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Cover of the first DVD compilation from xxxHolic released by Funimation Entertainment.

The anime series xxxHolic and its sequels are based on Clamp's manga series with the same name and were developed by Production I.G.[1] It revolves around Kimihiro Watanuki, a high-school student disturbed by his ability to see the supernatural. He meets Yūko Ichihara, a powerful witch, who owns a wish-granting shop. Watanuki requests to have his ability to see spirits removed and as payment, Yūko hires him to work in the shop, resulting in his encounter with various supernatural adventures.

The first season of anime television series adaptation of xxxHolic began airing on Tokyo Broadcasting System on April 6, 2006 in Japan and ended on September 28, 2006, with 24 episodes in total.[2][3] Both the film and the anime series are directed by Tsutomu Mizushima. Ageha Ohkawa, Clamp's director and main scriptwriter, is executive producer of the TV series.[1] The second season, xxxHolic: Kei (xxxHOLiC◆継, Horikku: Kei, literally "xxxHolic: Sequel"), began airing on TBS on April 3, 2008 in Japan and ended on June 26, 2008, with 13 episodes in total.[4][5] The main staff and cast remains the same as in the first season.[6] The first season's episodes were also collected in eight DVD volumes published between July 26, 2007 and February 21, 2008,[7][8] while two DVD boxes were released on August 25, 2010 and October 27, 2010.[9][10] The second season was released in seven DVD volumes between June 25, 2008 and December 17, 2008,[11][12] while a second season DVD box was released in Japan only on January 26, 2011.[13]

The first season was licensed by Funimation Entertainment in July 2007.[14] A total of six DVDs were released between March 25, 2008 and October 21, 2008 featuring the first season's episodes,[15][16] while a DVD box of the first season was released on July 28, 2009.[17] On January 26, 2009, the series made its North American debut on the Funimation Channel.[18]

A two-DVD original video animation (OVA), titled xxxHOLiC Shunmuki (xxxHOLiC 春夢記, literally "xxxHOLiC Spring Dreams Chronicle") was also released. The first DVD for this OVA was released on February 17, 2009 with the 14th volume of the Japanese manga. The second one was released alongside volume 15 on June 26, 2009.[19] Another OVA titled xxxHolic Rō (×××HOLiC・籠, literally "xxxHolic Cage") was shipped with the 17th volume of the xxxHolic manga on April 23, 2010.[20][21] A direct sequel OVA titled xxxHolic: Rō Adayume (×××HOLiC・籠 あだゆめ, literally "xxxHolic Cage Selfish Dream") was released in March 9. 2011,[22] and was included with the nineteenth volume from the manga.[23]


This season uses three musical themes: one opening theme and two ending themes. "19sai" (19才)" by Shikao Suga is used as the opening theme. The endings are "Reason" by Fonogenico for the first thirteen episodes and "Kagerou" (蜉蝣, Kagerō) by BUCK-TICK for the following ones.

