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This is a list of zombie related novels that are notable themselves or by notable authors.

Novels and anthologies[edit]

Name Author Year Description
Autumn: Aftermath Moody, David 2012 The final book in the Autumn series
Autumn: The City Moody, David 2003 The second novel in the Autumn series begins by introducing new characters whose actions run concurrent with the action in the original novel, before uniting the two groups.
Autumn: Disintegration Moody, David 2011 A continuation of the Autumn series
Autumn: The Human Condition Moody, David 2005 A continuation of the Autumn series
Autumn: Purification Moody, David 2004 The third novel in the Autumn series revolves around a military bunker sealed off from the outside world.
The Awakening McBean, Brett 2012 A coming-of-age novel concerning a teenager's tumultuous summer as he deals with the joys and hardships of growing up, while learning about the value of freedom at the hands of a kind but cursed old man. Contains strong elements of traditional Haitian Vodou and zombies.
Blackout Grant, Mira 2011 Third novel in the Newsflesh series, following Deadline.
Bone Song Meaney, John 2008 In a world populated by humans alongside with zombies, ghosts and other mystical creatures, a human police officer falls in love with his superior, a beautiful zombie woman.
The Boy on the Bridge Carey, M.R. 2017 A prequel to The Girl with All the Gifts.
Breathers: A Zombie's Lament Browne, S. G. 2009 A dark, comedic take on zombies told from the point of view of a recently reanimated corpse.
Cell King, Stephen 2006 Anyone talking on a cell phone after a particular event becomes an aggressive, bloodthirsty zombie.[1]
City of the Dead Keene, Brian 2005 This is the official followup to The Rising. Demons possess the bodies of the dead, including animals. One man attempts to reach his son.
Conan the Defiant Perry, Steve 1987 One of Conan's companions, Tuanne, is a beautiful zombie; he is romantically interested in her.
The Dead Higson, Charlie 2010 A young adult novel. Adults over sixteen turn to zombies and young survivors battle against them.
Dead City McKinney, Joe 2006 Battered by five cataclysmic hurricanes in three weeks, the Texas Gulf Coast and half of the Lone Star state is reeling from the worst devastation in history. A deadly virus has broken out, returning the dead to life.
Dead of Night Maberry, Jonathan 2011 A prison doctor injects a condemned serial killer with a formula designed to keep his consciousness awake while his body rots in the grave. But all drugs have unforeseen side-effects. Before he could be buried, the killer wakes up. Hungry. Infected. Contagious. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang...but a bite.
Dead North: The Exile Book of Canadian Zombie Fiction Moreno-Garcia, Silvia (Editor) 2007 Collection of twenty short stories from various authors, including Gemma Files, Claude Lalumière, Simon Strantzas, and Richard Van Camp.
Dead Sea Keene, Brian 2007 A zombie apocalypse starts with undead rats emerging from Baltimore's sewers.
Deadline Grant, Mira 2011 Second novel in the Newsflesh series, following Feed and followed by Blackout.
Death Troopers Schreiber, Joe 2009 A story in the Star Wars universe about an Imperial prison ship stranded in space, encountering another ship crammed with the ship's crew, which have been turned into zombies due to a bio-weapon the ship was carrying.
The Decline Jessulat, Christopher 2017 A pocket of humanity struggles to survive in this novel set weeks after the "First Wave" of an unexplained infection swept the globe.
Die for Me Plum, Amy 2011 The main heroine befriends a group of revenant zombies who sacrifice their lives to save humans, and falls in love with one of them.
Dragon on a Pedestal Pierce, Anthony 1983 One of the protagonists is a zombie woman who falls in love with a human, and marries him at the end of the novel.
The Enemy Higson, Charlie 2009 A young adult novel. Surviving youngsters battle adults who have become zombies.
The End Higson, Charlie 2012 A post-apocalyptic young adult horror novel and the seventh book in a planned seven-book series, titled The Enemy.
The Fallen Higson, Charlie 2013 A post-apocalyptic young adult horror novel and the fifth book in a planned seven-book series, titled The Enemy.
The Fear Higson, Charlie 2011 A young adult novel. Surviving youths battle "mothers" and "fathers" who have fallen ill.
Feed Grant, Mira 2010 News reporters blogging in a world that has, in the main, survived a zombie apocalypse; first novel in the Newsflesh series, followed by Deadline.
Feedback Grant, Mira 2016 The fourth novel in the Newsflesh series, Feedback covers the same time period as Feed from the perspective of a different set of characters.
Fiend Stenson, Peter 2013 In this gritty novel, Chase, a meth addict, navigates an inexplicable zombie apocalypse.
