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x86-compatible processors have been designed, manufactured and sold by a number of companies, including:

x86-processors for regular PCs[edit]

In the past:

x86-processors for embedded designs only[edit]

  • DM&P Electronics (continues SiS' Vortex86 line)
  • ZF Micro ZFx86,[4] Cx486DX SoC
  • RDC Semiconductors[5] 486SX compatible RISC core (R8610 and R8620)
  • DP Kwazar SP (ДП КВАЗАР-ІС)[6] - As of December 2021, КР1810ВМ86 (Soviet 8086 clone) still appears on Kwazar's price list.[7]

In the past:

  • ALi (x86 products went to Nvidia through the ULi sale)
  • Nvidia (M6117C - 386SX embedded microcontroller)
  • Auctor[8] / ACC Micro[9] - Maple SoC (Cx486DX4[10] core at 100-133 Mhz)
  • Advantech - EVA-X4150 and EVA-X4300 (SoCs with 486SX-compatible processors at 150MHz and 300MHz, respectively)[11]
  • Innovasic - pin-compatible 80186/80188 clones[12]
  • Vadem - VG230 and VG330 (SoCs with NEC V30 CPU cores, manufacturing continued by Amphus)[13]
  • SiS (sold its Vortex86 line to DM&P)
  • Intersil (x86 line, that is up to 80286 compatible, discontinued)
  • VAutomation[14] - offered synthesizable x86 cores, in particular the Turbo 186, that has been implemented in ASICs from numerous vendors, e.g.[15]

Open source x86 cores[edit]

  • ao486[18] open source FPGA implementation of the 486SX (currently targets the Terasic Altera DE2-115)
  • S80186[19] open source 80186 compatible FPGA implementation
  • Zet open source 80186 compatible FPGA implementation targeting the Xilinx ML403 and Altera DE1

x86-SoCs for mobile devices[edit]

Manufacturing-only of x86-processors designed by others[edit]

  • GlobalFoundries (manufactures processors for AMD)
  • IBM (manufactures processors for ZF Micro and VIA; discontinued production for NexGen and Transmeta)
  • TSMC (manufactures processors for AMD and VIA; discontinued production for Transmeta)
  • Fujitsu (manufactures processors for VIA; manufactured processors for Transmeta)

In the past:

  • UMC (manufactured processors for Rise, SiS, ALi, ULi and Nvidia; discontinued x86 production)
  • National Semiconductor (manufactured processors for ZF Micro; discontinued x86 production)
  • DEC (manufactured 486 processors for AMD; discontinued x86 production)[20]

Manufactured and sold under its own name of x86-processors designed by others[edit]

Early Intel x86 CPU designs (up to the 80286) have in the past been second-sourced by the following manufacturers under licence from Intel:[21][22]

Manufacturer 8086/8088 80186/80188 80286 Notes
AMD Yes Yes Yes Later developed independent x86 CPU designs.
Fujitsu Yes Yes Yes
Harris Corporation Yes No Yes
IBM No No Yes
Intersil Yes No Yes Continued to manufacture x86 CPUs after being spun off from Harris in 1999.
Matra Harris Semiconductors (MHS) Yes No No Joint venture between Harris and Matra.
Matsushita Yes No No
Mitsubishi Yes No No
NEC Yes No No Later developed independent x86 CPU designs.
OKI Yes No No
Rochester Electronics (REI) Yes Yes Yes Manufactures other vendors' end-of-lifed chips under licence, on a built-to-order basis.
Siemens Yes Yes Yes

Manufacturers that have served as second sources for other x86 CPUs include:

Manufacturer Second source of
Sharp NEC V20/V30
Sony NEC V20/V30
Zilog NEC V20/V30
IBM Cyrix 486, 5x86, 6x86, 6x86MX
SGS-Thomson Cyrix 486, 5x86, 6x86
Texas Instruments Cyrix 486
Rochester Electronics AMD Élan SC300[23]


Vendor Product Line Description
Montage Jintide Pairs Intel Skylake Xeon CPU cores with specially-designed I/O tracing and analysis chips to help provide improved security. Made as a multi-chip module, mainly for use in Chinese servers.[24][25][26]
Hygon Dhyana AMD/Chinese joint venture, making CPUs based on AMD Zen1 with some modifications for the Chinese market.[27]
MCST Elbrus 2000 Russian VLIW processor family, designed to run x86 code using dynamic binary translation.
Space Electronics Inc. / Maxwell 80386DXRP Intel 386 CPUs repackaged in special radiation-hardened packages for use in space.[28][29]
Kombinat Mikroelektronik Erfurt U80601 East Germany 80286 clone, made in 1989-1990.
Eagle Memories,[30]
486DLC OEM rebranded variants of Cyrix 486DLC CPUs.

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