current holder Next Held every
Big Data Analytics TEXATA: Big Data Analytics World Championships[16] Individuals 2014 Vietnam Kristin Nguyen 2016 One year
Financial Modeling ModelOff: Financial Modeling World Championships[17] Individuals 2012 Australia Joseph Lau 2016 One year
Loyalty Marketing and Gamification LoyaltyGames: Loyalty and Gamification World Championships[18] Individuals 2014 South Africa Martin Naude 2016 Two years

Speaking competitions[edit]

World championships in speaking.

Sport Competition name Competing
Current holder Next Held every
Debating World Universities Debating Championship[19] Pairs 1979 United States Josh Zoffer & Ben Sprung-Keyser 2015 Year
Debating (Spanish) World Universities Debating Championship in Spanish
Campeonato Mundial Universitario de Debate en Español[19]
Pairs 2011 Colombia Daniel Cardona & Santiago Vásquez 2016 Year

Tile games[edit]

World championships held in tile-based games include:

Sport Competition name Competing
Current holder Next Held every
Continuo Continuo World Championship[11] Individuals 1997 Portugal Ricardo Gomes 2016 One year
Dominoes World Championship Domino Tournament[20] Individuals 1976 United States Jerome Wooten 2012 One year
Domino World Championship[21] Individuals 1995 Norway Hege Lofthus 2012 One year
Hexago Hexago World Championship[11] Individuals 2007 England David M. Pearce (2007)
Tantrix Tantrix World Championship (online)[22] Individuals 1998 New Zealand Chris Hill 2015 One year
Tantrix Tantrix World Open (real tiles)[23] Individuals 2009 Hungary Zoltan Nemeth 2015[24] One year (irregular)

Word games[edit]

World championships in word games.

Sport Competition name Competing
Current holder Next Held every
Scrabble (English) World Scrabble Championship[25] Individuals 1991 Nigeria Wellington Jighere 2016 Two years; one year since 2013
Scrabble (Spanish) Spanish World Scrabble Championship[26] Individuals 1997 Venezuela Airán Pérez 2016 One year
Scrabble (French) French World Scrabble Championship Duplicate[27] Individuals 1972 Switzerland David Bovet 2016 One year
French World Scrabble Championship Classic[27] Individuals 2006 New Zealand Nigel Richards 2016 One year

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