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Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genres Math rock, Progressive rock, Post-Rock
Years active 2003 - present
Labels I Want The Moon (Japan)
Topshelf Records (North America)
Blood and Biscuits (UK/Europe)
Members Nobuyuki Takeda (Guitar)
Kozo Kusumoto (Guitar & Synthesizer)
Jun Izawa (Bass)
Akinori Yamamoto (Drums)

Lite, stylized as LITE, is a Japanese rock band that has been termed "one of Japan's top instrumental rock acts."[1] The band is made up of Nobuyuki Takeda (guitar), Kozo Kusumoto (guitar & synthesizer), Jun Izawa (bass), and Akinori Yamamoto (drums), and plays math rock. All of their albums have charted in Japan, with For All the Innocence charting the best, at number 85 on the Oricon chart.[2]


Formed in 2003 in Tokyo, Lite played many gigs around Tokyo and self-released two demo CDs. In 2006, they released one mini-album, Lite, and one full-length album, Filmlets, through Transduction in the UK and Cargo in Europe.[3]

Lite's sound combines the precision and musicianship of prog rock with the emotionally charged cinematic compositions of art rock, in a heavier, more modern package that they describe as “math rock”.[4]

They toured the UK and Ireland in 2006. In July 2007, they played at Fuji Rock Festival in Japan and followed that with another UK & Ireland tour in September, coinciding with a split release with Funanori (Kaori Tsuchida from The Go! Team and Mike Watt from the Minutemen).[5] Titled "A Tiny Twofer", the split CD features three songs each. In 2008 they released their second album Phantasia.[3] In May 2009, they made their American debut in New York City opening for Mike Watt's Missingmen.

They produced two EPs, Turns Red in 2009, and Illuminate in 2010, and their third album For All the Innocence in 2011.[1][6][7] Their fourth album Past, Present, Future was released in 2012.[8]


  • Nobuyuki Takeda (guitar)
  • Kozo Kusumoto (guitar & synthesizer)
  • Jun Izawa (bass)
  • Akinori Yamamoto (drums)


CDR releases[edit]

  • 1st Demo CD (2003)
  • 2nd Demo CD (2004)
  • Lite Demo CD-R US West Coast Tour 2010 Limited (2010)


  • Lite (2006)
  • Past, Present, Future (2012)


  • Filmlets (2007)
  • Phantasia (2008)
  • For All The Innocence (2011)
  • Installation (2013)

Live appearances[edit]

  • Live in Limerick (2007)
  • Live in New York (2009)
  • Live in Los Angeles (2010)


  • A Tiny Twofer (2007)
  • Turns Red (2009)
  • Illuminate (2010)


  • Lite-UK/Ireland Tour (2007)


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