# Title Original airdate
01"The Inevitable"
Transcription: "Hitsuzen" (Japanese: ヒツゼン)
April 6, 2006 (2006-04-06)
Watanuki Kimihiro has been able to see spirits ever since he was small. One day Watanuki's life changes completely when he meets Yūko for the first time. Watanuki is given a job at Yūko's shop, paying off his debt. Mokona, Maru and Moro all make their first appearance in this episode.
Transcription: "Kyogen" (Japanese: キョゲン)
April 13, 2006 (2006-04-13)
A client seeks Yūko's aid because she has problems with her right little finger; Yūko tells her that it is happening because of a bad habit of hers. Watanuki learns more about Yūko while becoming the shop's cook. Himawari and Dōmeki both make their first appearance in this episode.
Transcription: "Enzeru" (Japanese: エンゼル)
April 20, 2006 (2006-04-20)
Himawari asks for Yūko's help to solve a series of mysterious incidents occurring at the school, involving a game called angel. Yūko meets Himawari, and Watanuki is forced to work with Dōmeki. Dōmeki begins to learn about his true nature.
04"Fortune Telling"
Transcription: "Uranai" (Japanese: ウラナイ)
April 27, 2006 (2006-04-27)
Yūko decides to show Watanuki what a real Diviner can do. Watanuki learns more about Yūko's powers, while his past is explained. The important butterfly symbolism found throughout the series is also explained.
05"Game of Letters"
Transcription: "Shiritori" (Japanese: シリトリ)
May 4, 2006 (2006-05-04)
Watanuki encounters an uncommon oden shop in the middle of the night, while engaging in a dangerous task with Mokona's aid. Watanuki meets the fox family and later gives the little fox an arrow of virtue. The full moon brings new life to Yūko's shop.
Transcription: "Tandeki" (Japanese: タンデキ)
May 11, 2006 (2006-05-11)
Yūko takes Watanuki shopping and then they visit Yūko's customer, a housewife who wants to cure her addiction to the internet. Even though the housewife wants to quit, she lacks the willpower and starts using the internet again. Yūko returns with Watanuki and paints the word Zantetsuken (iron-cutting sword) on a red baseball bat then cuts the housewife’s computer in half.
Transcription: "Ajisai" (Japanese: アジサイ)
May 18, 2006 (2006-05-18)
A rain sprite, named Ame-warashi, seeks Yūko's help to save a friend of hers. Ame-warashi directes Watanuki and Dōmeki to a huge Hydrangea bush. Watanuki is drawn into the Hydrangea and finds a human girl who died a year ago, but is caught between the living and the dead. Dōmeki helps expose the body so that she can be laid to rest. This releases the Hydrangea from her curse, which was the aim of Ame-warashi.
Transcription: "Keiyaku" (Japanese: ケイヤク)
May 25, 2006 (2006-05-25)
During a clean-up of Yūko's treasure warehouse, a new practice teacher in Watanuki's school is attracted to a decorative container with something inside. Yūko gives it to her with a warning not to open it. The container accidentally opens revealing a monkey's paw. The teacher uses it to make wishes, but it eventually leads to her downfall and the monkey's paw choking her to death.
09"Pinky Promise"
Transcription: "Yubikiri" (Japanese: ユビキリ)
June 1, 2006 (2006-06-01)
Yūko receives a pipe fox as payment from Ame-warashi. Another client arrives at the shop having problems with her right little finger and Yūko tells her that it is happening because of a bad habit of hers. Watanuki and Dōmeki Follow her and find that she has made promises of faithfulness to many boyfriends, but she is finally exposed when they all meet.
Transcription: "Tomoshibi" (Japanese: トモシビ)
June 8, 2006 (2006-06-08)
Yūko decides to arrange a meeting to tell ghost stories with Watanuki and his friends. Watanuki, Dōmeki and Himawari are invited to the meeting and are told to prepare a ghost story and share it during the meeting. Yūko explains Watanuki’s ability to see and attract spirits and Dōmeki’s ability to drive them away.
Transcription: "Kokuhaku" (Japanese: コクハク)
June 15, 2006 (2006-06-15)
Watanuki and Dōmeki encounter a girl in a park, who is really a vestal sprite, named Zashiki-warashi. She accidentally steals Dōmeki's soul while taking an ohagi from within him for an Obon gift. Watanuki goes after her to get it back and Yūko provides a giant bird for him to chase her. When Watanuki catches her, she confesses that she took it as an Obon present for him.
12"Summer Shade"
Transcription: "Natsukage" (Japanese: ナツカゲ)
June 22, 2006 (2006-06-22)
It's summer and the gang decides to spend some days in a house by the beach. Watanuki continues to refuse to ask Dōmeki for help. He encounters the ghost of a woman who’d been locked inside still lurking within the house. Watanuki then discovers it was an elaborate plan by Yūko to use him and Dōmeki to free her spirit.
Transcription: "Henbō" (Japanese: ヘンボウ)
June 29, 2006 (2006-06-29)
Watanuki notices a pair of wings started to grow from the back of a classmate. When he brings home a feather Yūko warns him not to become bait. As the wings on the girl’s back grow bigger, her personality changes and she becomes unkind. Eventually she attacks Watanuki, but Dōmeki and the pipe fox intervene, and the pipe fox destroys the wings parasite that was controlling her. Yūko explains that the parasite will only inhabit certain susceptible people.
Transcription: "Fūin" (Japanese: フウイン)
July 6, 2006 (2006-07-06)
Yūko and Watanuki encounter a pair of twin sisters with different characters while on a shopping trip. Watanuki meets one sister again and helps her search for a lost contact lens. Watanuki and Dōmeki meet the other sister in a burger restaurant and they go on a double date but Watanuki has a strange feeling about the shy older sister. During a scary movie she starts to bleed for no apparent reason.
Transcription: "Kaihō" (Japanese: カイホウ)
