Listen to the Sound

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Listen to the Sound
Listen to the Sound Album Cover.jpg
Studio album by Building 429
Released May 10, 2011
Recorded 2011
Genre Christian Rock
Length 37:10
Label Provident
Producer Jason Ingram, Rusty Varenkamp
Building 429 chronology
Building 429
Listen to the Sound
We Won't Be Shaken

Listen to the Sound is the seventh studio album by Christian rock band, Building 429 and their fifth with a major label. It was released May 10, 2011 through Provident Music Group.


The song "Listen to the Sound" was written according to the lead singer Jason Roy because "the idea behind the title track for the record is looking at the noisy world we live in and thinking about how much noise we're adding to barometer is myself and I talk so much that I rarely take time to hear the sound of God's voice! We don't find the answers to the big questions by talking, crying or even praying, but in taking the time to be still and listen for the voice of God speaking hope and grace."[1] Roy said the song entitled "'Where I Belong' is one song the whole thought process of the record was built on, basically saying that nothing on earth can ever satisfy us or make us feel whole because it's not our's funny because a lot of the songs tie into that same theme, like 'Made For You,' which is about fighting until we get home [to heaven]. We're made for His glory and His glory alone and it's basically my 'bring it on song' [against earthly temptation] that feels like a rocket going to the moon."[1]



Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[2]
Alt Rock Live 6/10[3]
CCM Magazine 3/5 stars[4]
Christian Broadcasting Network 4/5 stars[5]
Cross Rhythms 9/10 stars[6]
Jesus Freak Hideout 2.5/5 stars[7]
Louder Than the Music 4/5 stars [8]
New Release Tuesday 5/5 stars [9]
The Phantom Tollbooth 4.5/5 stars [10]

Allmusic's Jared Johnson said the album "feels like an arrival for Christian rockers Building 429, ironically the result of spending more time on the road and less in the studio. Coming almost three years since their self-titled magnum opus, the band's fifth album finds them more confident than ever in proclaiming their witness and writing memorable mainstream rock. Where the band worked hard to carve out its identity on previous releases, Jason Roy and company sound more than ever like they're having fun this time around."[2] At Cross Rhythms, Neil Fix said that "I don't really know which tracks to draw potential purchasers to because there isn't a bad song on here."[6] Fix went on to say "I love it, and will definitely be recommending it to pretty much everyone I know."[6] Jay Rae of the Christian Broadcasting Network said "the entire album is a completed work. Listeners without fail will engage with Building 429’s tracks while enjoying profound lyrical transparency wrapped in the sounds of musical excellence."[5]

Louder Than the Music's Jono Davies wrote that "I do like it, I have to admit I don't love it, but I do think it's a very good album. After numerous plays I do continue to find some great moments within these strong songs. This album is a step forward for Building 429".[8] Furthermore, Davies noted that the album "has a more family feel, in the same way that Coldplay are a band that the whole family will enjoy."[8] Davies said the "Standout Tracks" are the following: "You Save Me", "Walls Are Coming Down" and "One Foot".[8] At New Release Tuesday, Kevin Davis said the album "is the band’s crowning achievement in my opinion. If you’re looking for some songs that you’ll love to sing along with at high volumes and in praise to our Savior, then you’ll totally want to 'listen to the sound' of Building 429. I recently listened to all 54 songs by B429 and these 10 songs all rank in my top 15 songs ever recorded by this amazing band, along with "Glory Defined," "The Space In Between Us," "You Carried Me," "End Of Me" and "Always." No filler tracks, just one solid song after another."[9] Scott Mertens of The Phantom Tollbooth wrote "the combination of finding their 'sway', the signature vocals of Jason Roy, and well written songs gives Building 429 another winner in Listen To The Sound. In this offering, Building 429 has again found their true cadence."[10] Also, Mertens noted that "with Listen To The Sound the energy was returned, in force!"[10]

