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This is a list of youngest fathers on record, between 9 and 14 years of age.

Age 9[edit]

Date Father Age of father Mother Country Description
1910 Unidentified 9 years 8-year-old China They are the youngest recorded parents, in combined age.[1]

Age 10[edit]

Date Father Age of father Mother Country Description
2020 Unidentified 10 years 13-year-old Russia [2]

Age 11[edit]

Date Father Age of father Mother Country Description
2012 Unidentified 11 years 36-year-old New Zealand [3]
2015 Alberto S. 11 years 16-year-old Mexico [4]

Age 12[edit]

Date Father Age of father Mother Country Description
January 1998 Sean Stewart 12 years 15-year-old next-door neighbor Emma Webster United Kingdom [5]
July 2010 Unidentified 12 years 10-year-old girlfriend Russia The boy's girlfriend, from a village near Kazan, Russia, became pregnant shortly before she was 10 and gave birth one month prematurely to a girl in Kazan.[6]
October 2014 Chris McBride 12 years 23-year-old nanny Marissa Mowry United States [7][8]
2017 Unidentified 12 years 16-year-old India [9]

Age 13[edit]

Date Father Age of father Mother Country Description
May 1984 Hal Warden 13 years 16-year-old friend Wendy Chappell United States Warden eventually had another child at the age of 15 when he married a 14-year old girl who he later divorced.[10][11]
May 1989 Shane Seyer 13 years 17-year-old babysitter Colleen Hermesmann United States [12]
May 1997 Vili Fualaau 13 years 34-year-old schoolteacher Mary Kay Letourneau United States [13]
1999 James Sutton 13 years 17-year-old girlfriend Sarah Drinkwater United Kingdom [14]
April 2000 Unidentified 13 years 8-year-old neighbor Anna "Anya" Russia Anya reached puberty at 7. A 13-year-old neighbor raped her. She gave birth in Rostov-on-Don to a girl.[15]
July 2006 Unidentified 13 years 10-year-old girlfriend Belgium A girl from Montigny-le-Tilleul gave birth in 2006 to a child fathered by her boyfriend and schoolmate. After she had begun gaining weight, her mother put her on a diet, but when the girl visited a doctor, it was discovered that she was nine months pregnant. News of the birth did not become publicly known until 2007.[16]
2009 Unidentified 13 years 14-year-old girlfriend United Kingdom [17]
2014 Unidentified 13 years 12-year-old girlfriend United Kingdom The couple hold the record for being the youngest parents in the United Kingdom.[18]

Age 14[edit]

Date Father Age of father Mother Country Description
2006 Nick Olivas 14 years 20-year-old United States [19]
February 2009 Tyler Barker 14 years 14-year-old Chantelle Steadman United Kingdom The father was initially reported to be Alfie Patten, a 13-year-old family friend.[20] It was later revealed, however, that Chantelle Steadman had multiple partners. A DNA test conducted in 2009 revealed that Tyler Barker, then 14 years-old - but 15 when DNA tested - was the biological father.[21][22]
2010 Nathan Fishbourne 14 years 14-year old girlfriend April Webster United Kingdom Fishbourne and Webster were the youngest parents in the United Kingdom until 2014.[18]

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