The Forest of Hands and Teeth Ryan, Carrie 2009 Teen book. In a village generations after the zombie apocalypse a 16-year-old struggles with her town's religious rules until the village walls are breached and she is forced to flee into the woods.[2]
Friday the 13th: The Jason Strain Faust, Christa 2006 An attempt at replicating the immortality and healing factor of Jason Voorhees goes wrong, and results in a zombie plague.
Geeks vs. Zombies Higson, Charlie 2012 A companion short story book in The Enemy series portrays an exclusive scene from The Fear (2011), on World Book Day.
Generation Dead Waters, Daniel 2008 Teen book. In the present day, U.S. teens are randomly rising from the dead, and the country is in turmoil over the question of zombie civil rights.
The Girl with All the Gifts Carey, M.R. 2014 In a dystopian future, most of humanity is wiped out by a fungal infection. The infected quickly lose their mental powers and feed on the flesh of healthy humans. In 2017, Carey published a prequel, The Boy on the Bridge.
Handling the Undead Lindqvist, John Ajvide 2005 During a massive heatwave the unexplained resurrection of thousands of recently deceased people begins in Stockholm, Sweden. David, whose wife has recently died, has gone to the morgue to identify remains of his lost love only to find that she has begun to move. It's terrifying to David, but gives him a strange kind of hope.
Herbert West--Reanimator Lovecraft, H.P. 1921 Medical doctor invents a serum that re-animates corpses.
History is Dead: A Zombie Anthology Paffenroth, Kim (Editor) 2007 Twenty short stories by twenty different authors with zombies in alternate histories.
The Hunted Higson, Charlie 2014 A post-apocalyptic young adult horror novel and the sixth book in a planned seven-book series, titled The Enemy.
Husk Redekop, Corey 2012 A blackly humorous take on the genre, as an unwilling but terribly hungry zombie strives to continue his career as an actor.
Illuminatus! Shea, Robert and Wilson, Robert Anton 1976 In the third volume, Leviathan, opens with a rock festival on the shores of Lake Totenkopf in Bavaria. Unknown to all except the heroes and the villains, the bodies of an entire division of the Waffen-SS were interred on an underwater plateau supported by a "biomystical field" to maintain bodily integrity. At the climax of the festival, they will return to life as zombies, surface, and slaughter all 250,000 hippies at the festival.
Kiss of Life Waters, Daniel 2009 Teen book. Sequel to Generation Dead.
The Living Dead 2 Adams, John Joseph 2010 A collection of 44 short stories about zombies includes contributions by Max Brooks, Robert Kirkman, and David Wellington.
Midnight Tides Erikson, Steven 2004 One of the main characters is a zombie pirate woman who likes to seduce living men.
Monster Island Wellington, David 2006 In New York City, the dead walk the streets. From the other side of the planet, a small but heavily-armed group of schoolgirls-turned-soldiers comes in search of desperately needed medicine, with a former UN weapons inspector as their local guide.
Monster Nation Wellington, David 2006 A prequel to Monster Island where a sentient zombie tries to cure herself.
Monster Planet Wellington, David 2007 Sentient zombies are intent on taking over the world killing the living with a nuclear weapon.
Les morts ont marché Mathieu Fortin 2011 In Saint-Liconet, a zombie outbreak took place. To try finding who was the first living dead among the eight last suspects, you read interviews with witnesses, autopsy reports, and proofs analysis reports.
Necromancer Scott, Harper 2009 Sequel to Predators or Prey?. Monster hunter Wendy Markland fights zombies in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.
On the Far Side of the Cadillac Desert With Dead Folks Lansdale, Joe R. 1989 A bounty hunter chases his quarry in a land where the "dead folks" have re-animated due to a bacterium which has escaped a lab.
On Stranger Tides Powers, Tim 1988 Puppeteer John Chandagnac, who was sailing to Jamaica, has no choice but to join the buccaneers who have taken him prisoner. Blackbeard is assembling an empire of ruthless navy of pirates, living and undead, to voyage to the fabled Fountain of Youth. John, now known as Jack Shandy, tries to free himself from Blackbeard's deadly supernatural domination.
Patient Zero: A Joe Ledger Novel Maberry, Jonathan 2009 A radical Middle Eastern terrorist group plans to release a deadly bio-weapon on the American people.
Pontypool Changes Everything Burgess, Tony 1998 The dark side of humanity as an epidemic virus terrorizes the earth.
