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Theatre building

Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre (LNOBT) (Lithuanian: Lietuvos nacionalinis operos ir baleto teatras) is an opera house and ballet theatre in Vilnius, Lithuania, founded 1920, new opera palace was built in 1974.[1] Apart from standard Western and Russian repertory works, the opera also performs national operas. Vytautas Klova's opera Pilėnai (1956), has since 2001 been performed outdoors during the summer at Trakai Island Castle.[2] Bronius Kutavičius' opera Lokys (2000), after Prosper Mérimée's short story Lokis the bear, was commissioned by the Vilnius Festival. The ballet has performed several productions by Russian choreographer Boris Eifman, among them Red Giselle.

Facade of the building

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Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre Vilnius
  1. ^ Jonathan Bousfield Baltic States Rough Guides 2004 p97 "Classical music, opera and ballet; Vilnius can boast two symphony orchestras, of which the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Orchestra (Lietuvos nacionalinis simfoninis orkestras) is marginally the more prestigious, receiving the lion's share of visiting soloists and also embarking on major international tours in its own right. The Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra (Lietuvos valstybinis simfoninis orkestras) is a newer outfit that doesn't have quite the same pedigree, but it is also of the highest quality, as is the other jewel in Vilnius's musical crown, the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre (Nacionalinis operos ir baleto teatras)."
  2. ^ Vytautas Klova's opera Pilėnai at Trakai Castle

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