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This is a list of youngest fathers on record, all aged less than 15 years. Age is as of time of the child's birth, not at time of conception.


9 years old[edit]

Date Father Age of father Mother Country Description
1910 Unidentified 9 years 8-year-old China This father and mother are the youngest biological parents in combined age on record. They were farmers, with the surname Hsi, from Amoy, Fukien, and went on to marry and have four children.[1]

11 years old[edit]

Date Father Age of father Mother Country Description
2012 Unidentified 11 years 36-year-old New Zealand The woman was not charged with statutory rape due to the lack of laws criminalizing female sex offenders. The baby was placed in foster care.[2]
2015 Alberto S. 11 years 16-year-old Mexico [3]

12 years old[edit]

Date Father Age of father Mother Country Description
20 January 1998 Sean Stewart 12 years, 1 month 16-year-old next-door neighbor Emma Webster United Kingdom Stewart went on to have numerous run ins with law enforcement for drugs and petty theft. Is not part of his son’s life.[4]
October 2003 Unidentified 12 years 13-year-old girlfriend United States Both were charged with child sexual abuse in which the boy pled guilty whereas the girl’s conviction was vacated. Share parenting time with child.[5]
July 2010 Unidentified 12 years 10-year-old girlfriend Russia The boy's girlfriend, from a village near Kazan, Russia, became pregnant shortly before she was 10 and gave birth one month prematurely to a girl in Kazan.[6]
October 2014 Chris McBride 12 years 22-year-old nanny Marissa Mowry United States Impregnated Mowry at age 11 after being molested for several months. Mowry was sentenced to 20 years in prison for sexual battery. McBride and his mother have custody of child.[7][8]
2017 Unidentified 12 years 16-year-old India [9]

13 years old[edit]

Date Father Age of father Mother Country Description
May 1984 Hal Warden 13 years 16-year-old friend Wendy Chappell United States Warden eventually had another child at the age of 15 when he married a 14-year old girl who he later divorced.[10][11][12]
May 1989 Shane Seyer 13 years 17-year-old babysitter Colleen Hermesmann United States See Hermesmann v. Seyer.[13]
1995/96 Juan Manuel Fernández Montoya 13 years Unknown United States Later became a famous dancer under the name "El Farruquito."[14]
May 1997 Vili Fualaau 13 years 34-year-old schoolteacher Mary Kay Letourneau United States Letourneau was imprisoned twice for second-degree rape. The couple married in 2004 and divorced in 2019. She died in July 2020.[15]
1999 James Sutton 13 years 17-year-old girlfriend Sarah Drinkwater United Kingdom [16][better source needed]
April 2000 Unidentified 13 years 8-year-old neighbor Anna "Anya" Russia Anya reached puberty at 7. A 13-year-old neighbor raped her. She gave birth in Rostov-on-Don to a girl.[17]
2001 Dillian Whyte 13 years Unknown United Kingdom Whyte later became a professional boxer.[18][19][20]
13 July 2003 Mats Jonsson 13 years 15-year-old girlfriend Veronica Söderholm Sweden The couple hold the record for being the youngest parents in Sweden.[21]
2004/05 Paul Michael Dale Ford 13 years Unknown Isle of Man [22]
July 2006 Unidentified 13 years 10-year-old girlfriend Belgium A girl from Montigny-le-Tilleul gave birth in 2006 to a child fathered by her boyfriend and schoolmate. After she had begun gaining weight, her mother put her on a diet, but when the girl visited a doctor, it was discovered that she was nine months pregnant. News of the birth did not become publicly known until 2007.[23]
2009 Unidentified 13 years 14-year-old girlfriend United Kingdom [24]
October 2010 Gheorghe Mecic 13 years Elena Chiritescu, 10-year-old cousin and former fiancée Spain (originally from Romania Betrothed by their families, Chiritescu became pregnant before moving to Spain and gave birth to a girl. The couple later canceled their engagement.[25]
2014 Unidentified 13 years 12-year-old girlfriend United Kingdom The couple hold the record for being the youngest parents in the United Kingdom.[26]

14 years old[edit]

Date Father Age of father Mother Country Description
2008 Andrew Jones 14 years 16-year old girlfriend Aimee Blaxland Wales Jones and Blaxland were young parents from Wales, United Kingdom 2008.</ref>
1767/68 Salomon Maimon 14 years His wife, Sarah, a Jewish girl from Nyasvizh Grand Duchy of Lithuania Was married aged 11 or 12. Later became a renowned philosopher.[27]
1977/78 Glenn Stearns 14 years 17-year-old girl named Kathy United States Stearns later became a multimillionaire; his daughter, born when he was 14, works for him.[28][29]
1983 Dave 14 years Unknown United Kingdom A boy from Manchester. Had another baby two years later.[30]
1991/92 Jackson Adams 14 years Sharon Whitley 22yr United States Jackson and Sharon now have two sons and their last name's are Blaney, Jackson's Grandfather's name.
1997 Shem Davies 14 years Kelly, 14-year-old girlfriend United Kingdom Davies later became the youngest grandfather in the United Kingdom at age 29 when his daughter gave birth at age 14.[31]
1997 Dean Grey 14 years 19-year-old girlfriend United Kingdom [32]
Nick Olivas 14 years 20-year-old United States [33]
2006 Nick Olivas 14 years 20-year-old United States Was unaware of child’s existence until the girl was 10 when he was ordered to pay child support. Has visitations with his daughter and pays child support.[34]
Summer 2008 "Garry" 14 years 14-year-old girlfriend "Emma" Ireland [35]
February 2009 Tyler Barker 14 years 15-year-old Chantelle Steadman United Kingdom It was initially reported 13-year-old Alfie Patton was the father until it was revealed Steadman had multiple partners and a DNA test proved Barker as the father.[36]
May 15, 2010 Unidentified 14 years 9-year-old girlfriend Malaysia A 9-year-old Chinese girl from Penang, Malaysia gave birth to a healthy boy. No police report was made by the parents, who knew that the father was their 14-year-old neighbor.[37]
2011 Wesley Moraes Ferreira da Silva 14 years Unknown Brazil Wesley Moraes became a professional footballer in the Premier League.[38][39][40] Other accounts say that Wesley was 15 when he had his first child.[41][42]
2010 Nathan Fishbourne 14 years 14-year old girlfriend April Webster United Kingdom Fishbourne and Webster were the youngest parents in the United Kingdom until 2014.[26]
2014 Pontus Rosenborg 14 years 16-year-old girlfriend Fanny Ståhl Sweden [43]
2014 Raymond Winiata 14 years Unknown New Zealand Petty criminal.[44][45]
March 2017 Unidentified 14 years Mekenzie Guffey, 19-year-old girlfriend United States Guffey was arrested for statutory rape.[46]
January 2019 Unidentified 14 years 12-year-old stepsister Australia The girl became pregnant at age 11 and the police declined to file charges against the father, at the request of the family.[47]

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