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This is a timeline of aviation history, and a list of more detailed aviation timelines. The text in the diagram are clickable links to articles.


Solar Impulse Airbus A380 Space Ship One Antonov An-225 Scaled Composites Voyager Gossamer Albatross Concorde SR-71 Blackbird Apollo 11 Vostok 1 Boeing 707 Sputnik 1 Space Race De Havilland Comet Sound barrier V-2 rocket Battle of Taranto Battle of Britain The Blitz World War II He 178 Hindenburg disaster Charles Lindbergh First aerial circumnavigation Fokker F.IV Chalk's Ocean Airways Alcock and Brown Curtiss NC-4 Aviation in World War I Coanda-1910 Louis Blériot Santos-Dumont Demoiselle Short Brothers 14-bis Wright Flyer III Wright Flyer First flying machine Zeppelin Otto Lilienthal Ader Éole Hiram Stevens Maxim Airship John J. Montgomery Sir George Cayley John Stringfellow Sir George Cayley Sir George Cayley

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