July 13, 2006 (2006-07-13)
Following the incident where the older twin started bleeding, Watanuki is conflicted over whether to see the twins again. He thinks over the information about the effect of waves and chains of words Yūko told him. He encourages the shy older sister to be more positive, but when she does, her younger sister undermines her confidence. Yūko grants her wish to change, and she finally gains the confidence to improve her life.
Transcription: "Saikai" (Japanese: サイカイ)
July 20, 2006 (2006-07-20)
In order to make the pipe fox revert to its original small form, Yūko sends it and Watanuki to a mystical mountain, but they have no way of returning home. He meets Zashiki-warashi again and she explains that he arrived via Kochuuten (Vase Middle Heaven) to Reizan (Spirit Mountain). He gives here a present of hair-clips that he bought earlier and she shows him the way back home.
Transcription: "Jishō" (Japanese: ジショウ)
July 27, 2006 (2006-07-27)
Watanuki sees a Nurie, a friend of his, deliberately fall in front of a motorcycle and she is taken to hospital. He takes her flowers but she throws them back. It appears that she has a habit of doing things one is not supposed to do. Yūko explains that she does these things to avoid happiness because of an event in the past. Watanuki takes her to the shop and Yūko gives her a pair of cheap glasses saying that wearing them will stop her negative behaviour. The glasses help her to change.
18"Ground Cherry"
Transcription: "Hōzuki" (Japanese: ホオズキ)
August 3, 2006 (2006-08-03)
While cleaning Yūko’s warehouse, Watanuki encounters Akari, a cat-woman carrying a paper lantern. She appears every year at this time. She gives Watanuki the "ground cherry" lantern and disappears. Yūko tells Watanuki and Dōmeki to attend a celebration with the lantern. They join a procession of monsters, all holding similar lanterns and arrive at a giant blossoming tree. Watanuki lets go of the lantern and they are recognised as humans. The Monsters chase them, but they are helped by the Karatsutengu of Ame-warashi but still cannot escape. At the last minute, they are saved by the little fox to whom Watanuki gave the arrow of virtue. The tree fills the lantern with nectar which is why Yūko sent them on the dangerous errand.
Transcription: "Rifujin" (Japanese: リフジン)
August 10, 2006 (2006-08-10)
Yūko invites Watanuki, Dōmeki and Himawari to the park. They arrive and see Mokona, Ame-warashi and Zashiki-warashi. Yūko appears and tells them to make a snowman and then start a snowball fight. The winner can open a treasure box and make a wish. The snowmen come to life and have interesting snowball fight. Watanuki eventually wins, but Yūko tricks him at the last minute, and he ends up serving them all dinner and beer.
Transcription: "Aganai" (Japanese: アガナイ)
August 31, 2006 (2006-08-31)
A desperate customer seeks Yūko's help because she is being haunted by a strange photo that she can't get rid of. Yūko keeps the photo but it resists a frame to contain it, and changes showing the woman pushing a rival off a cliff. Yūko agrees to destroy the photo, but the payment is high. If the woman ever appears in any recording medium again, the moving image showing the event will return.
21"Nail Clipper"
Transcription: "Tsumekiri" (Japanese: ツメキリ)
September 7, 2006 (2006-09-07)
Watanuki wears his new shoes at night and Yūko reminds him of the old superstition but Watanuki says he doesn’t believe in them. The then sleeps after eating a big meal, and Dōmeki reminds him of the superstition the person will become a cow after doing that. Watanuki starts feeling ill and having visions about being a cow, but still thinks superstitions are just cautionary tales. After he clips his nails at night, against Yūko's advice, he is threatened by giant scissors, Yūko saves him. He says that he stopped believing superstitions after his parents died, but that he might believe in them again now.
Transcription: "Yūwaku" (Japanese: ユウワク)
September 14, 2006 (2006-09-14)
Watanuki is given time off as Yūko is away for a while. He meets a beautiful woman passing Yūko;s house. At school Dōmeki tells Watanuki to wear the pipe fox. Watanuki befriends the woman who lost her young son hoping to soothe her loneliness. Watanuki starts feeling ill, and Dōmeki reminds him to wear the pipe fox in case of spirits. He continues to see the woman and his sickness worsens. He speaks with Yūko on the phone who warns him about the woman. Watanuki starts coughing blood and collapses.
Transcription: "Sentaku" (Japanese: センタク)
September 21, 2006 (2006-09-21)
Dōmeki takes care Watanuki who is very sick, however as he has more encounters with the mysterious woman, his condition worsens. Finally, Dōmeki decides to intervene. He shoots the woman with an imaginary arrow and frees her from her sadness and Watanuki from her influence. Watanuki’s health recovers and Yūko advises him to think about his attitude towards Dōmeki.
Sidestory (24)"Reminiscence"
Transcription: "Tsuioku" (Japanese: ツイオク)
September 28, 2006 (2006-09-28)
On April 1st, his birthday, Watanuki reminisces about his childhood, when other students thought him strange because he could see things that they could not. Then he met another boy who had the same ability who saved him from spirit hands and they became friends. On Watanuki's birthday, and the day of the Junior High enrollment ceremony, They planned to meet, but Watanuki was confronted by many spirit hands. His friend saved him again, but revealed that he was the spirit of a boy who died seven years ago must now leave to join the spirit world. His thoughts are interrupted by the arrival of Yūko, Dōmeki and Himawari who bring food for his birthday, except it's Watanuki who has to prepare it.

