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Litesound Eurovision.jpg
Litesound at Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in 2012 performing We Are the Heroes
Background information
Origin Minsk, Belarus
Years active 2005–present
Labels West
Members Dmitry Karyakin
Vladimir Karyakin
Andrey Ravovoy
Past members Mario Gulinsky
Sergey Genko
Alex Kolchin
Ignat Yakovich
Artyom Doronkin
Egor Doronkin
Jacopo Massa

Litesound is a Belarusian pop rock band. Formed in 2005, it is composed of the two brothers Dmitry and Vladimir Karyakin.[1]

Their first album, Going to Hollywood, was released in 2008. In 2012 the band was chosen to represent Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest, performing the song "We Are the Heroes".[2]


Early years and debut album[edit]

The band, originally conveived as an acoustic duo, was formed in 2002 by the brothers Dmitry and Vladimir Karyakin.[3] In 2005, the band was changed into a quartet, also including bassist Mario Gulinsky and drummer Sergey Genko.[4] In 2006, the band won the Maiori International Music Festival, held in Italy, during which they met Italian singer Jacopo Massa, also taking part in the competition.[5] Massa and Litesound started co-working, and Massa appeared as a guest in several concerts of the band.[5] Massa later became an official member of the band, together with Russian guitarist Alex Kolchin and Belarusian drummer Ignat Yakovich,[6] while Gulinsky and Genko left the group in 2006.[4]

The band competed in the Eurofest 2006, performing the song "My Faith".[7] Litesound also participated in the Eurofest 2008, performing the song "Do You Believe", and in the Eurofest 2009, placing third with the song "Carry On", also featuring vocals by Dakota.[7] In 2010, the band released the debut album Going to Hollywood,[8] including the single "Solo per te".[5]

Eurovision Song Contest 2012[edit]

Starting from December 2011, Litesound took part in Eurofest 2012, the national selection for the Belarusian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. During the semi-final of the contest, held on 21 December 2011, Litesound performed the song "We Are the Heroes".[9] After being admitted to the final, they decided not to change their entry.[10] On 14 February 2012, Alyona Lanskaya was announced the winner of the Eurofest 2012, while Litesound came in second place.[11]

However, on 21 February 2012, the Belarusian president conducted an investigation about an alleged fraud in the televote, which turned out to be true.[12] As a result of the investigation, the original winner was disqualified on 22 February.[13] Litesound were then internally chosen to replace Alyona Lanskaya to represent Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012.[14] Their entry "We Are the Heroes" was later re-recorded in a new version, produced by Dimitris Kontopoulos.[15] The song ultimately failed to progress from the second semi-final into the final.

In January 2013 Litesound was announced the best performer of the last ten years by fans and journalists covering the Eurovision Song Contest. The Belarusian band won the 6th edition of’s Eurostar Award.[1]

Alex Kolchin left the band in 2013. He has been replaced by two new members Artyom and Egor Doronkin, (also brothers). Together they recorded a Christmas single and music video “Shooting Star”. The Doronkin brothers left the band in 2015. New bandmember became Andrey Ravovoy. With Alex Kolchin, they recorded a cover of the Russian entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2015: Polina Gagarina with the song "A Million Voices". On 16 April 2015 Litesound celebrated their 10th Anniversary and released a special song for it "Give me your hand".

2016 Litesound joined forces with Katherine (from Moldova) to enter Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden. They reached the semi finals to represent Moldova with the song "Imagine". However, on 1 February it was announced that Katherine & Litesound withdrew their entry from the national selection because of personal reasons.

August 2016: Andrey Ravovoy left the band.

Band members[edit]

Current members[6]
Past members[4]
  • Andrey Ravovoy - drums (2015-August 2016)
  • Mario Gulinsky – bass guitar (2004–2006)
  • Sergey Genko – drums (2004–2006)
  • Alex Kolchin – guitars (2012-2013)
  • Ignat Yakovich – drums (2012)
  • Artyom Doronkin - guitars (2013-2015)
  • Egor Doronkin - drums (2013-2015)
  • Jacopo Massa - vocals and guitars 2006-2015


Studio albums
  • Going to Hollywood (2010)


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