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Lithuanian Zoo
Zoologijos sodas1 2007-07-15.jpg
Plan of the zoo
Date opened July 1, 1938[1]
Location Kaunas, Lithuania
Coordinates 54°54′05″N 23°57′05″E / 54.90139°N 23.95139°E / 54.90139; 23.95139Coordinates: 54°54′05″N 23°57′05″E / 54.90139°N 23.95139°E / 54.90139; 23.95139
Land area 15.66 ha (38.7 acres)
No. of animals 2166 (2017)
No. of species 232 (2017)
Annual visitors 154.350 (2016)
Memberships EAZA, EEP
Major exhibits The aquarium, The Reptile House, The Monkeys House, The Tigers corner, The Birds House

Lithuanian Zoo (Lithuanian: Lietuvos zoologijos sodas) previously known as Kaunas' Zoo is the oldest scientific zoo in Lithuania.[1] It is located in an Ąžuolynas oak grove park in the south-western Žaliakalnis elderate of Kaunas.[2] The territory of the zoo is 15.66 hectares (38.7 acres).

Lithuanian zoo entrance.

The zoo was initiated in 1935 by famous Lithuanian zoologist Tadas Ivanauskas and opened on 1 July 1938 with 40 animals. These creatures were either personally owned by T. Ivanauskas or were gifts from other zoos. Within one year, the number grew to 150. The zoo currently has 2166 animals, and is classed as a medium-size zoo according to European zoo standards. It experienced funding difficulties during the 2000s.[1]


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