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Lite Shipping Corporation
Private company
Industry Ferry Services
Founded Lucio E. Lim Jr. (1989)
Headquarters North Reclamation Area, Cebu City, Philippines

Lite Shipping Corporation, is a shipping line based in Cebu City, Philippines.[1] The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lirio Enterprises, Inc., a general trading firm doing business nationwide. It started as a shipping division of the mother company in the middle of 1988 when it bought two vessels - the MV Sto. Niño de Soledad, a 500-ton DWT capacity steel-hulled vessel and the MV Sto. Niño, a wooden hull 200-ton capacity vessel. Initially, the cargo loaded was mostly goods traded by Lirio Enterprises, Inc. like salt, rice, cement, fertilizers, sugar, etc.[2] Sometimes they would accept other cargoes for backload when the occasion demands it. This shipping division was spun off as a separate shipping corporation in July 1989 when the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission approved the Articles of Incorporation and by-laws of Lite Shipping Corporation.[3]

The Lite Shipping Corporation fleet consists of 15 roll-on/roll-off vessels, 12 passenger vessels and 3 cargo ships. In November 1991, the corporation acquired its third vessel, the MV St. Gabriel, a steel-hulled 30-ton capacity cargo boat due to the strong demand for the smaller cargo vessel in the trading operation of the mother company. In January 1992, the company expanded into the cargo/passenger shipping business with the purchase of a 175 gross tons roro car/truck carrier from the U.S. Navy, the LCT St. Mark. It has a capacity of four ten-wheeler cargo trucks, five cars and 50 to 70 passengers. It is the franchise holder for the Argao, Cebu to Loon, Bohol route as a daily car/truck ferry.



  • M/V Lite Ferry 1[4]
  • M/V Lite Ferry 2
  • M/V Lite Ferry 3 (formerly M/V Santiago de Bohol)
  • M/V Lite Ferry 5 (formerly M/V Our Lady of the Barangay)
  • M/V Lite Ferry 6 (formerly M/V San Jose de Tagbilaran)
  • M/V Lite Ferry 7[5] (formerly M/V San Ramon de Bohol)
  • M/V Lite Ferry 8 (formerly M/V Santa Maria of Negros Navigation)
  • M/V Lite Ferry 10[6] (formerly M/V Ocean King I)
  • M/V Lite Ferry 11[7]
  • M/V Lite Ferry 12
  • M/V Lite Ferry 15
  • M/V Lite Ferry 16
  • M/V Lite Ferry 20 (formerly M/V St. Mark)
  • M/V Lite Ferry 21 (formerly M/V Sta. Filomena)
  • M/V Lite Ferry 22 (formerly M/V Sto. Niño)
  • M/V Lite Ferry 23
  • M/V Lite Ferry 25
  • M/V Lite Ferry 26[8]
  • M/V Lite Ferry 27
  • M/V Lite Ferry 28
  • M/V Lite Ferry 29[9]
  • M/V Lite Ferry 30[10]


  • Lite Jet 1 - sold to Ocean Fast Ferries, Inc., renamed Ocean Jet 11
  • Lite Jet 8 - sold to Ocean Fast Ferries, Inc., renamed Ocean Jet 12
  • Lite Jet 9 - sold to Ocean Fast Ferries, Inc., renamed Ocean Jet 10

Ports of Call[edit]

Lite Shipping's port of call is at the Port of Cebu. Their ports in service are to the ports of Pulauan, Larena, Mandaue, Ormoc,Naval, Plaridel, Samboan, San Carlos, Tagbilaran, Toledo, Cagayan de Oro, Jagna, Tubigon, Dumaguete and Nasipit


Sister companies[edit]

These are the shipping companies of Lite Shipping:[11]

  • Danilo Lines, Incorporated
  • Sunline Shipping Corporation
  • Lirio Shipping Lines, Incorporated[12]
  • FAL Shipping Corporation
  • Cebu Lite Trading, Inc.
  • Manila Heavy Equipment Corporation[13]
  • Soledad Suites[14]
  • Brewpoint Coffee Club
  • Casa Felomina
  • Pamilacan Island Paradise[15]
  • Bohol Yacht Club, Inc.
  • Bohol Community Cable TV Systems, Inc.
  • Bohol Pensioners Financing Corporation
  • Next Models Management Inc.
  • Lite Properties Corporation


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