xxxHolic: Kei[edit]

The opening theme is "NOBODY KNOWS" by Shikao Suga and the ending theme is "Honey Honey" by Seamo.

# Title Original airdate
01"Spider (Spiderweb)"
Transcription: "Kumo no Su" (Japanese: 蜘蛛 クモノス)
April 3, 2008 (2008-04-03)
Watanuki meets Doumeki at the temple where he lives. While helping Doumeki clean the yard, Watanuki damages a large spider web hanging from a tree. Doumeki clears the spider web away. The next day, Doumeki cannot open his right eye, which is covered in a substance similar to a spider web. Watanuki turns to Yūko, who explains that the spider, whose web Doumeki cleared away, has taken its revenge by taking something of similar value, Doumeki's eye. Watanuki feels that the spider's grudge should be directed at him, even when Yuuko points out that grudges aren't reasonable. That night, Doumeki goes outside and is engulfed by a strong wind which removes the web restoring his right eye. The next morning, Watanuki comes to school with a bandage over his right eye. When Doumeki later rips it off, it is shown that Watanuki's right eye has become blank and lost its vision which angers Doumeki. After school, Watanuki stops at the temple to deliver a book for Himawari and sees that Doumeki is carrying a large number of old books about reversing spells and lifting curses. When he tells Yuuko, she says that Doumeki is trying to lift the spider's curse himself.
02"Left Eye"
Transcription: "Hidarime" (Japanese: 左眸 ヒダリメ)
April 10, 2008 (2008-04-10)
Later that evening, Watanuki unexpectedly drops in on Doumeki's storeroom with food he made which he insists are simply leftovers. Doumeki is irreverent, causing Watanuki to flare up. When Doumeki tells Watanuki to go home due to the late hour and to the increased risk of encountering ghosts, Watanuki insists on staying and helping Doumeki with his research. Through an accident on Watanuki's part, Doumeki finds a hidden book written by his grandfather. Doumeki finds a spell for getting back an eye stolen by a spider, but before he can read it fully, Himawari’s book comes alive. The kanji on the page form a snake-like creature, which jumps onto Doumeki's grandfather's book and starts to consume the writing. Watanuki stops Doumeki from confronting the creature, just as Yuuko suddenly appears in the storeroom. Yuuko feeds the four mystic wards protecting the storeroom to the creature which is then bound up in a ball of string. Yuuko warns Watanuki that he must get his sight back soon. On the way home from school, the Karatsu-tengu of Ame-warashi ask him to take them to Yuuko’s to seek her in help in freeing Zashiki-warashi. She agrees and sends Watanuki and the pipe fox with them to free her.
03"Friend's Half (Half)"
Transcription: "Hanbun" (Japanese: 朋分 ハンブン)
April 17, 2008 (2008-04-17)
Watanuki with the pipe fox and the Karatsu-tengu arrive at the place where Zashiki-warashi is being held prisoner. The pipe fox changes form and breaks the barrier to the building. Watanuki and the pipe fox struggle through a miasma and eventually find Zashiki-warashi inside, bound by a spider’s web. He meets a woman in a large web who has the essence of his right eye. Her name is Jurougumo, and she presides over spiders. Zashiki-warashi went to get it from her for Watanuki but was captured instead. Watanuki and the pipe fox manage to rescue Zashiki-warashi but Jurougumo swallows the essence of his right eye and escapes. Meanwhile Ame-warashi is visiting Yuuko who reassures her that Watanuki and Zashiki-warashi are OK. As Watanuki recovers at Yuuko’s house, she offers him half of the essence of Doumeki’s right eye. He swallows it and his right eye returns but us green instead of blue. She says everyone is connected in some way and any action has an effect on those close to them and that no-one is ever truly alone, even if they think so. The next time Watanuki sees Doumeki he gives him a large bento box, then berates him for being ungrateful. He doesn’t thank Doumeki for helping to restore his vision.
