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Lithuanian Road Museum
Kelių Muziejus
Established 19 October 1995 (1995-10-19)
Location Kauno g. 14, LT-21372, Vievis, Elektrėnų savivaldybė, Lithuania
Coordinates 54°46′20.77″N 24°48′50.05″E / 54.7724361°N 24.8139028°E / 54.7724361; 24.8139028Coordinates: 54°46′20.77″N 24°48′50.05″E / 54.7724361°N 24.8139028°E / 54.7724361; 24.8139028
Type Industrial
Director Juozas Stepankevičius

The Lithuanian Road Museum (Lithuanian: Kelių Muziejus) is a museum in Lithuania that collects, displays and interprets objects related to road building.[1][2] It is located in the premises of the state highway organisation, "Automagistralė", in Vievis, near the main road between Vilnius and Kaunas and opened on the 25th anniversary of the road's completion,[1] on 19 October 1995.[2]

The collection of approximately 6,000 objects[1] includes models, tools, plant, protective clothing, road signs and documents.[2]

The museum's founder, director and curator is Juozas Stepankevičius, a former road engineer and construction manager.[1][2]


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