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Grahame-Smith, Seth 2009 Mashup combining Jane Austen's classic 1813 novel Pride and Prejudice with elements of modern zombie fiction.[3]
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls Hockensmith, Steve 2010 Prequel to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After Hockensmith, Steve 2011 Sequel to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.
Le protocole Reston Mathieu Fortin 2009 In the city of Trois-Rivières, a mutant Asian monster escapes from a boat and a zombie outbreak begins. The governments try to keep the story from the media while a high school teacher and his roommate try to survive to their zombie neighbour.
Raising Stony Mayhall Gregory, Daryl 2011 Set in 1968, after the first zombie apocalypse, the body of a teenage mother is discovered in the snow, clutching a dead baby. The dead child begins to grow.
The Reapers Are the Angels Bell, Alden 2010 Set twenty-five years after a massive zombie outbreak, the novel follows the travels of Temple, the young heroine.
Resident Evil: Caliban Cove Perry, S.D. 1998 A paramilitary force investigates an Umbrella cover facility.
Resident Evil: City of the Dead Perry, S.D. 1999 Adaptation of Resident Evil 2.
Resident Evil: Code Veronica Perry, S.D. 2001 Adaptation of Resident Evil Code: Veronica.
Resident Evil: Nemesis Perry, S.D. 2000 Adaptation of Resident Evil 3.
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy Perry, S.D. 1998 Adaptation of Resident Evil.
Resident Evil: Underworld Perry, S.D. 1999 A monster-creation lab is targeted for destruction.
Resident Evil: Zero Hour Perry, S.D. 2004 Adaption of Resident Evil 0.
The Rising Keene, Brian 2004 Demons possess the bodies of the dead, including animals. One man attempts to reach his son.
The Sacrifice Higson, Charlie 2012 A post-apocalyptic young adult horror novel and the fourth book in a planned seven-book series, titled The Enemy.
The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror Moore, Christopher 2004 In his inept attempt to bring "Santa" back to life, an angel causes the townspeople of Pine Cove to fall under siege by brain-hungry zombies who arise from their burial plots.
Undead Russo, John A. 2010 A novelization of Night of the Living Dead and a sequel called Return of the Living Dead.
The Undead: Zombie Anthology Snell, D. L. (Editor), Hall, Elijah (Editor), Shapiro, Eric (Contributor) 2005 Collection of 23 stories. Classic tales of survival in a world populated by the living dead as well as an array of unique takes on the zombie genre from authors including David Wellington and David Moody[4]
Under a Graveyard Sky Ringo, John 2013 The story of a family escaping a zombie epidemic in the US on a sailboat and the beginning of the process of finding survivors on the high seas as a prelude to retaking the mainland. Book one of the Black Tide Rising series.
The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor Kirkman, Robert and Bonasinga, Jay 2011 It depicts the journey of Philip Blake in the early days of the undead apocalypse to his eventual rise as "The Governor" of Woodbury.
The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury Kirkman, Robert and Bonasinga, Jay 2012 It follows the travails of Lilly Caul who finds herself coming in contact with the "Governor" of Woodbury, a refuge amongst the zombie apocalypse that is not what it seems. The second of a planned trilogy.
Warm Bodies Marion, Isaac 2010 R is a zombie who is a little different than his fellow Dead. He meets Julie Grigio, a Living girl, and ends up falling in love.
World War Z Brooks, Max 2007 An oral history told by many survivors of the start, during, and aftermath of the zombie apocalypse.[5][6]
Zom-B Shan, Darren 2012 Series of 13 books written from 2012-2016 for teenagers. When zombies attack B's school, B is forced on a mad dash through the serpentine corridors, making allegiances with anyone with enough guts to fight off their pursuers.
Zombie Apocalypse! Jones, Stephen 2010 A mosaic novel in which interconnected narratives create a unique vision of the end of the world brought about by a plague.
Zombie Apocalypse! Fightback Jones, Stephen 2012 The sequel to Zombie Apocalypse! The human fightback against the legions of the walking dead begins.
The Zombie Survival Guide Brooks, Max 2003 An earnest discussion of various survival techniques in a world threatened by zombies.
Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection Roff, Don 2009 A man writes in his bird watching journal about trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse.
Zone One Whitehead, Colson 2011 Mark Spitz is a "sweeper," clearing away stragglers from Manhattan's Zone One district after the zombie attacks. These trapped souls are malfunctioning zombies, destined to ceaselessly repeat mundane acts they carried out while alive.


