Listed buildings in Sheffield S6

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This is a list of listed buildings in the S6 district of Sheffield, in England. This includes the areas of Bradfield, Dungworth, Hillsborough, Loxley, Malin Bridge, Middlewood, Stannington, Upperthorpe, Wadsley and Walkley.

For neighbouring areas, see listed buildings in S3, listed buildings in S5, listed buildings in S10, listed buildings in S33, listed buildings in S35 and listed buildings in S36.

Building Grade Street Image Date built Notes
Ashby Cottage II Jane Street Ashby Cottage, High Bradfield.jpg Mid-18th century
Bents Farm Cart Shed II Bents Lane Bents Farm, Cart Shed.JPG Early-19th century
Bingley Seat II Woodbank Road Bingley Seat, Rivelin, Sheffield 2.jpg 17th-century
Birley Hall Coachhouse II Edge Lane Birley Hall Coach House.jpg Early-19th century
Birley Hall Farmhouse II Edge Lane Birley Hall Farmhouse.JPG Early-19th century
Birley House II Edge Lane Birley House, Sheffield.jpg Late-18th century
Birley House Gates and Wall II Edge Lane Birley House, Gates and Wall.jpg Late-18th century
Birley Old Hall II Edge Lane Birley Old Hall.jpg 1705
Birley Old Hall Falconry II Edge Lane Falconry, Birley Old Hall, Sheffield.jpg c.1705
22 Blake Grove Road II Blake Grove Road Upperthorpe Villa, Blake Grove Road.jpg c.1830
Bole Hill Primary School II Bole Hill Road Bole Hill Road School.jpg 1896 Designed by William John Hale
Bole Hill Primary School Caretakers House II Bole Hill Road Bole Hill School, Caretakers House.jpg 1896 Designed by William John Hale
Bole Hill Primary School Walls, Railings and Outbuilding II Bole Hill Road Bole Hill School, Rear Boundary Wall and Shed 2.jpg 1896 Designed by William John Hale
Bowsen Cruck Barn II Penistone Road Bowsen Cruck Barn, Bradfield.JPG Late-17th century West of Brown House Lane/Bolsterstone Lane junction
Bradfield Parish Council Offices II Mill Lee Road Old Wesleyan Chapel, Low Bradfield.jpg 1817
Briers House Farm Barn II Briers House Lane Briers House Farm Barn, Dungworth.jpg 17th-century
Broggin House II Mortimer Road Brogging, Strines.JPG 1718 At Strines Reservoir dam wall.
Burnside Cottages II Wood Fall Lane Burneside Cottages, Low Bradfield.jpg Late-18th century
Burrowlee House II Broughton Road Burrowlee House.jpg 1711
Byewash Bridge II N/A Byewash Bridge, Dale Dyke Resr 2.JPG c.1870 At Dale Dyke Reservoir
Centenary House II Albert Terrace Road Centenary House, Former Royal Infirmay Nurses House.jpg 1897
Chase Farm Cowhouse II Loxley Road Loxley Chase Farm, Loxley Road, Loxley, Sheffield - - 1709930.jpg Early-19th century
Christ Church II Chapel Lane Christ Church, Stannington - - 1579738.jpg 1830 Designed by Woodhead and Hurst
Church, Wesley and Vestry Cottages II Towngate Church Cottage etc, High Bradfield.jpg Late-18th century
Coppice House II Rivelin Valley Road Coppice House Farm, Rivelin 3.jpg c.1775
Croft House Bridge II N/A Packhorse Bridge, Croft House, Sheffield.JPG 18th-century Near Rowel Lane
Crookesmoor School II Crookesmoor Road Crookesmoor School.jpg 1874 Designed by Innocent & Brown
Crookesmoor School Caretakers House II Crookesmoor Road Crookesmoor School, Caretakers House.jpg 1877
