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Yoga, rather than being the name for a singular lineage or even a specific practice, is a bracket term that covers a number of methodologies, each with a number of schools. Within the major branches of yoga such as haṭha, lāya, rāja, jñāna, and bhakti there are many different schools and lineages, both extant and defunct. Since the late 19th century, a great number of distinct new styles of "Yoga" have been introduced by individual teachers. There are also a number of schools and traditions that are occasionally referred to as yoga or yogic for their similar practices despite having no foundation in the Indian tradition such as Shin Shin Tōitsu-dō, and Daoyin.

Modern Hinduism and Neo-Hindu revival[edit]

The term "Yoga" has been used for various philosophies and concepts in the context of Hindu revivalism and Neo-Hindu religious and philosophical movements.

Modern Postural Yoga Schools[edit]

India is home to thousands of yoga schools which were founded over the last century to further the cause of teaching the ancient Indian art. Below are some that have acquired a name in India for yoga teacher training programs:

Eclectic styles[edit]

These are partially derived from concepts of Hatha yoga. Some of these yoga styles are gain popularity amongst West audience:

Yoga in other religious traditions[edit]

With the widespread reception of the concept of "Yoga" in the west, the term has also been transferred to similar systems of meditation and exercise which are not of Indian origin. However, these yoga concepts don't have the global reach of other popular yoga forms


1 - Samatva Yogalaya 2 - Tattvaa Yogashala 3 - Vishwa Shanti Yoga School 4 - Shobhana Yog Sadan