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Cover art by Jacek Wiśniewski
Studio album by Vader
Released 22 March 2000
Recorded Red Studio, Gdynia, November, 1999[1]
Genre Death metal
Length 30:48
Label Metal Blade Records, Metal Mind Productions, Avalon/Marquee
Producer Piotr Wiwczarek, Adam Toczko
Vader chronology
Black to the Blind
(1997)Black to the Blind1997
Reign Forever World
(2000)Reign Forever World2000
Singles from Litany
  1. "Xeper / North"
    Released: 2000
Professional ratings
Review scores
Chronicles of Chaos9.5/10 stars[2]

Litany is the fourth album by the Polish death metal band Vader. It was released in 2000 by Metal Blade Records. The album was nominated for a Fryderyk Award in the category 'Hard & Heavy Album of the Year (Album roku - hard & heavy)'.[4]

Litany was recorded in 1999 at Red Studio in Gdańsk, Poland, and was produced by Piotr Wiwczarek and Adam Toczko. The album was mastered by Bartłomiej Kuźniak at Studio 333 in Częstochowa, Poland.

A music video was shot for the song "Cold Demons", which was directed by Adam Kuc.[5] The album charted at number 1 on Gazeta Wyborcza bestsellers list in Poland.[6]

Track listing[edit]

1."Wings"Paweł FrelikPiotr Wiwczarek3:10
2."The One Made of Dreams"Paweł FrelikPiotr Wiwczarek1:49
3."Xeper"Paweł FrelikPiotr Wiwczarek4:00
4."Litany"Paweł FrelikPiotr Wiwczarek3:01
5."Cold Demons"Piotr WiwczarekPiotr Wiwczarek3:12
6."The Calling"Paweł FrelikPiotr Wiwczarek3:10
7."North"Paweł FrelikPiotr Wiwczarek1:36
8."Forwards to Die!!!"Piotr WiwczarekPiotr Wiwczarek1:38
9."A World of Hurt"Paweł FrelikPiotr Wiwczarek1:51
10."The World Made Flesh"Paweł FrelikPiotr Wiwczarek2:48
11."The Final Massacre" (Rerecorded from The Ultimate Incantation)Paweł WasilewskiPiotr Wiwczarek4:31
Total length:30:48


Production and performance credits are adapted from the album liner notes.

  • Paweł Wasilewski – lyrics
  • Paweł Frelik – lyrics
  • Adam Toczko – production, sound engineering
  • Tomasz Bonarowski – premastering
  • Bartłomiej Kuźniak – mastering
  • Jacek Wiśniewski – cover art, layout[8]
  • Katsumasa Yamaguchi – Japanese liner notes
  • Recorded & mixed at Red Studio, Gdynia, November 1999.
  • Pre-mastered at Red Studio, Gdynia, November 1999.
  • Mastered at Studio 333, Częstochowa, December 1999.

Xeper / North[edit]

Xeper / North is the third single by the Polish death metal band Vader. It was released only in Poland in 2000 with special edition of Thrash'em All magazine entitled Super Poster" #2. Apart from promo single insert includes interview with band members, and additional information about the band.

Track listing[edit]

1."Xeper"Paweł FrelikPiotr Wiwczarek4:00
2."North"Paweł FrelikPiotr Wiwczarek1:36

Release history[edit]

Region Date Label
Poland 22 March 2000[9] Metal Mind Productions
Japan 23 March 2000[10] Avalon Marquee
USA/Europe 9 May 2000[11] Metal Blade Records


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