Transcription: "Yumekai" (Japanese: 夢買 ユメカイ)
April 24, 2008 (2008-04-24)
Watanuki describes a dream involving Mokona and the eggplant with Himawari, leading to a discussion of their dreams. Watanuki later experiences the dreams of Himawari and Doumeki, when he is chased by a monster and saved by Doumeki's grandfather on a horse. Yūko says that he bought the dream from Himawari because he gave her a gift. She says that he will have to sell it to a Dream Buyer. He and Yūko later sell the arrow which Domeki's grandfather had used to shoot the Dream Buyer, a creature dealing in dreams and items that come from dreams.
05"Affinity (Kohane)"
Transcription: "Kohane" (Japanese: 由縁 コハネ)
May 1, 2008 (2008-05-01)
While on a picnic with Himawari and Doumeki, Watanuki meets Kohane Tsuyuri, the little girl who is a famous medium and has appeared on TV. Her mother warns Watanuki to stay away from her, but the girl senses that they have something in common. Yuuko tells Watanuki that she is genuine and that they have similar abilities. The next day Doumeki tells Watanuki that he saw the girl with the eye he gave to him. Watanuki sees her again at the cherry blossom tree in the temple grounds and they both see the ghost of a woman who haunts the tree. They understand that the ghost is sustaining the old tree and keeping it alive. They decide to help and lead her to Doumeki's temple. They agree to become friends and part. Kohane goes home, but her relationship with her mother is strained as her mother is exploiting Kohane’s abilities for money.
06"Peace (Konohana)"
Transcription: "Konohana" (Japanese: 平和 コノハナ)
May 8, 2008 (2008-05-08)
At Doumeki's place, Watanuki plays mahjong with Yūko, Mokona, and Doumeki. Watanuki loses badly because he doesn’t know how to play. Ame-warashi and Zashiki-warashi arrive and try to help Watanuki, but he still loses. As the game comes to an end, the spirit of the woman who haunted the cherry tree smiles and departs. Yūko tells Doumeki that for some people, the sound of clacking mahjong is said to bring good fortune.
07"Water Cat (Water-Drawing)"
Transcription: "Mizukumi" (Japanese: 水猫 ミズクミ)
May 15, 2008 (2008-05-15)
The Neko-Musume (cat-girl) asks Yūko to lend her Watanuki for a job: Watanuki is to draw water from a well in exchange for an egg. To access the well, Watanuki is forced to trespass into a private garden of a house and notices a woman sitting motionless at a high window. When he returns for more water with Doumeki, the woman’s position is unchanged. Watanuki establishes that the woman is not a spirit, because Doumeki can see her with his normal eye. Later, Watanuki 'pinky-promises' Himawari that he won't overwork himself. When he next collects water, his little finger hurts and the wrapper of his water container is blown into the window of the woman in the house. Doumeki and Watanuki enter the empty and silent house. Doumeki and Watanuki find the woman, who falls inert to the floor in a gust of wind. Watanuki assumes she's a doll. Yūko appears and asks Doumeki who says that it is a corpse. Watanuki protests that a corpse would have putrefied in the summer heat, but Doumeki points out that, according to his grandfather, corpses of the modern age do not rot because of the preservatives people consume. Meanwhile the Neko-Musume retrieves a dead kitten from the almost-emptied well. As she leaves, she comments on the miasma around Watanuki's little finger. This indicates that something is strange about Himawari.
08"Ring (Whisper)"
Transcription: "Sasayaki" (Japanese: 鈴音 ササヤキ)
May 22, 2008 (2008-05-22)
A girl claiming her house is filled with scary and strange noises seeks Yūko's aid to remove her fear of the house. Yūko gives her a bell to ring, but it makes the noises worse. Two bells have a similar effect. Yūko gives her more and more bells, but the girl says they don’t work. Watanuki is concerned but Yūko says the problem will end that night. Later, in a dream, Watanuki is visited by Doumeki’s grandfather, Haruka, and together they go to the girl’s house. There they observe both a young couple and the girl who cannot see each other, but hear the noise of each other’s presence. Watanuki realises that the girl is a ghost. He then hears that she will be exorcised by Kohane Tsuyuri, and be forced to leave the house. This will fulfil her wish as Yūko predicted, but not in the way he originally expected.
