Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005

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Eurovision Song Contest 2005
Country  Lithuania
National selection
Selection process National Final
Selection date(s) 26 February 2005
Selected entrant Laura & The Lovers
Selected song "Little by Little"
Finals performance
Semi-final result failed to qualify, (25th,last)
Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Lithuania was represented in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 by "Little by Little" performed by Laura & the Lovers. It was chosen at the Lithuanian National Final on February 26.

Laura & the Lovers are a Lithuanian pop group. They were formed by Lithuanian music executives Justas Garliauskas and Danielius Mironas and composers and producers Ljunggren and Butt. Laura has competed in many International festivals and has released hit songs and album.

National final[edit]

The Lithuanian national final, Nacionalinė atranka į Euroviziją 2005, was held in Kaunas on February 26. Twenty-one songs selected from seven semifinals participated. Laura & the Lovers were chosen by Lithuanian viewers with the song "Little by Little", written and composed by Swedes Bobby Ljunggren & William Butt.

Song Singer Points Place
1 "I'll let you fly" Aistė Pilvelytė 651 9th
2 "I'll be there" Eva & Česlovas Gabalis 713 8th
3 "Now you know" Reda Striškaitė 155 16th
4 "One-man-band" The Road Band 51 18th
5 "Oceans of love" B'Avarija 507 10th
6 "You are in Hollywood" N.E.O. 464 11th
7 "You're the one" Robertas Kupstas 269 14th
8 "La reina of the world" El Mar 40 20th
9 "Oh my God" Vilija Matačiūnaitė 733 7th
10 "All I know" Artas 872 6th
11 "Discoholic" Saulės Kliošas 1060 5th
12 "Back in the game" Rasa Kaušiūtė 286 13th
13 "Let the music play" Sea Stars 42 19th
14 "Be with me" Bugs Band 78 17th
15 "With you" Violeta Riaubiškytė 456 12th
16 "Little by little" Laura & The Lovers 5465 1st
17 "Buona siera" Ergo Fine 1533 3rd
18 "Pupa, pupa" Tele Bim-Bam Neringa & Draugai 1462 4th
19 "My pretty" Pusbroliai Aliukai & Sesutė 268 15th
20 "Light up the world" Alanas Chošnau 5292 2nd

At Eurovision[edit]

The spokesperson who revealed Lithuania's votes for other countries was LRT host Rolandas Vilkončius.[1]

Points Awarded by Lithuania[edit]

Points Awarded to Lithuania (Semi-Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point


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