Lisztomania (album)

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Soundtrack album by Rick Wakeman
Released November 1975
Recorded 1975
Studio Shepperton Studios using Ronnie Lane's Mobile Studio
Genre Progressive rock
Length 32.12
Label A&M
Producer Rick Wakeman
Rick Wakeman chronology
The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
No Earthly Connection
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars[1]

Lisztomania is a 1975 progressive rock soundtrack album by Rick Wakeman for Ken Russell's film Lisztomania, a biography of Franz Liszt.

Some tracks feature The Who's Roger Daltrey singing lead vocals. The album was later upgraded as The Real Lisztomania by Wakeman because he was dissatisfied with the original release.

When Allmusic rated the album they said "The soundtrack to Ken Russell's movie provided Wakeman with a canvas upon which to work his magic (or do his damage—it depends upon one's attitude) upon the music of Franz Liszt and, to a lesser degree, Richard Wagner. Actually, much of what is here is more substantial than the material on Journey or Myths and Legends, which can be attributed largely to the composers' contributions."[2]

Track listing[edit]

Side one[edit]

  1. "Rienzi/Chopsticks Fantasia" (Richard Wagner/Ferenc Liszt) - 4:20
  2. "Love's Dream" (Liszt/ lyrics: Roger Daltrey) - 4:25 - vocal: Roger Daltrey
  3. "Dante Period" (Liszt) - 2:05
  4. "Orpheus Song" (Liszt/ lyrics: Jonathan Benson, Roger Daltrey) - 3:10 - vocal: Roger Daltrey
  5. "Hell" (Liszt/ translation: John Forsythe) - 1:59 - vocal: Linda Lewis

Side two[edit]

  1. "Hibernation" (Rick Wakeman) - 1:11
  2. "Excelsior Song" (Liszt/ lyrics: Wakeman, Ken Russell) - 2:32 - vocal: Paul Nicholas
  3. "Master Race" (Wagner) - 0:45
  4. "Rape, Pillage and Clap" (Wagner) - 3:09
  5. "Funerailles" (Liszt/ lyrics: Jonathan Benson) - 3:48 - vocal: Roger Daltrey
  6. "Free Song (Hungarian Rhapsody)" (Liszt) - 1:57
  7. "Peace At Last" (Liszt/ lyrics: Jonathan Benson, Daltrey) - 2:59 - vocal: Roger Daltrey




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