Crookesmoor Vestry Hall and Caretakers House II Crookesmoor Road Crookesmoor Vestry Hall.JPG c.1880
Crookes Valley Methodist Church II Crookesmoor Road Crookes Valley Methodist Church, Sheffield.jpg 1880
Dial House II Ben Lane Dial House, Wisewood.jpg 1802
Edgefield Monument II Stones Road Memorial Stone with Agden Reservoir in background. - - 714028.jpg Mid-19th century
Eversley House II Upperthorpe Road Eversley House, Upperthorpe.jpg c.1840
Fair Flats Farm Barn and Cottage II Kirk Edge Road Fair Flats Farm, Barn and Cottage.jpg 17th-century
Fair House Farmhouse II* Annet Lane Fair House Farmhouse, Low Bradfield.jpg 1687
Fair House Farmhouse Garage and Stable II Annet Lane Outbuildings, Fair House Farm, Low Bradfield.JPG 17th-century
Far House II Holdworth Lane Far House, Holdworth 1.jpg Late-17th century
Flash Cottage II Flash Lane Flash Cottage Farmhouse, Rivelin.jpg Late-17th century
Fox Holes Farm II Stones Road Foxholes Farmhouse from Oaks Lane, Low Bradfield - - 906223.jpg Mid-19th century
Fox House Farmhouse and Cottage II Uppergate Road Fox House Farmhouse, Stannington.jpg 1738
G. H. Foster Monument II Rivelin Valley Road Foster Memorial, St Michael's Rivelin.jpg 1894 Within St Michael's Cemetery
Green Fold Farmhouse II Dungworth Green Green Fold Farmhouse, Dungworth.JPG Early-18th century
Guide Pillar II Bolsterstone Road Bradfield Parish Marker Stone - 5a - Bolsterstone Road - Onesmoor Road - - 901794.jpg 19th-century At junction with Onesmoor Road
Guide Pillar II Bolsterstone Road Bradfield Parish Marker Stone - 6 - Walker Edge Cross Road - - 901800.jpg 19th-century At junction with Walker Edge
Guide Pillar II Onesacre Road Bradfield Parish Marker Stone - 3 - Onesacre Road - Peat Pitts Lane - - 901772.jpg 19th-century At junction with Peat Pits Lane
Guide Pillar II Penistone Road Milestone near Handsome Cross on Penistone Road - - 111334.jpg 1753 At Handsome Cross
Guide Pillar II Penistone Road Bradfield Parish Marker Stone - 2 - Bar Dyke - - 901741.jpg 1740 At junction with Mortimer Road
Hall Broom Farmhouse II Sidling Hollow Farmhouse, Hall Broom Farm, Dungworth.JPG 1620
Hall Broom Farm Barn and Cowhouse II Sidling Hollow Barn and Cowhouse, Hall Broom Farm, Dungworth.jpg 17th-century
Hallfield House II Mortimer Road Hallfield House, Bradfield.jpg 17th-century
Hallfield House Barn II Mortimer Road Hallfield House, converted barn.JPG 17th-century
Hannah Rawson School II Halifax Road Parson Cross School, Sheffield.jpg 1829
Heritage House II* Infirmary Road Sheffield Royal Infirmary 28-04-06.jpg 1797 Designed by John Rawsthorne
Hillsborough Barracks Central Stable Block II Langsett Road Morrisons from the Mall, Hillsborough Barracks, Sheffield - - 1103622.jpg 1854
Hillsborough Barracks Guardroom, Wall and Towers II Langsett Road Garrison Hotel, Hillsborough Barracks, Sheffield - - 755362.jpg 1854
Hillsborough Barracks Infirmary II Langsett Road Infirmary Building, Hillsborough Barracks, Sheffield - - 1103456.jpg 1854
Hillsborough Barracks Magazine II Langsett Road Powder Magazine, Hillsborough Barracks.JPG 1854 Integrated into the Garrison Hotel.
