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Since 1956, Lithuania honors their greatest athlete of the year. Until 2014 The award's trophy, a bronze archer, has been given to the winners. Since 2014 the award ceremony was changed with new categories added.


Year Winner Sport Gender Team of the Year
1956 Algirdas Šocikas Boxing M
1957 Jonas Pipynė Track and field M
1958 Birutė Kalėdienė Track and field W
1959 Adolfas Varanauskas Track and field M
1960 Antanas Bagdonavičius, Zigmas Jukna Rowing M
1961 Antanas Bagdonavičius, Zigmas Jukna Rowing M
1962 Antanas Vaupšas Track and field M
1963 Adolfas Varanauskas Track and field M
1964 Ričardas Tamulis Boxing M
1965 Modestas Paulauskas Basketball M
1966 Modestas Paulauskas Basketball M
1967 Modestas Paulauskas Basketball M
1968 Danas Pozniakas Boxing M
1969 Modestas Paulauskas Basketball M
1970 Modestas Paulauskas Basketball M
1971 Modestas Paulauskas Basketball M
1972 Modestas Paulauskas Basketball M
1973 Vladas Česiūnas Canoeing M
1974 Vladas Česiūnas Canoeing M
1975 Česlovas Jazerskis Wrestling M
1976 Angelė Rupšienė Basketball W
1977 Vilhelmina Bardauskienė Track and field W
1978 Vilhelmina Bardauskienė Track and field W
1979 Lina Kačiušytė Swimming W
1980 Lina Kačiušytė Swimming W
1981 Robertas Žulpa Swimming M
1982 Vladas Turla Shooting M
1983 Ana Ambrazienė Track and field W
1984 Arvydas Sabonis Basketball M
1985 Arvydas Sabonis Basketball M
1986 Arvydas Sabonis Basketball M
1987 Šarūnas Marčiulionis Basketball M
1988 Gintautas Umaras Track cycling M
1989 Šarūnas Marčiulionis Basketball M
1990 Šarūnas Marčiulionis Basketball M
1991 Šarūnas Marčiulionis Basketball M
1992 Romas Ubartas Track and field M
1993 Vitalijus Karpačiauskas Boxing M
1994 Raimundas Mažuolis Swimming M
1995 Remigijus Lupeikis Track cycling M
1996 Arvydas Sabonis Basketball M
1997 Raimondas Šiugždinis Sailing M
1998 Diana Žiliūtė Road cycling W
1999 Edita Pučinskaitė Road cycling W
2000 Virgilijus Alekna Track and field M
2001 Rasa Polikevičiūtė Road cycling W
2002 Raimondas Rumšas Road cycling M
2003 Šarūnas Jasikevičius Basketball M
2004 Virgilijus Alekna Track and field M
2005 Virgilijus Alekna Track and field M
2006 Virgilijus Alekna Track and field M
2007 Ramūnas Šiškauskas Basketball M
2008 Edvinas Krungolcas Modern Pentathlon M
2009 Simona Krupeckaitė Track cycling W
2010 Simona Krupeckaitė Track cycling W
2011 Laura Asadauskaitė Modern Pentathlon W
2012 Rūta Meilutytė Swimming W
2013 Rūta Meilutytė Swimming W National Men's Basketball Team
Selection changes
Year Sportsman of the Year Sportswoman of the Year Men's Team of the Year Women's Team of the Year
2014 Jevgenij Šuklin (canoe sprint) Rūta Meilutytė (swimming) National M2x (Ritter/Maščinskas) National W2x (Valčiukaitė/Vištartaitė)
2015 Ramūnas Navardauskas (cycling) Laura Asadauskaitė (modern pentathlon) National Men's Basketball Team National W2x (Valčiukaitė/Vištartaitė)
2016 Aurimas Didžbalis (weightlifting) Simona Krupeckaitė (cycling) National M2x (Ritter/Griškonis) National W2x (Valčiukaitė/Vištartaitė)
2017 Andrius Gudžius (track and field) Airinė Palšytė (athletics) National M4x (Adomavičius/Maščinskas/Džiaugys/Nemeravičius) National W2x (Valčiukaitė/Adomavičiūtė)
2018 Andrius Gudžius (track and field) Rūta Meilutytė (swimming) National M4x (Adomavičius/Maščinskas/Nemeravičius/Ritter) National W2x (Valčiukaitė/Adomavičiūtė)

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