Lithuanian Basketball Federation

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Lietuvos Krepšinio Federacija
Lithuanian Basketball Federation logo.svg
Sport Basketball
Founded 1936
President Arvydas Sabonis
Motto Mes už Lietuvą (We for Lithuania)
Country Lithuania Lithuania
Headquarters Vilnius
Continent Europe FIBA Europe
Official website
LKF logo with Gediminas' Tower poles used until 2010

Lithuanian Basketball Federation (Lithuanian: Lietuvos Krepšinio Federacija), also known as LKF, is a national governing body of basketball in Lithuania. It was founded in 1936, but due to Soviet occupation, the federation disappeared from FIBA. It was reinstated in 1991, following the Independence of Lithuania. In 2011, the famous basketball player, Arvydas Sabonis, was elected as the commissioner of the federation.



  • LKL: premier men's basketball league (founded in 1993)
  • NKL: secondary men's basketball league (founded in 2005)
  • LKAL: secondary men's basketball league (founded in 1994, disbanded in 2005)
  • LMKL: premier women's basketball league (founded in 1994)
  • LSKL: student basketball league (founded in 1998)
  • MKL: elementary student basketball league (founded in 2001)
  • LKVL: veteran basketball league


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