Transcription: "Fūhyō" (Japanese: 流噂 フウヒョウ)
May 29, 2008 (2008-05-29)
After learning that Kohane is being harassed by the public as many believe her powers are a fraud, Watanuki and Doumeki pay a visit to her with a basket of food. The house has been covered with graffiti. Kohane appears, but is injured from a fall at the TV station where she was pushed down stairs. While eating, Kohane's mother arrives home, in an angry mood and throws hot tea at Watanuki, burning him. Kohane's mother forces her to go on another TV show with other spiritual seers. All the other seers see the same vision of the ghost of a soldier in a haunted house, but Kohane see a woman too. The other seers reject her vision, and she is criticised by the public.
10"No Return (Awareness)"
Transcription: "Kizuki" (Japanese: 不戻 キヅキ)
June 5, 2008 (2008-06-05)
Tired of seeing Kohane being harassed by the media and mistreated by her own mother, Watanuki takes her to the shop. She spends a day with them but returns home the next day. Kohane releases the female spirit from the haunted house, and human remains are found, confirming her vision. She becomes respected again by the fickle media and public, however her mother announces Kohane's retirement and they leave their house. Some time later Watanuki sees Kohane at the tree where they first met, and she reassures him the she is well, and her mother is no longer cross with her.
11"Secret (Alone)"
Transcription: "Hitori" (Japanese: 秘事 ヒトリ)
June 12, 2008 (2008-06-12)
Watanuki's little finger continues to hurt and he becomes more suspicious of Himawari. In the following day, he drops and breaks a cup because of his finger. Yūko says that Himawari may not be his lady luck. That night he meets Doumeki’s grandfather, Haruka in a dream and discusses the situation with him. Haruka says to stay with Doumeki. The next day Himawari taps him on the back and he accidentally falls out of the window at school when a window gives way. While unconscious, he starts to follow his dead parents, but Haruka pulls him back. A messenger from Yūko takes him to the shop where he eventually regains consciousness. Himawari is there and, before he finishes asking her about the accidents, she reveals that she already knows about them.
Transcription: "Hontō" (Japanese: 真実 ホントウ)
June 19, 2008 (2008-06-19)
Himawari reveals to Watanuki that even though she is human, accidents can happen to anyone around her except her parents. She realises that she should never see Watanuki again, but he resists a farewell. They agree to see each other soon. Yūko tells him that the price to remove bad luck from Himawari is too high to pay. She reveals that Doumeki and Himawari paid the price for saving his life and because of their wishes, they have become her clients. Yūko will not tell him the price they paid – Doumeki gave his blood and Himawari took his scars. Yūko gives Watanuki the egg given to her by Neko-Musume from which hatches a little yellow bird. Yūko says that if he gives it to Himawari, that no harm will befall it and she can finally have a close friend without fear of bad luck affecting them.
Transcription: "O-kaeshi" (Japanese: 報恩 オカエシ)
June 26, 2008 (2008-06-26)
The little fox wanted to thank Watanuki so he offered him fox oden. While on a shopping trip with Yūko, Watanuki meets a small creature, Thunder Beast Raiju who controls lightning. Raiju fixes their broken refrigerator and other appliances in return for bring rescued from an electronics shop. Raiju and the gang take a trip to visit the Fox oden shop owner and Watanuki takes a gift for the little fox. Neko-Musume , Ame-warashi and Zashiki-warashi also arrive for the feast which continues into the night.