Name Author Year
Gospel of the Living Dead: George Romero's Visions of Hell on Earth Paffenroth, Kim 2006
Theories of International Politics and Zombies Drezner, Daniel W. 2010
The Undead and Philosophy: Chicken Soup for the Soulless Greene, Richard and K. Silem Mohammad 2006
The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia Dendle, Peter 2000

Comic books[edit]

Name Author Artist Year Issue(s)
28 Days Later: The Aftermath Niles, Steve Calero, Dennis, Almos, Diego, Branch, Ken and Jones, Nat 2007 One-shot issue
Black Panther Hudlin, Reginald Portela, Francis 2005 #27-31
Blackgas Ellis, Warren Fiumara, Max 2006 #1-3 A small island is overcome by a mysterious force that turns people into violent cannibals.
Containment Red, Eric Stakal, Nick 2005 #1-5
Cursed Avery, Fiona Kai and Blevins, Tippi Molenaar, Romano 2003 #1-4
Dawn of the Dead Romero, George A. (original story) and Niles, Steve (adaption) Chee Yang Ong 2004 #1-3
Dead@17 Howard, Josh Howard, Josh 2003 #1-4
Dead@17: Blood of Saints Howard, Josh Howard, Josh 2004 #1-4
Dead@17: Protectorate Hamby, Alex Hall, Benjamin 2005 #1-3
Dead@17: Revolution Howard, Josh Howard, Josh 2004 #1-4
Dead@17: Rough Cut Howard, Josh, Hamby, Alex, Embry Egg, Burns, Jason M., Hopkins, David and Bussey, Pat Howard, Josh, Abel, Martin, Benjamin Hall, Law, Scotty, Stephens, Sean and Bussey, Pat 2004 #1-3
Deadworld Reed, Gary Locke, Vince and Makkonen, Sami 1987
Escape of the Living Dead Russo, John A. Verma, Dheeraj 2005 #1-5
Highschool of the Dead Sato, Daisuke and Sato, Shouji Sato, Shoji 2006
Land of the Dead Romero, George A. (original story) and Ryall, Chris Gabriel Rodriguez 2005
Living with the Dead Richardson, Mike Stenbeck, Ben 2007
Marvel Zombies Millar, Mark and Kirkman, Roberts Phillips, Sean 2005 #1-5
Marvel Zombies 2 Kirkman, Robert Phillips, Sean 2007 #1-5 Cosmically powered zombies try to help the last few known human survivors. Others try to eat them.
Marvel Zombies 3 Van Lente, Fred Walker, Kev 2008 #1-4
Marvel Zombies 4 Van Lente, Fred Walker, Kev 2009 #1-4
Marvel Zombies 5 Van Lente, Fred Lopez, Jose Angel Cano 2010 #1-5
Marvel Zombies: Dead Days Kirkman, Robert Phillips, Sean 2007 Oneshot
Marvel Zombies Return Van Lente, Fred Dragotta, Nick 2009 #1-5
Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness Layman, John Neves, Fabiano 2007 #13, #1-5
Night of the Living Dead Romero, George A. and Russo John (original story) Skulan, Tom and Stanway, Eric (adaption) Kastro, Carlos with Meheu, Eric 1991
Night of the Living Dead Hannan, Noel Rawling, Rik 1994
Raise the Dead Moore, Leah and Reppion, John Hugo Petrus 2007
Rebel Blood Riley Rossmo and Alex Link Riley Rossmo 2012 #1-4
Remains Niles, Steve Dwyer, Kieron 2004 #1-5
Resident Evil Paul W. S. Anderson Odagawa, Ryan, Bermejo, Lee and D'Anda, Carlos 1998 #1-5
Resident Evil Code: Veronica Chung Hing, Lee and King Sum, Hui King Sum, Hui 2002 #1-4
Shaun of the Dead Pegg, Simon and Wright, Edgar (original story) Ryall, Chris (adaption) Howard, Zach 2005 #1-4
Strange Killings: Necromancer Ellis, Warren Wolfer, Mike 2004
Tales of the Zombie Gerber, Steve Marcos, Pablo 1973 #1-10 and one annual
Toe Tags Romero, George A. Castillo, Tommy 2004 #1-6
Ultimate Fantastic Four Millar, Mark Land, Greg 2005 #21-23, #30-32
Unsounded Ashley Cope 2010
Victorian Undead Edginton, Ian Fabbri, Davide 2010 #1-6
Victorian Undead II Edginton, Ian Fabbri, Davide 2011 #1-5, plus a one-shot special
The Walking Dead Kirkman, Robert Moore, Tony and Adlard, Charlie 2003 #1-193
Xombie: Reanimated (Volume 1) Farr, James Lovett, Nate 2008
The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks Brooks, Max Roberson, Ibraim 2009 One-shot graphic novel

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