Lister Park

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Lister Park
Cartwright Hall from southeast.jpg
Cartwright Hall is the centrepiece of the park.
Location Bradford, West Yorkshire
Coordinates 53°48′47.48″N 1°46′19.67″W / 53.8131889°N 1.7721306°W / 53.8131889; -1.7721306 (Lister Park)Coordinates: 53°48′47.48″N 1°46′19.67″W / 53.8131889°N 1.7721306°W / 53.8131889; -1.7721306 (Lister Park)
Created 1870[1]
Operated by Bradford Parks Service
Status Open all year

Lister Park (also known as Manningham Park) is a picturesque public park in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, between Manningham, Heaton and Frizinghall. It has won various national awards.

About the park[edit]

It is situated about a mile outside the city centre on Manningham Lane, the main road between Bradford and Shipley. It is one of the city's largest parks and was donated to the City of Bradford by Samuel Cunliffe Lister, who built Lister's Mill. The park has been successfully renovated in recent years. The lake has been re-opened for boats and a Mughal Water Garden constructed. There are also tennis and basketball courts, bowling greens and a children's playground.

Lister Park contains the Cartwright Hall art gallery, where permanent and temporary exhibitions of modern and traditional art can be seen.

It was voted Britain's Best Park for 2006, and nominated for the Best Park In Europe 2006.[2]


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