xxxHolic Shunmuki[edit]

The opening theme of episode 1 is "Sofa" by Shikao Suga and the ending theme is "Cherish" by Azu. The opening theme of episode 2 is "Adayume" (あだゆめ, literally "Selfish Dream") by Shikao Suga and the ending theme is "Gomenne." (ごめんね。, literally "I'm Sorry") by Tiara.[24]

# Title Original airdate
01"First Part"
Transcription: "Zenpen" (Japanese: 前編)
February 17, 2009 (2009-02-17)
Watanuki and Dōmeki enjoy meal and drinks with the fortune teller, where Kohane is staying. There, it's explained that everyone changes with every meeting they experience with others, and that all four there, and even Yūko, have changed from meeting Watanuki. Later on, Haruka and Watanuki meet in a dream, in which Haruka asks Watanuki to look for something in the temple's storeroom. However, as they look around, they seemed to have stepped into the realm within the book by accident.
02"Last Part"
Transcription: "Kōhen" (Japanese: 後編)
June 23, 2009 (2009-06-23)
Watanuki and Dōmeki continue to search for the four items that Haruka requested. There is a notable change in Watanuki, as he acts like he appreciates Dōmeki for once. Watanuki manages to find and unlock the items as Haruka had requested, which leads to an encounter with someone close to him. Later, Watanuki finds Yūko and vows to grant her wish.

xxxHolic Rō[edit]

The ending theme is "Kaze Nagi" (風なぎ, literally "Calmed Wind") by Shikao Suga.

# Title Original airdate
(Japanese: )
April 23, 2010 (2010-04-23)
Watanuki finds Yūko being swallowed by shadows from the Dream World, as she states her death was halted a long time ago and thanks to two people's decision, she is able to pass on. Upon dying, Yūko tells Watanuki her wish is for him to go on existing. Several years later, Watanuki has become the new proprietor of Yūko's shop, taking care of Maru, Moro and Mokona. Domeki has taken a position at a university to study folklore while also assisting Watanuki and Kohane has become a student at the same university studying under Domeki. Due to Domeki's position, a series of events have occurred that requires Watanuki's services. As part of the request, Watanuki hears a recording from a girl that says "I'm back Watanuki" with Yūko's voice. Watanuki proceeds to rewind and re-listen to it as the screen fades to black and he finally replies "Welcome home, Yūko".
02"Rō Adayume"
(Japanese: 籠・あだゆめ)
March 9, 2011 (2011-03-09)[25]
Haruka, Domeki's grandfather, asks Watanuki to investigate Dōmeki's dreams. Once in the dreams, Watanuki starts seeing their adventures from Domeki's point of view. As he gets to the part where Yuko gave Dōmeki his magical egg, shadows within the dream start attacking Watanuki. He is able to destroy them, thus completing the task Haruka had set. When he meets back up with Haruka afterwards, Haruka comments how he always protected Dōmeki and knew of the problems occurring within his grandson's dreams. Accepting Haruka's constant teachings as his payment, Watanuki leaves the dreamworld wondering about what Yuko told Dōmeki when giving him the egg. Later, Watanuki meets with Dōmeki, and their conversation tells you more of what happened to the group after they came of age.



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