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There are a variety of articles listing people of a particular nationality. People on these lists should be notable in some way and should ideally have articles of their own.

This page also includes several related lists, such as lists of people by ethnicity, citizenship, language, or location.

By nationality[edit]

Delineating notable nationals of nation-states, their significant dependent territories, or of historic and aspirant nations, e.g., Puerto Ricans, Fijians.

Excluding those ethnicities represented above, delineating notable according to their ethnic origin, e.g., Hispanics. For further information on appropriate categorisation, please refer to the discussion page.

By location[edit]

Lists of notables by geographic birth location, not by ethnicity or national birth location.

By language[edit]

Delineating notables according to their native language, e.g., Hebrew speakers, Anglophones.

Born within the nations included in organizations of nations[edit]

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