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The Lithuanian Citizens' Alliance (Lithuanian: Lietuvos piliečių aljansas, LPA) was a political party in Lithuania.


The party was established on 29 July 1996,[1] and was originally known as the Alliance of the Lithuanian Minorities (Lietuvos tautinių mažumų aljansas).[2] In the 1996 parliamentary elections it received 2.55% of the vote, and initially failed to win a seat. Shortly after the elections, the party was renamed the Lithuanian Citizens' Alliance. In by-elections that were held the following year in four constituencies where turnout had been below the threshold to validate the results of the 1996 elections, the party won a seat, with Mečislav Vaškovič elected from the Naujoji Vilnia constituency. In the 2000 local elections it won three seats in Visaginas.[3]

In 2005 it was renamed the Lithuanian Citizens Union (Lietuvos piliečių sąjunga), and the party was subsequently transformed into the Civic Democratic Party the following year.


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