Hillsborough Barracks Mobilization Store and Squash Court II Langsett Road Hillsborough Barracks, Mobilisation Store and Squash Court.jpg 1854
Hillsborough Barracks North West Barracks II Langsett Road North West Barrack Block to former Hillsborough Barracks, Sheffield.jpg 1854
Hillsborough Barracks North West Wall and Towers II Langsett Road Turret at Hillsborough Barracks - - 866684.jpg 1854
Hillsborough Barracks Officers Mess and Regimental Institute II Langsett Road Hillsborough Barracks Main Building, Langsett Road, Sheffield - - 1103505.jpg 1854
Hillsborough Barracks Riding School II Langsett Road Hillsborough Barracks, Riding School.JPG 1854
Hillsborough Barracks South East Barracks II Langsett Road Infantry Quarters, Hillsborough Barracks, Sheffield - - 1103572.jpg 1854
Hillsborough Barracks South East Store II Langsett Road Hussar Court, Hillsborough Barracks, Sheffield.JPG 1854 Now known as Hussar Court
Hillsborough Barracks South East Wall and Towers II Langsett Road Hillsborough Barracks, SE tower and walls.jpg 1854
Hillsborough House II Middlewood Road Hillsborough House.jpg 1779
Hillsborough House Coach House and Stable II Middlewood Road Hillsborough House Stables.JPG c.1830
Hillsborough Park East Lodge II Middlewood Road Hillsborough Park Lodge and Gates, Penistone Road, Hillsborough - - 1010775.jpg Early-19th century
Hillsborough Park East Lodge Gateway and Wall II Middlewood Road Hillsborough Park, East Gateway..JPG Early-19th century
Hillsborough Park West Lodge II Middlewood Road Hillsborough Park Lodge - 1, Middlewood Road,Hillsborough, Sheffield - - 1182217.jpg Early-19th century
Hillsborough Schools II Parkside Road Hillsborough School 2.JPG 1884 Designed by Wilson & Masters
Hillsborough Schools Caretakers House II Parkside Road Caretakers House, Hillsborough School, Sheffield.jpg Late-19th century Designed by Wilson & Masters
Hillsborough Schools Headmasters House II Parkside Road Headmasters house, Hillsborough School.jpg c.1884 Designed by Wilson & Masters
Hillsborough Schools Rear Range II Parkside Road Hillsborough School Rear Range, Catch Bar Lane.jpg Late-19th century Facing Catch Bar Lane
Holdworth Cottage II Loxley Road Holdworth Cottage.JPG 1752
Hollins Bridge II Hollins Lane Hollins Bridge Rivelin.JPG Early-19th century
25 and 27 Holme Lane; 389 and 391 Walkley Lane II Holme Lane/Walkley Lane Bottom of Walkley Lane, Sheffield.jpg 1911
Hoyles Farmhouse II Blindside Lane Hoyles Farmhouse.jpg 1620
Hoyles Farmhouse Barn (5m west) II Blindside Lane Hoyles Farm Barn 1.jpg 17th-century
Hoyles Farmhouse Barn (250m west) II Blindside Lane Hoyles Farm Barn 2.jpg 17th-century
83 and 85 Infirmary Road II Infirmary Road 83 and 85 Infirmary Road, Sheffield.jpg c.1840
87 Infirmary Road II Infirmary Road 87 Infirmary Road, Sheffield.jpg 1797 Designed by John Rawsthorne
K6 phone box II Langsett Road Hillsborough phone box.jpg Located by Rawson Spring pub
K6 phone box II Loxley Road High Bradfield Telephone Box.jpg At junction with Kirk Edge Road
King Edward VII Hospital II Rivelin Valley Road The (former) King Edward VII Orthopaedic Hospital - 1, Rivelin Valley, Sheffield - - 1151252.jpg 1913 Designed by A. W. Kenyon
King Edward VII Hospital Boiler House II Rivelin Valley Road 1913 Designed by A. W. Kenyon
King Edward VII Hospital Lodge II Rivelin Valley Road Lodge House of the (former) King Edward VII Orthopaedic Hospital, Rivelin Valley, Sheffield - - 1151300.jpg 1913 Designed by A. W. Kenyon
King Edward VII Hospital Octagonal Building II Rivelin Valley Road Converted Buildings at the (former) King Edward VII Hospital - 1, Rivelin Valley, Sheffield - - 1151276.jpg 1913 Designed by A. W. Kenyon
Kingswood Hall II Kingswood Kingswood Hall.jpg 1878 Designed by Bernard Hartley
Little Matlock Rolling Mill II* Low Matlock Lane Little Matlock Rolling Mill.JPG 1882
Lower Thornseat Farmhouse II Dale Road Lower Thornseats, Bradfield Dale.JPG 1721
Loxley House II Ben Lane Loxley House, Sheffield.jpg 1826
