Lister Hospital, Stevenage

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Lister Hospital
East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust
Lister Hospital, Stevenage.jpg
Lister Hospital in 2011
Lister Hospital, Stevenage is located in Hertfordshire
Lister Hospital, Stevenage
Shown in Hertfordshire
LocationStevenage, Hertfordshire, England
Coordinates51°55′27″N 0°12′46″W / 51.92417°N 0.21278°W / 51.92417; -0.21278Coordinates: 51°55′27″N 0°12′46″W / 51.92417°N 0.21278°W / 51.92417; -0.21278
Care systemNHS England
Hospital typeDistrict General
Affiliated universityUniversity of Hertfordshire
Emergency departmentYes
ListsHospitals in England

The Lister Hospital is an NHS hospital based on the outskirts of Stevenage in Hertfordshire. It is operated by the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust along with the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Welwyn Garden City.


The hospital, which is named in honour of Joseph Lister, 1st Baron Lister, a British surgeon known as the pioneer of aseptic surgery,[1] was opened by the Queen Mother in 1972.[2] With an investment of around £150 million, the Lister hospital was transformed in October 2014.[3]


The Lister Hospital currently has 730 beds and is a general hospital, which includes accident and emergency, urology and renal dialysis units.[3]

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