Listed buildings in Sheffield S4

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This is a list of listed buildings in the S4 district of Sheffield, in England. This includes the areas of Grimesthorpe, Osgathorpe, Page Hall, Pitsmoor and Victoria Quays.

For neighbouring areas, see listed buildings in Sheffield City Centre, listed buildings in S2, listed buildings in S3, listed buildings in S5 and listed buildings in S9.

Building Grade Street Image Date built Notes
Abbeyfield House II Abbeyfield Park Abbeyfield House 28-04-06.jpg c.1850
Arches and Tunnel Entrance II Victoria Quays Hilton hotel and Victoria Quay - - 783712.jpg 1855
Atlas Works Offices II Savile Street East 1853
Brown-Firth Laboratories II Blackmore Street English Pewter Company.jpg Early-20th century
Cadman Bridge II Cadman Street Cadman Bridge - - 725595.jpg 1819 Designed by William Chapman
Carr Wood House II Grimesthorpe Road Carr Wood House.jpg c.1835
Crucible Steel Works II Effingham Street c.1900
Don Sawmills II Savile Street c.1870
Electric Transformer II Earl Marshal Road c.1900 At corner of Barnsley Road
Firths Norfolk West Gun Shop II Savile Street East Firths Norfolk West Gun Shop (front).jpg Late-19th century
Grain Warehouse II Victoria Quays Grain Warehouse, Victoria Quays.jpg c.1870
Grimesthorpe Pump II Upwell Lane Grimesthorpe Pump.jpg 1836
Grimesthorpe School II Earl Marshal Road 1875 Designed by Innocent & Brown
Grimesthorpe School Caretaker's House II Earl Marshal Road 1877 Designed by Innocent & Brown
Merchants Crescent II Victoria Quays Sheffield, Merchants Crescent - - 1293314.jpg c.1860
Norfolk Bridge II Leveson Street Attercliffe - Burton Weir and Norfolk Bridge.jpg 1856
18, 20 and 22 Page Hall Road II Page Hall Road 18-22 Page Hall Road.jpg c.1910
Pluto Works II Princess Street c.1890
President Works Offices II Savile Street East President Works Offices.jpg c.1852
Royal Victoria Hotel, Wall and Ramp II Victoria Station Road Sheffield, Holiday Inn and viaduct artwork - - 1296261.jpg 1848 and 1861
St Thomas II Holywell Road Sheffield - St Thomas, Brightside - - 349284.jpg 1854 Designed by Flockton & Son
Sheaf Works II Maltravers Street 1823
Sipelia Works II Cadman Street 1855
Straddle Warehouse II Victoria Quays Sheffield Canal Basin - - 3055.jpg 1898
Terminal Warehouse II* Victoria Quays Terminal Warehouse.jpg 1819
Thomas Firth & Sons Siemens Department Gateway II Savile Street East Thomas Firth & sons Gateway Sheffield IMG 2188.JPG c.1900