Lithuanian National Union

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Not to be confused with Lithuanian Nationalist Union.

Lithuanian National Union
Lietuvių Tautos Sąjunga
Leader Mindaugas Murza
Founded 2011
Headquarters Šiauliai, Lithuania
Ideology National Socialism,
White Nationalism,
Right-wing populism
Political position Far-right
International affiliation None
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Lithuanian National Union (Lithuanian: Lietuvių Tautos Sąjunga, LITAS) is a radical neo-nazi political party in Lithuania, not recognised as a legal Lithuanian political party by the Ministry of Justice.

The party claims to be cooperating with other European radical nationalist and fascist parties. It includes National Democratic Party of Germany,[1] Swedish National Democrats,[2] Party of the Swedes, Finnish Freedom Party,[3] Party of the Danes,[4] Danish National Socialists,[5] Swedish National Socialists,[6] National Renovator Party,[7] Forza Nuova,[8] Jobbik,[9] Latvian association "Antiglobalists"[10] and the Center of Gustavs Celmiņš[11]

One of the most well-known comrades of Murza Visvaldas Mažonas was expelled from the party in October 2011.[12]


The party is often blamed for sparking enmity and propagating racism and antisemitism.

The main ideology of the party is a so-called gervaldija, a specific term, coined by Murza, which he claims to be a new, "supreme" form of government.


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