Loxley United Reformed Church II* Loxley Road Loxley United Reformed Independent Church - - 1022640.jpg 1787
Malin Bridge Corn Mill II Loxley Road Malin Bridge Corn Mill water wheel.jpg Early-19th century
Middlewood Church II Middlewood Drive Middlewood Church.jpg 1875 Designed by Bernard Hartley
Middlewood Lodge II Middlewood Rise Key Lodge from the former Middlewood Hospital, Sheffield - - 711064.jpg 1877 Designed by Bernard Hartley
Milepost II A57 Mile Post A57 Hollow Meadows.jpg 19th-century East of Black Rock
Milepost II A57 Milestone, A57, Moscar.JPG 19th-century West of Moscar Cross
Milepost II A57 Mile Post A57 Moorwood.jpg 19th-century West of Swinglee Ford
Mousehole Forge Meeting and Exhibition Rooms II Stannington Road Mousehole Forge, Malin Bridge.jpg Early-19th century
Nether Farmhouse II The Sands Nether Farmhouse, Low Bradfield.jpg 17th-century
Oaks Farmhouse II Oaks Lane Oaks Farmhouse, Damflask, Sheffield.JPG Early-18th century
Old Post Office II Towngate Old Post Office, High Bradfield.jpg Mid-19th century
Old Post Office Stables II Towngate Old Post Office Stables, High Bradfield 2.jpg Early-19th century
Old Wheel Farmhouse II Rowel Lane Storrs Bridge - Old Wheel Farm - - 639546.jpg Mid-19th century
Olive Cottages II Black Lane Olive Cottages, Black Lane, Sheffield.jpg Mid-19th century
Olive House II Black Lane Olive House - - 261948.jpg Early-19th century
Olive Mill II Black Lane Former Olive Rolling Mill, Loxley Valley - - 1025058.jpg Mid-19th century
The Orchard II Fox Hill Crescent The Orchard, Fox Hill Crescent 2.jpg Late-17th century
Owlerton War Memorial Hall II Forbes Road Owlerton Church War Memorial.JPG 1925
Owlerton War Memorial Hall Wall, Railing and Gates II Forbes Road Owlerton War Memorial Hall, Gates and Railings.JPG 1925
Packhorse Bridge II N/A Packhorse Bridge Rails Road.JPG c.1775 East of Rails Road
Padley Cottages II Dungworth Green Padley Cottages, Dungworth.JPG Mid-18th century
Padley Farmhouse Gate Piers II Dungworth Green Padley Farmhouse Gate Piers, Dungworth.jpg Mid-18th century
Pond Farmhouse II Stannington Road Pond Farmhouse, Stannington.jpg Late Medieval
Revell Grange II Bingley Lane Revell Grange.jpg Mid-18th century
Revell Grange Cottage II Bingley Lane Revell Grange Cottage, Rivelin, Sheffield.jpg Late-18th century
Rivelin Mill Bridge II Manchester Road Rivelin Mill Bridge.JPG 1819
River Dale House and Cottages II Low Matlock Lane River Dale Cottages, Low Matlock, Sheffield.jpg c.1800
Robin Hood Inn II Greaves Lane Robin Hood Inn, Little Matlock, Sheffield - 1 - - 971345.jpg 1804
Ronkesley Hall II Onkesley Lane Ronksley Hall 1.JPG Early-18th century
Roscoe Bridge II N/A Roscoe Bridge, Rivelin, Sheffield.JPG Early-19th century
Rose and Crown II Stour Lane Rose and Crown, Wadsley - - 778925.jpg Mid-18th century
The Roundhouse II Infirmary Road The Roundhouse, Infirmary Road, Sheffield.jpg 1884 Designed by John Dodsley Webster
239 Rural Lane II Rural Lane 239 Rural Lane, Wadsley, Sheffield.jpg 1806
Sacred Heart II Forbes Road Sacred Heart Church 2.jpg 1936 Designed by C. M. Hadfield
St John the Baptist II Penistone Road Parish Church of St John, Owlerton, Hillsborough - 1 - - 1009725.jpg 1874 Designed by J. B. Mitchell-Withers
St Joseph II Howard Road St Joseph's Church, Howard Road, Sheffield.JPG 1870
St Josephs School II Howard Road St Joseph's School, Howard Road, Sheffield.jpg 1889
St Mary II Howard Road St. Mary's Walkley.jpg 1869 Designed by J. G. Weightman
St Michael's Cemetery Chapel II Rivelin Valley Road St Michael's chapel, Rivelin.JPG 1878 Designed by Charles Hadfield
St Nicholas, Bradfield I Towngate Bradfield Church 1.jpg 14th-century
St Nicholas, Bradfield Gates, Piers and Railings II Towngate Gates, St Nicholas, High Bradfield.jpg Mid-19th century
St Stephens Vicarage II Upperthorpe Road 115 Upperthorpe Road, Sheffield.jpg c.1840
St Vincents Presbytery II Howard Road Sheffield Buddhist Centre, Howard Road.jpg Early-19th century Now the Sheffield Buddhist Centre.
