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Developer(s) LiteDiary Dev.Team
Stable release 0.3.8 [247] / 1 June 2012
Development status Active
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian
Type Weblog software
License Proprietary

LiteDiary is a weblog-oriented content management system which could also be used to set up small wikis. LiteDiary requires PHP5 and MySQL database server (more databases servers could be used with additional database drivers, e.g. SQLite or PostgreSQL). LiteDiary is free of charge and can be downloaded from the official site.

Brand origin[edit]

Brand LiteDiary (lite, light , diary) — was chosen because of its low system requirements. According to developer reference information [1] LiteDiary involves ~0.6Mb of RAM while processing each page.

Engine features[edit]

  • Its own library set, including special MySQL library and other classes
  • Easy content management and its categorization
  • Its own simple visual text editor
  • Using the Ajax technology for the most dynamic settings management and faster content processing
  • Full compliance with W3C standards — XHTML1.0 Strict, CSS2 (HTML5 compatible)
  • Using RSS for content delivery and comments following
  • English,Russian, Ukrainian and polish localization (more could be added with language pack system)
  • Style and theme support [2]
  • Built-in SEO tools, including robots.txt management interface, sitemap generator, automatic meta-tags generator
  • Multi-user blogging
  • Full UTF-8 support

Using LiteDiary[edit]

LiteDiary still has "alpha" development status but it is already used commonly. Its official site is also based on LiteDiary.

There are also blog storage services based on LiteDiary, such as Lited.[3]


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