Alt Rock Live's Jonathan Faulkner wrote about the album that it "seems to let down those who it is lifting up. However die-hard listeners will no doubt like this album for years to come. Here's to hoping that their next project is just as encouraging, with a lot more depth."[3] Roger Gelwicks of Jesus Freak Hideout said if this "is the measuring stick of Building 429's musicianship, the bar remains terribly low with their best probably behind them."[7] Gelwicks continued on saying that this "is yet another unoriginal rendition of defining glory."[7] At CCM Magazine, Grace S. Aspinwall said "all the tracks are melodic, strong and some of the group's very best work. Hints of sounds akin to Newsboys and Third Day will make this not a groundbreaking album, but a versatile one, not to mention an undeniable good time."[4]


Former Major League Baseball outfielder David Murphy used "Where I Belong" as his walk-up music.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Made for You" Jason Roy, Jason Ingram 4:37
2. "Right Beside You" (featuring Dawn Michele of Fireflight) Jason Roy 3:33
3. "One Foot" Jason Roy, Tony Wood, Rob Hawkins 3:31
4. "Listen to the Sound" Jason Roy, Rob Hawkins 3:41
5. "War Zone" Caleb Grimm, Jason Walker 3:39
6. "Where I Belong" Jason Roy, Jason Ingram 3:22
7. "You Save Me" Jason Roy, Rob Hawkins 3:21
8. "Walls Are Coming Down" Jason Roy, Jason Ingram 3:49
9. "Love Has Been Spoken" Jason Roy, Rob Hawkins 3:42
10. "Awaken Us" Jason Roy, Scott Krippayne 4:00
Total length: 37:10


Name Credits
Michael Anderson Drums, Group Member
Matthew Arcaini Assistant, Digital Editing
Dana Austin Vocals
Blaine Barcus A&R, Vocals
Michelle Box A&R, Producer
Cooper Boyle Vocals
Aaron Branch Bass, Group Member
Benjamin Brinton Vocals
Chris Carmichael String Arrangements, Strings
Richard Davis Cello
John Denosky Digital Editing
DJ Lipscomb Vocals
Ametria Dock Vocals (Background)
Charles Van Dyke Vocals
Jason Eskridge Vocals (Background)
Jesse Garcia Group Member, Keyboards, Vocals (Background)
AJ Gilmer Vocals
Ashley Goins Vocals
Caleb Grimm Composer
Jennifer Harper Vocals
Scottie Harper Vocals
Rob Hawkins Composer, Engineer, Producer, Programming
Jason Ingram Composer, Producer, Programming
David Jordan Vocals
Scott Krippayne Composer
Beth Lee Art Direction
Amber Lehman Wardrobe
Tony McBroom Vocals
Dawn Michele Vocals
Chelsi Miller Vocals
Heather Bro Moroschak Vocals
Natasha Williams Vocals (Background)
Tim Parker Art Direction, Design
Ben Phillips Engineer
Camaryn Rogers Vocals
Christy Rowland Vocals
Jason Roy Composer, Group Member, Keyboards, Vocals
Anne Nicole Royster Vocals
Allen Salmon Mixing
Amanda Shannon Vocals
Lee Steffen Photography
Mark Stephens Vocals
AJ Strout Vocals
Thomas Toner Editing
Crystal Varenkamp Production Assistant
Gioia Varenkamp Vocals
Rusty Varenkamp Editing, Engineer, Producer, Programming
Jason Walker Composer
Kristin Watson Vocals
Kristopher Whipple Grooming
Jim Wilcox Vocals
Luellyn Wilcox Vocals
Jay Wilkinson Vocals
Nina Williams Vocals
Tracey Williams Vocals
Tony Wood Composer
Jay Yarbrough Vocals
Dustin York Vocals



Chart (2011) Peak
US Billboard 200 115[11]
US Billboard Christian Albums 2[12]
US Billboard Rock Albums 31[13]


Year Single Peak chart positions
US Christian
2011 "Listen to the Sound" 4[14]
2012 "Where I Belong" 1[14]


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