Sewer Gas Lamp II Fox Hill Road Sewer Gas Lamp, Fox Hill Road.jpg Late-19th century Camborne Road
Sewer Gas Lamp II Oakland Road Sewer Gas Lamp, Oakland Rd.jpg Late-19th century At junction with Portsea Road
Sewer Gas Lamp II Rural Lane Sewer Gas Lamp, Rural Lane.jpg Late-19th century Outside 237 Rural Lane
Smallfield Barn and Cowhouse II Smallfield Lane Smallfield farm, Cruck Barn.jpg Late-17th century
Spout House II Spout Lane Spout House, Stannington.jpg 1671
Stannington Cross II Oldfield Road Stannington stump cross.jpg Medieval At junction with Stannington Road
Strines Inn II Mortimer Road The Strines Inn - - 382966.jpg 17th-century
Sugworth Hall II Sugworth Road Sugworth Hall, Sheffield.jpg 17th-century
Sugworth Tower II Sugworth Road Tower between Sugworth Hall and Strines Reservoir - - 107402.jpg 1927
Sykehouse II Sykehouse Lane Sykehouse Farm, Dungworth.JPG c.1800
Take Off Stone II Mortimer Road 'Take Off' Stone, near Strines Inn - - 986004.jpg 18th-century North of Strines Inn
Throstle Nest Barn II Storrs Converted Cruck Barn, Throstle Nest Farm, Storrs.jpg 17th-century
Tomhill Farmhouse II Main Road Tom Hill Farmhouse, Dungworth.jpg 17th-century
Tomhill Farmhouse Cowhouse II Main Road Tom Hill Farmhouse Cowhouse, Dungworth.jpg c.16th-century
Tomhill Farmhouse Western Cruck Barn II Main Road Western Cruck Barn, Tomhill Farm, Dungworth.JPG 17th-century
Ughill Manor II Tinker Bottom Ughill Manor.jpg Early-18th century
Ughill Manor Barn and Cowhouse II Tinker Bottom Ughill Manor Farm Barn.jpg 17th-century
Underbank Chapel II Stannington Road Underbank Chapel ... 2 years later - - 972441.jpg 1743
Underbank Chapel Keeper's House II Stannington Road Underbank Chapel, Keepers House, Stannington.jpg Mid-18th century
Underbank Schoolroom II Stopes Road Underbank Schoolroom.jpg 1853
Upperthorpe Library II Daniel Hill Upperthorpe Library.JPG 1876 Designed by E. Mitchell Gibbs
113 Upperthorpe Road II Upperthorpe Road 113 Upperthorpe Road, Sheffield.jpg c.1840
Wadsley Almshouses II Worrall Road Wadsley Alms Houses 1.jpg 1839
Wadsley Hall II Far Lane Wadsley Hall 4.jpg 1722
Wadsley Hall Farmhouse II Far Lane Wadsley Hall Farmhouse.JPG Early-18th century
Wadsley House II The Drive Wadsley House.jpg c.1823
Wadsley Parish Church II Worrall Lane Wadsley Parish Church.jpg 1834 Designed by Joseph Potter
Wadsley School II Worrall Lane Rear view of Wadsley School Building - - 737846.jpg 1838
Wadsley Stocks II Rural Lane Wadsley Jack Stocks.jpg Early-19th century
Wadsley Vicarage II Worrall Lane Wadsley vicarage.jpg c.1840
Walker House Farm Barn II Dale Road Cruck Barn, Walker House Farm, Low Bradfield.JPG 17th-century
Walkley Board School and Caretakers House II Burnaby Walk Walkley House formerly Walkley Board School, Sheffield.jpg 1874 Designed by Innocent & Brown. Converted into student accommodation and now known as Walkley House.
Walkley Ebenezer Methodist Church II South Road Ebenezer Methodist Chapel, Walkley.JPG 1890 Designed by W. J. Taylor
Walkley Library II South Road Walkley Library.jpg 1905 Designed by Hemsoll & Paterson
Walkley Library Wall and Plaque II South Road Walkley Library, Boundary wall and Plaque.JPG 1903 Designed by Hemsoll & Patterson
Walkley National School II Howard Road Former St Mary's School, Howard Road 1.JPG 1871 Designed by J. G. Weightman
Walsh Monument II Rivelin Valley Road Walsh memorial, Rivelin cemetery.JPG c.1890 Within St Michael's Cemetery
The Watch House (or Old Watch House) II Jane Street Watch House, High Bradfield.jpg Late 18th century
Well House II Oldfield Road Well House, Stannington.jpg Late-17th century
White House Farmhouse II Nethergate White House Farmhouse, Nethergate, Stannington.jpg Mid-17th century
Wood Lane House Farm II Wood Lane Wood Lane House Farm, Sheffield.JPG Early-19th century
Woodseats Farmhouse II Windy Bank Woodseats Farm, Low Bradfield 5.JPG 1631
Woodseats Farm Barn II Windy Bank Cruck barn, Woodseats Farm, Low Bradfield.JPG 17th-century