Litke Deep

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Litke Deep is located in Arctic
Litke Deep
Litke Deep
Location of Litke Deep in the Arctic Ocean

Litke Deep is an oceanic trench located to the northeast of Greenland, and approx. 350 kilometers north of Svalbard, in the Eurasian Basin in the Arctic Ocean. The Litke Deep holds the distinction of being the deepest known point in the Arctic Ocean at 5,449 metres (17,881 feet).[1] It is the 20th deepest oceanic trench in the world.

The Litke Deep was located by the icebreaker Fyodor Litke expedition in 1955.

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Coordinates: 83°24′N 19°31′E / 83.400°N 19.517°E / 83.400; 19.517